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Divine secrets revealed by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi during a speech in Karachi 2/7

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Hazrat Abu Huraira said, “I received two types of knowledge from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); I disclosed one to you, and if I do tell about the other, you would kill me.” And, when we shared some of that knowledge with public, then we also came under the verdicts of infidelity. It was our belief was that nobody can be a Muslim until he recites Kalima/Shahadah and upon becoming Muslim the heart will chant Allah Allah. And according to that knowledge “Allah is Omnipotent and bestows upon whoever He wants to”. That knowledge says whether one is an infidel or whosoever, once his heart starts chanting Allah Allah one day he will turn towards Allah. He will accompany that group, who has Allah's will and support. What was that knowledge? For that Bhit Shah says: "Prayers & fasting is easy task but that is another way" When this body of Man was created, few souls were put within this body. Seven souls were put within it. They are called Lataif (spiritual entities). In a Hadith (saying of Prophet PBUH) their names are mentioned: Qalb, Rooh, Siri, Khafi, Akhfa, Ana, Nafs. One is for seeing, one is for walking, one for smelling, one for speaking and there is one spiritual entity which is only to chant Allah’s name. Originally six of them were divine (purified) and one satanic inner soul added to it. For which Bulleh Shah said: “This Polluted Self has polluted us, we were not polluted from the beginning” When that Self entered into the body then this body becomes polluted. Neither that clay was polluted (from which Adam was created) nor other souls were polluted but the moment Nafs (Self) entered into this body it got contaminated. Mujadid Alif Sani says: “The starter should first chant Allah Allah and clean his Self. Quran is not for the people whose Self is polluted (in the shape of Dogs).” He says: Recite the Quran after the Nafs/Self has been purified. Because one thoughtful moment of that time is better than hundred years of prayers only then Quran will enter into the heart. Presently there are 72 Sects. There was not a single sect in the life of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) there was no Sunni neither Shia nor Wahabi. In the lifetime of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) there was only Ummah And for Ummah Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) says that member of the Ummah is one who contains the Noor (Divine Light). It is narrated also is Hadith Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that “on the Day of Judgment nations (Ummahs) will be recognized by the Noor”. So either there was members of the Ummah, those who were not having NOOR within them were Hypocrites and those who even abandoned the mosques, they were expelled (Khawarij). Now how that Noor (divine light) enters into human body? One is Muslim and one is Momin. Muslim chant Allah Allah verbally with bead. Like when a stone collides with another stone, a spark ignites. Similarly, when the Allah Allah rubs with each other Noor (divine light) is created. But that Noor (divine light) is only in fingers, it did not go inside the body. If it is useful, it will only be useful on the Day of Judgment, it is useless in this life. A similar bead is running inside human body in the form of heart doing tick tick; when one synchronizes Allah Allah with heartbeats then that Noor which is created does not goes outside, the Noor (divine light) goes straight into blood; through blood it goes into the veins; then it reaches to inner souls within you through the veins. Then, those souls wake up and start chanting Allah Allah. Then those souls will continue chanting Allah Allah even you will be sleeping. Allah Allah will continue even after you go into your grave and it will keep chanting until the Day of Judgment. When that Noor reaches to inner souls, first to second; second to third one after the other all souls starts chanting Allah Allah. At this stage it is considered as sacred as a mosque, Ka’ba and even like a Paradise. When, that Noor (Divine Light) approaches into each & every vein. That Nafs (self) which is Satan, he is sitting at the naval point, The Noor surrounds the Self due to the heat & excess of Noor, the Nafs (self) begins to purify and once it is purified completely then the whole of human body becomes pure. When heart continuously chants Allah Allah, the light of Allah gathers in the heart. Once the Noor gathers in the heart, connection between you and God is your heart, the heart is like a telephone. Ordinary telephone works only when it has power in it, similarly this telephone (heart) works when it has Light of God. When this Light of God comes within your heart, then the telephone within you, powers on. Then wherever you speak it will go straight to heavens, your prayers will go straight to heavens, and your recitation will go straight to heavens. This is the time when Salat/prayer becomes a spiritual journey for Momin through this telephone. In (Quran) Sura Hujraat “The Arabs said 'we brought faith (Iman)', Allah said, No, tell them you have brought Islam only. You will become momin only when the light/noor will enter into your heart”. Now when the Noor enter into your heart you become Momin. So when the Noor gathers in the heart it becomes like a magnet which has connection with iron. You throw small needles near the magnet and it will attract them. Similarly, when you offer prayers and its Noor will go inside, you recite Quran and its Noor will also go inside. Nowhere in the Quran is written to offer prayers, but it mentioned to establish prayers. While offering Salat/prayers you consider yourself a Momin but when you finish it you return to the same worldly affairs. Once your heart will be filled with Noor, prayers will enter within you. Then you will be a Momin while offering prayers, while sleeping, while doing business. By chanting Allah Allah name all the time, Noor of Allah will come into your hearts, this will establish a Relation of Noor between you. When everyone will have Noor inside, they will become united by the relationship of Noor (Light of God). Those which are blood relation! Recently Murtaza Bhutto was murdered. He (Murtaza Bhutto) was strongly against his sister (Benazir Bhutto), sister was also hostile because of worldly affairs, but due to blood relation sister cried upon brother’s death. Similarly after establishing Relation of Noor with each other Momin never desire to harm his fellow Momin brother. Holy Quran says: Huda lil Mutaqiin "I Guide those who are pious". Now when a person is purified from inside (spiritually), then if he is a scholar. Then that person recites Quran, the Quran goes into the heart. For that stage Allama Iqbal said “Apparently he looks to be a reciter, actually he is a Quran himself”. Now as you revere Quran, reverence of this scholar is also obligatory on you you do not show your back to the Quran so why do so to that scholar. Those are called Divine Scholars. Such scholars helped people to embrace Islam. While those scholars (Worldly Scholars) who tried to take guidance from the Quran without purifying their Nafs (self) they have gone astray. Actually they are responsible for creating 72 sects. Now the Quran went into the heart of Divine Scholar. Now that Worldly Scholar, though he is also a scholar, he also recites Quran but Quran never reaches into his heart. He recited Quran long period of time, finally they started thinking and said that they (Divine Scholars) found Allah but we were unable to find Him, we start the search of world. Then what they did? Established a party with an Islamic name and took the Quran under their armpits and started their journey towards politics. For such people Bulleh Shah said: “Those who have Quran under their armpits, they ate and denied later on” In the morning they announce a woman cannot be a ruler, in the evening they say she can be.

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Posted by: theallfaith on May 20, 2010 This speech is a must watch for the seeker of truth.

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