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The Zeitgeist Movement Events in Portugal (September - November 2010)

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White Night, Coimbra. September 17th 2010 "Warning. The paper you have in your wallet has any value at all. Like this one!" U2 Concert, Coimbra. October 2nd and 3rd "What resources you wish to use? Food, Transportation, Housing, Cloths, Water..." Lecture in Braga. November 6th 2010 "Education System in Collapse" "Human Nature According to Man How It's Characterized a Human Baby at Birth? "Biomedicine" Manifestation against NATO Summit, November 20th 2010 "Free Hugs" "Free Hugs" "The Bank is my friend" "Peace Yes! NATO No! "Free Hugs" "The Bank is my friend" "No to War!" - Do you have this one? - No, what's this one? - It's the Portuguese Association for the Resource Based Economy (FUTURAGORA) You can read a little bit in the boards. - It's free, it's free. Your so lonely there, you could need some affection. - I'm already there, don't worry. - Come here, too. - I'm already there. - Come here, too. - We're human beings. Hugs, no? Human bonding? - The money rules everything. - The manifestations do nothing. The problem is structural. These are all symptoms. And what's the big problem? I'm going to give you a 10€ note. - Yes... - Ah? A 10€ note. The problem is the 10€ note. It's the money. Money is for what? To keep us in servitude. Everyday, working 10 hours, 20 hours, 30 hours per day... The Bank is grateful for that. The Bank is grateful for that, everyday, working. And for what? So we consume things we don't need. - Every words we use in our life came from somewhere. 100% of the times that somewhere was from someone who tough us or someone who told that words. This means we human beings function as a system that processes external stimulus and can process in unique and different ways. "Epigenetics and the Importance of Environment on Gene Expression" - But... at the end of processing that stimulus, it's created the behavior. That behavior is extremely determined by the environment. The genes we have are unique. - Can you play DVD's? Can you play DVD's? Then you have to ask for DVD's, then you have to ask for... DVD', DVD's, DVD's Give me DVD's, Give me DVD's... General Strike, November 24th 2010 "We appeal to a true redesign..." Zeitgeist Movement Portugal. "Be the change you want to see in the world." Come Be Part of the Change Change Zeitgeist Movement Portugal Beyond Poverty, Politics and War Other events: Meeting with XDA, Coimbra; Meeting, Coimbra; Meeting in Oeiras, Lisbon; Meeting, Lisbon; Screening of "Zeitgeist: Addendum", Coimbra

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