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Couldn't you print each mic and then do a mix of it that that's the one you can bring up the board for working purposes - but when you go to mix you still have the option of changing the blend. - You can do that in ProTools. You can do what's called creating sub-groups or buses. You can bus all the kicks together and then print that as a single track, if you want. So he just has the one knob to move up and done but when it comes time to mix you've got the separation. So then you could have all the guitars you would actually have. The different counts of the different mics. It gives you that much more flexibility, because this becomes very one-dimensional when it's just a single track. The riff's not... It's not coming in giant, you know. - What are you talking about? - The recording process down in LA. - Not here. - Sorry, not here. All your guitars come down to one track. That's if their clean and you're happy and that's it. - So you're not having them split on ProTools? - No. But you could split them in ProTools, but the discussion on that was, "We don't want to split them out". Because then you have to worry about the balances. But on the other hand then you are committing to... That's it, your track is in. It's one fader. You add a cue to it and you change the whole thing. It's really stupid. That doesn't seem necessary if you've got ProTools and you got so many tracks. I understand for monitoring. He comes back and it's only on 16. But you can sub-group them within ProTools. That's what we should do from now on, sub-grouup them. because when you're coming down the mix, it's good to have the options on what cabinets you want to push with what songs. It gives you some flexibility instead of committing to the same sound and the same track, one track to all your songs.

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Posted by: brynarth on Jul 16, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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