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Masters of KAB. Class #8 : True Care with Karen Berg

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Let's talk a little bit about care. First of all, let's understand what it means. Normally, when we care about somebody else, actually what we're saying to ourselves is, we care how that somebody else thinks about us. In other words, yes, there is the care for a child, the care that, you know, that they get fed, the care that they're taken care of. There's the care for a friend or a husband or a partner, that perhaps their clothes are in the right space or perhaps that they are in the right framework. But that's not what we're going to discuss here. We're going to discuss real [hebrew]. The idea that if you see somebody that is close to you, a child, to make sure that they learn the principles, the values of working for something. That it isn't a free trip. Make sure that in a relationship, you try to help them, to grow on a spiritual level. To open the doors, perhaps. And when you're angry, to close them to yourself. To breathe deep, not to involve yourself in a minor... a minor problem that perhaps can spill over into something enormous for no reason. True care means that I'm looking for you and not for myself. For instance, there is a precept that says something like this, that there are only two times that you can tell somebody what to do. One is if you truly love them. And the second, is if you're sure that if you tell them, they'll do, what you say. Interesting, because most of us have opinions on everything, even though we know, that perhaps most of it, will fall on deaf ears. So, with that in mind, when we speak about caring for somebody else, first, we have to check ourselves, to make sure, that it isn't caring for me, and what that other person might think. He'll get angry with me, he won't like it, I won't be in the same place I was before... Or the care is truly, truly, truly, for the other person. For instance, you have a friend and he's ill. You believe in alternative medicine and he wants to go to the doctor. "No, I want you to go, I think this is better." This is not care, this is enforcing your opinion on somebody else. And this is not what we're talking about. True care means, even perhaps you see something and you might be right, to find a way to talk to them with open conversation. And if they say "no", it's "no". Remember, that even the creator moved back, when the vessel said "I no longer want to receive". So let's make sure a) that when we give somebody advise it's out of love and real care and then only if we're sure that they'll take heed to it. Not because it's beneficial for me, because I know what's right, It's my doctor, it's my dentist, it's the way I live my life, and if you live your life like me, everything is going to be right. A lot of that comes from ego and not out of care. So let's try to be more cognisant that care comes from the true nature to share. Thank you.

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True Care with Karen Berg

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