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CTARA (IIT-B)- Improving Energy efficiency of Chulhas (Cookstoves)

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My name is Kalpana "When did you buy the Twisted Tape Packs (TTPs)?" Its been a month. This is the manner in which you place the TTPs on the traditional mud cookstove. 'Mandolya' is the local name given to TTP by the villagers ---Now she's igniting the firewood using few drops of kerosene--- Due to TTP's, firewood requirement has reduced. [by approximately 26% (1.2 ton) per year for a 6 members family] Also, the fire gets concentrated directly to the hearth Preparing meals has also become quicker Smoke emission has also reduced Its feels really good to use the TTPs I wish I could have got these earlier Now, the smoke emission & soot accumulation has reduced Even the tea can be prepared very quickly Firewood is saved a lot & there is low smoke (reduction of approximately 40 trips per year) Blowing for sustaining the flames has also reduced Now, very less soot gets collected on the bottom of the cooking vessel Very little scrubbing is required now The food does not get burnt in the vessel anymore & gets cooked quickly (aproximately 46 minutes of cooking time saved on daily basis) Once the wood gets ignited, only little blowing is required Once the wood's ignited, I can do other work also It needs to be checked few times in intervals "Is the meal now prepared more nicely?" Yes, oil can be added quickly Food gets cooked quickly now So, water can also be strained from rice earlier Now bigger firewood is not required Smaller pieces of wood are cut and used There is no need for using bigger logs of wood

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Duration: 2 minutes and 54 seconds
Year: 2015
Country: India
Language: English
License: Dotsub - Standard License
Director: Ankita Haridwaj & Shubhada Sali
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Posted by: ankita.haridwaj on Sep 4, 2015

Hi all, this video shot at Dawlepada, in Palghar district of Maharashtra gives the TTP usage experience sharing of the local village woman.
The Twisted Tape Packs (named as 'Mandoya' by villagers due to their design) are retro fiitings meant for traditional Indian mud cook stoves. They do not tend to change the cook stove design by any means and are easy to use & maintain. These have multiple benefits in terms of savings in firewood consumption, meal time preparation and time in firewood fetching activity. Thus drudgery for women is reduced and health issues due to smoke emission and soot accumulation also minimized

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