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Slam Pitch - 1st prize - Athens,Dec10

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Goodmorning everyone, my name is Chrys Taslis I'm the founder of The Best Oil Producer whom I represent It's a business start up related to the organic olive oil of island Lesvos based at the village Parakila on this island Its leaders are three young guys Michalis Tsougranis, Andreas Dafnos and myself all of us graduates of the Athens University of Economics and Business Our initiative targets the market of high-quality organic products fair trade and has already started operations for 6 months has a webpage and its first customers as well as a distribution point here in Athens Island Lesvos is traditionally an olive oil producer for millenia its population lives primarily on its olive oil earnings, even today its price determines our life quality and standards However, the decreasing price in the last years as well as the increasing cost of transport and packaging discourage many farmers who abandon their land and look for employment elsewhere Moreover, the middlemen buying our oil cheaply sell it even 6 times higher to the consumer But this is where opportunity lies for us! We can find new distribution channels with modern promotion methods (using the technology for instance) increase the demand and subsequently the price and bring back growth, employment and prosperity on our island Our competitive advantage is a combination of 6 elements we have researched our competitors and noone has the same, it's unique besides it's hard to copy I briefly mention the production of clean energy from the olive biomass we intend to produce energy in the form of methane, hydrogen or biodiesel and to return 20% of our net profits to a social cause that our clients will decide through a facebook voting (likes) this way we support social entrepreneurship Our olive oil is already packaged in metal tins and bottles but it's our primary priority to standardize it with a label and use nice glass bottles or even clay pots to support the island's tradition in pottery Our marketing strategy is relationship marketing That means we firstly approach friends and then their friends to build trust and then approach 1%ers (percenters) just like Seth Godin refers to that is the most passionate olive oil lovers who enthusiastically talk about it to their circle of friends in a spontaneous way creating an expansion wave of our idea often using social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) A few words about our financial data Here we have a profit-expense forecast for the first three years it seems the first net profit comes in the 3rd year while the initial investment can be returned in 6-7 years according to our estimations And a few words about our team Andreas could not unfortunately be here with us today as he's serving his military duty in Mitilini has graduated from the faculty of Business Administration of the Athens University of Economics and Business he's our innovator, he has those bright bulbs all the time he believes firmly in development of the countryside starting by the villages our societies cells and in protecting the environment, the energy production is his idea Michalis is here with us he has graduated from the Computer Science faculty with a post-graduate degree in Information Systems he runs his own business on island Kalimnos, a hardware and software business he's our meticulous process guru he makes sure that all steps/checklist items have been followed he built our website As for me I have also graduated from the Computer Science faculty but I found my passion in Corporate Training at an international level I'm the guy who put the pieces together, builds relationships with customers and all stakeholders Thank you for your attention (clapping)

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Duration: 4 minutes and 38 seconds
Country: Greece
Language: Greek
Producer: Chrys
Director: Michalis
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Posted by: goldpowergr on Jan 28, 2011

This is the short pitch that gave us (The Best Oil Producer) the 1st prize in the first ever national entrepreneurship competition "Slam Pitch - Smart Move".

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