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Education is the only currency that cannot be stolen from you

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In the history of mankind, those who have had faith in themselves and who have kept going have been the ones who have been successful When I went into business, I had a few thousand dollars and at the end of the fifth year our balance sheet was seven and a half million dollars then we were encouraged by our solicitors and accountants to go public we went public to raise 14 million dollars and due to a technical fault had to give it back I ended up with a debt of 32 million dollars and that was the first first time I had to go to hell and I went to hell, managed to get out of it paid the bank off and suddenly the market went down and we owed the bank 9.2 million dollars they were fed up with listening to our stories that it will be better tomorrow they wanted to foreclose this project and they gave us 30 days that's my second trip to hell and when I was burning in hell there were the chaps who were burning with me on the previous occasion still burning with me and that's why I say to you "my colour is this" I been burned and burned and burned there is something in human nature that if it is legal and right and you desire to do it go up to that person and say "I want to do this" the first thing they will say is "No" "No, no!" "A) it hasn't been done before" "B) you will fail!" "and C) that it is too hard" Just don't accept it and keep on persisting and persisting against many failures that you will have along the way many many failures you got to be prepared for it and when these failures come you get stronger and stronger and say I will reach the destination and YOU WILL reach your destination your mind will gravitate you to success the most powerful asset you have is YOU, your mind! You are your best friend! Remember, the darkest night, brings the brightest dawn

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Posted by: checkmyprice on May 17, 2017

This man built a city where everyone else just saw mud and dirty and sticks. His story is truly amazing!

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