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The Truth about J.E. Report | La Vérité au sujet du rapport de J.E.

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Hello, my name is Eric Hamel. I am a liberator. The role of liberators is little known now. It is perhaps best known as a healer. Except that the word healer is not appropriate. It's never the healer who heals. But in fact, the physical body that heals by itself, after receiving the vital energy it needs. Friday, October 7, 2011, the TV show J.E. presented a report called "Illegal practice of medicine? Eric Hamel". I want to put the record straight. The trap that was used with Eric Hamel, has been used to get the public as well. Could it be that the truth is different from what J.E. has presented? That's what I'll explain now, showing sequences of J.E.’s report and inserting my comments. This tool will be used for teaching. I am one of few in the world, to give as much free. Whether information or teachings, in order to allow humans to be fully autonomous. If we take the definition of a charlatan in the dictionary. It indicates a person who deceives others in order to make money. I decided to stop running after money, to stop putting my vital energy into money. Instead, I prefer to put my vital energy into my physical body, in Love, in order to give to others in return. So how can they pretend that I am a charlatan? This is the story of a man with no medical training, who claims to treat serious diseases, but in fact puts the lives of some of his patients in danger. This is very serious to say that I claim to cure diseases. As of August 20th, 48 days before the broadcast of the report, I answered to Elsa Babai, of J.E., on the subject. And especially explained, that no healer could claim to cure anything. Since, it is never the healer who heals, but the physical body that heals itself after receiving the vital energy it needs. So the word healer, should NEVER be used, but the word LIBERATOR instead. It is very important to pay attention to words. And J.E. has been advised about it on August 20th. In addition, the team of J.E. received a ton of testimonials from people of different places around the world, Quebec, USA, Belgium, France, Switzerland, ... Who said they never heard me claim to heal anything. See the document J.E. and Me – Journalists, on my site You can read all that. It is very serious to say also that I put the lives of some of my patients in danger, since it NEVER HAPPENED, and quite the contrary. They have not received one complaint in this regard. And I accomplish my life’s mission since 7 years. Above all, I never referred to as "patients", the people who came to meet with me. Eric Hamel define himself as a liberator. He says the lack of energy is responsible for sicknesses. Hamel, treats his patients by the imposition of hands. The imposition of hands! Wouhoo! Described like this, it seems crazy. However, if you take the time to learn how the physical body works, at the energetic level. You will learn that it is possible to send vital energy through the fingertips and from inside of the hands, by breathing. Breathing, is the #1 vital energy pump. Then we can direct energy to where we pay attention. And when we say that a child has lacked attention, what did he lack? He lacked Love. So, attention is Love. Love is an electromagnetic energy. Well, that’s what vital energy is. So when we say we concentrate, to study for example, what do we do exactly? We concentrate our attention, our energy, on one thing. So, the more we concentrate, and the greater the amount of vital energy that unfolds, where we pay attention. You've probably felt before someone watching you? You feel watched. And you turn around. And you arrive right on the person that is looking at you. So what did you feel? Well, you felt the Love, you felt the attention, that electromagnetic energy, the person was sending you. And that's what tickled you. And it made you feel exactly the direction from where it was coming! So you see that it is not magic and it really exists. Well, today in the crazy world we live, we spend our time doing what? Putting our attention in working. Putting our attention in running after money. So what do we create ? Work and money. Returning to the house. We eat in front of the television. Where is our attention? Where is going our attention? In the television. What do we give life to? The television. When do we take the time to put our attention in the physical body? Almost never! So it means that we rarely feed the physical body with vital energy. Is it normal that we are so sick? Or that our physical bodies have so much difficulty to function properly? Of course! You've probably seen a statue of Jesus standing with his hands open from below or from above. And where we can see a heart in his hands, and light around them. And his heart, and the light around it. What does that mean? Well, it was to show that it was Love flowing through his hands. Because that's how he was doing the healing, with his hands. It is a well kept secret for thousands of years! You will also notice that when we feel pain somewhere, let's say I have a sore shoulder, I tend to touch often the shoulder with my hand. It was unconscious. And everything we needed was to take time to BREATHE to pump energy. And focus on our shoulder, to feel our shoulder, and to direct energy toward the shoulder. When the physical body is in need of vital energy, there are signs in the physical body, there is contraction. There is a swelling. It's hard at that place. So when it's hard, it is because there is a lack of vital energy. So, if you put your fingers, or your hand, and you breathe deeply. By dint of doing that, long and slow deep inspirations / expirations, almost without stopping. The more you're going to do it, and the more the place where your hand will be, is going to relax, it will become increasingly soft. This is to show you, That you are filling this place (space) with vital energy. Instead of being contracted, it will expand. It will be proof that it works. And you will feel better too. He says that guides, even angels, direct the energy that treats them! Guides, angels! Woohoo! That also, said this way, make it seems like anything. Yet we are not the physical body. We are the Being that incarnate in the physical body. Take form in the human. The Being is immortal, while the human is mortal. When the physical body dies, the Soul or Consciousness, leaves the physical body to go somewhere else. It is our deepest nature. We go back where we come from. Could it he, that there are Beings that are not incarnated in a physical body, but who accompany us to enable us to facilitate our life experience in the physical? Of course! Do your own research, you'll find that I am not the only one to speak about it. If you do not take the time to communicate with them and ask them to help you, they have no right to do so. They have to respect your free will. All those who have strange experiences at home or elsewhere, where there are "ghosts" what do you think it is? We should stop being afraid of this phenomenon! This is quite normal! To better understand the phenomenon of entities and especially to learn how to liberate them ... See the document "The Underside of the Casa of Joao de Deus in Brazil" on my site Does this sound crazy? Well, it probably is! To say that it might sound crazy, there's no problem! But to say that it probably is, it shows outright ignorance. And the lack of interest to verify if it's true or not. So, it is to refuse to live the experience. So if you do not try it, how will you know if it's true? In addition, we come here on Earth to LIVE EXPERIENCES, to learn. So please, do not block yourself to try things! You are here for that! Otherwise, you will limit yourself with your learning, with your SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION. Do not be afraid of the word spiritual. It comes from the word "spiritual" in English. " SPIRIT - U – ALL " Which means : the spirit in everything. And everything is what? It’s the matter. So, the SPIRIT IN MATTER! The Being in the human. So you see that it is our true nature! So someone who says that he is not spiritual, it's totally false. It's just because he does not know what that word means. The problem is that the alleged healer, encourages his patients to give up their medical treatment And that can be catastrophic for those who listen, and there are some. Again, do your own research! You will discover that cancer treatments offered by medicine, operations, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, ... Cause more problems, can even cause cancer, and can even lead to death. To understand why, read the document Cancer and the document Make me a drawing on the site Also, there is a report available on Internet called Death by Medicine. Which reports that it is now the #1 cause of death in the United States, and there are 800,000 people who die each year because they went to the doctor. And it causes charges of 282 billion US dollars per year. The cause #2 is now cancer, and cause #3 is heart problems. Seriously, do receiving vital energy, Love is dangerous? Probably not as dangerous as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation! In fact, what J.E. tried to make you believe that was dangerous was that I was telling people to stop their treatment. This is completely false. I never tell someone to stop ongoing treatments. It's not how I work. I explain to people why they should not do the treatments. But if they are actually doing treatments, then I tell them to do tests before continuing the treatments. Just to be sure. In case the problem would be gone. Not to do treatments for nothing. So that's what I say. In the case of the young woman who came at my place, she was not following any treatment. And even she told me that her doctor suggested her to do some treatments. And that's why I was warning her about these treatments. But she was not actually doing any treatments. And J.E. turned it around, pretending I was telling people to stop ongoing treatments. This is totally false! When we fill ourselves with light, that's exactly what the body needs to become alkaline. And that kills all viruses, all bacteria, all fungi, and all the parasites, and cancer disappears, it has no choice. The man you see is Eric Hamel. A former computer guy, who says he is now a liberator. Many followers see him as a healer. To say that many followers see me as a healer is FALSE, since on my site, I never say that. I have always used the word LIBERATOR since 7 years. I think the followers should be familiar with it, should it not? It is rather those who do not know what a liberator is who uses the word healer, is it not Elsa? He is talking to our collaborator that we will call Melanie, who claims to be suffering from cancer. You can call her Melanie, but the name she gave me is Judith Robitaille. Check out the page J.E. and Me Journalists on, the reaction #102, ... You can read the emails she sent me to beg me to take her in private, playing with feelings. Why does she need to force so much? Because I do not take private appointments. It's not my job. So, it is a complete set up where they have used dishonesty, ... By asking me for help, and advice on treatments other than medicine. Because she said she did not want that. She did not want to remove the cervix because she wanted children. It was her who asked me that. And J.E. presented it as if it was ME who was telling everyone who was passing at my home. And no one is passing. I am not a healer. I am a liberator. I give workshops designed to teach people to take their responsibilities and become fully autonomous. By learning to take care of the needs of the physical body by themselves, to be healthy. I do not need to meet people in private since it is their responsibilities to take care of their needs by themselves. Do you see that what has been presented in this report is quite crooked and perverse. Do not go for radiation, Do not do chemo. Eric Hamel is not a doctor. The man gives lectures all over Quebec. His reputation exceeds even the borders, as has he led workshops in the United States. Not just in the United States! I have given workshops in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Mexico. And I even did healing in India and the Philippines. And I have more invitations to go in the future in England, Slovenia, Morocco, and elsewhere in Canada. I do not charge for what I do. I am staying with the people. And they offer me the plane ticket. As I'm known mostly by word of mouth, if what I was saying was not true, and that people would have no benefit, ... Would I be able to do that for so long? Here, it is clear that J.E. was not interested in getting to know me really. How can they express opinions about me and my work as strongly? As J.E. is a TV Show supposedly working to protect the people. And as from August 20th, they received a ton of messages by different people around the world. Warning them as the fact that they were not going in the right direction, that they were putting a foot in a nest of wasps. They were warned long before the show was broadcast. And as they still continued in this direction, it is clear that their intention was to destroy me, right from the start. In trying to destroy me, they tried at the same time to cut yourselves to receive this information, preventing you from doing good to yourselves. Which is the total opposite of what they are supposed to do which is to protect you. We can find on his website, the full of his lectures on audio recordings, where he answers questions from participants. I would believe that your pancreas has difficulties. Perhaps there would be a condition of hypoglycemia? Eric Hamel does not need to auscultate, nor pass tests. He says that mysterious guides are talking to him. The guides are not mysterious. They are beings like you and me. Except that they are not currently incarnated in a physical body. You will understand that it is far from doing a diagnostic, since I do not touch the physical body, nor do medical tests. To tell the person, a message that I receive telepathically from the guides. We all do telepathy. We do not always realize it, if we do not take the time to observe our thoughts. We must learn to listen to ourselves, to develop this talent. What I have been doing since 7 years. You can do it as well. It is not reserved for some people. You just need to do the work necessary to develop these capabilities. These are not gifts. Since a gif suggests that it comes from heaven, and that we do not know where it is coming from. If we worked hard to develop this potential, is it really a gift? No, you do not need to be tested. If you want, you can. But that's not what's important. What is important is that you take care of your pancreas. Our colleague, Melanie, comes first into contact with Eric Hamel, at a conference he was giving in Montreal last May. About 80 people are attending his 8 hours workshop. Our collaborator meet with him at the breaks. She says she is suffering from cancer of the cervix. The collaborator said? She was crying and begging me to help her, and to take her in private. To comfort and reassure her, I told her that there were many solutions to her problem, other than medicine. Because that's what she was asking me. Again, do your own research, since cannabis oil is supposed to cure cancer. There are more and more videos on the Internet about it. It is a remedy that goes a long way and furthermore it is natural. There are also other possibilities, research on the documentary "Burzynski". Who is a physician in the United States, who discovered a cure for cancer. And he had many problems with the FDA and the Institute of Cancer in the US, who tried to steal his patents! Also, another documentary called "Ozone, a medical breakthrough". Which explains that when we have Ozone Therapy, ozone which is found to be three oxygen molecules together, it is natural, ... That it is used to treat cancer, WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS, and also other diseases, like AIDS. Strangely, it is prohibited in Canada and in the United States. Why? Because they cannot make money with it. They cannot patent ozone, it is natural. But it exists elsewhere in Europe, South America, Mexico, they use it. So you see that the oxygen, do you really need to have an Ozone Therapy? No! You just need to BREATHE! Cannabis oil, have you heard of this? It cures cancer. Correspondence initiated by Melanie begins. A few weeks later, she obtains an appointment that she has to cancel due to illness. The tone of Eric Hamel hardens. If you're sick from the chemo or radio therapy, it is no good if we see each other. We will waste our time. At first, I told people I was seeing with cancer, they could do medical treatments at the same time as energy treatments. But one point I realized that it was not working at all. Even, there were some who died. And I realized that it was caused by medical treatments... because the ones who did not have medical treatments, were not dieing. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy cause an excessive loss of vital energy. And besides, it's obvious when we look at the signs, the side effects. It is caused by too much lack of vital energy. And that is exactly what we need to heal! So I had to change my speech to warn people of what it is causing as problems, so they can really come back to health. The tone of my email did not harden, it is their interpretation because of their non-understanding. As it was a favor that I was giving her. It was obvious that I did not want to meet with her if she had been ill because of medical treatment. Because I would have done energy work for nothing. Already I do not charge for what I do, we must not exaggerate either. And it has to be as efficient as possible. Which is not at all when combining medical treatments and energy at the same time. See the document Cancer and the document Make me a drawing, and in particular the comments I made on the text of Stéphane Laporte. About the tribute he did to Jack Layton, which is further down in Make me a drawing! on the site A week later, she goes to Eric Hamel in Sherbrooke in the Eastern Townships. Hello! Hello! He lives with his parents, that are very active in the project of their son. They say that my parents are very active in the project of their son. My parents are not twits. Even my father was very skeptical at first. Could it be that my parents have had the experience, the necessary proofs that I can receive their support? Go read the testimony of my mother's, At the reaction #4 on the page J.E. and Me Journalists on the site My mother wrote to Elsa on August 20th and I quote: "Now my husband is retired since 11 years, and we have the opportunity to accompany Eric to his workshops. And we feel the greatest well-being. We have learned, his father and me, to heal ourselves and to relieve our sufferings by ourselves! That is why we accompany him because we believe in what he teaches, and we experience it with other people and we see the changes live! It's too important not to make it known to as many people as possible", end of quote. As it was a favor, and that this girl was in distress, my parents agreed to accompany me to give her a FREE treatment. What a wicked scam J.E. to abuse good people like that and furthermore look at the report they have knitted afterwards! This is intolerable! To let go of such a thing would be a lack of love towards ourselves a lack of RESPECT. Cancer is a fungus. It lives in an acidic environment and devoid of oxygen. It feeds on sugar. You told me even to stop seeing my doctor. Not that I see him often. You know what's the health system. Do you think I should stop? The problem is that when you go to the doctor, he tries by every means possible to convince you that you should absolutely do chemo and everything. It's hard to fight against a physician. That’s just why I'm telling you, let’s say if you're weak, and you have trouble saying no, do not go see the doctor. I told this lady, if you are weak, do not go see your doctor. It sounds terrible to say such a thing, but I'll tell you why. A lady of Granby with breast cancer came to see me after one treatment of chemo. After treatment, I told her that it might be good to do some tests before continuing with the chemo in case there would be no cancer anymore. Tests have proven that the cancer was indeed gone! Her doctor was amazed. But he recommended her to continue chemo STILL, it is TOTALLY ILLOGICAL! And the lady listened to her doctor, she was not able to say no. She suffered for over a year for NOTHING! In addition to having mortgaged her health for the future. As another example, see the tribute that I did to Laurette Fortier in the document Cancer. You will see a similar story, and she died. At one point we get tired, and we finally tell the truth. Also, I invite you to read a testimony at the reaction #222, a woman about her son. She said that chemotherapy has killed her son in two months. And she gives a lot of details. So I recommend you go and read again the reaction #222, on the page J.E. and Me Journalists, on the site He goes even further in his speech against traditional medicine. Go see the doctor if you wish to do tests to see what is the progression of your cancer. But do not do the treatments they want you to do. Because they are there just to make money. What is worrying, it is to trust your doctor, and that he offers you anti-cancer treatments... Even though he knows very well, according to statistics, the success rate is almost null in the long run. And what it causes as “side” effects. It lasts for months or years Not being able enjoy life, and that it forces you to live in an INHUAN quality of life. And they condemn all forms of solutions, which is much more in harmony with nature. Forcing yourself thereby to take the treatments they offer only. One word: FASCISM! This is very disturbing! When the president of the college of physician says "very disturbing", what is on course, is to make you think it should disturb you / you should worry about it. And in fact, what is worrying, it is that physicians will lose their credibility. And will find themselves on unemployment, unless they eventually open up and accept this reality ... And have the desire to learn and accept finally to take the hand that we give them since so long, to work together. So they stop to make war With the light workers once and for all! For my part, for 7 years, I asked several different doctors, if they were willing to work with me ... So we can prove scientifically the work I accomplish. There is no one who accepted. They are all afraid of the College of Physicians. And most importantly, of what they will see, because it will shake the medicine completely. We have shown clips of our hidden cameras to Charles Bernard, president of the College of Physicians. Did Elsa Babai present to the College of Physicians, only the extracts coming from hidden cameras? Yet they had in hand a lot more information. Since August 20th, I took the time to get the page J.E. and Me Journalists on my website. To facilitate the research of information about light workers giving energy treatments. For journalists, and also for the College of Physicians, 48 days before the broadcast of the report!! In addition, I sent by mail to Elsa Babai, two DVDs: #1. Survey Extraordinary – The Healers, report broadcasted on TV5, which is very good really. And #2: The Filipino Healers. Which is also very good. So she can be well prepared before broadcasting her report. She never thanked me for all the help that I have provided so she can make a good research on the subject. She even stopped answering me. And she did not even give me the date of the broadcast of the report at J.E. She has not answered any e-mail she received. Because some people asked me if I had received replies from her. Because they did not receive any. Has she presented all this information to the College of Physicians or only the recordings of the hidden cameras? She presents only what is good for her business only. Extracts that are cut here and there and that makes no sense when butting together and giving the impression that I am a twit. Congratulations Elsa for your great job of gluing things together like a child! We cannot, without knowing the clinical status of a person, to give advice of this magnitude there. It is sure that if I was a doctor, I could not do that ... as it could cause serious medical errors. But I am not a doctor, and I do not work with the physical body, but with energy. One thing that doctors are IGNORING COMPMLETLY. Yet, they have surely heard about it by now! But no, they continue to turn a deaf ear. In the report Survey Extraordinary – The Healers which was presented at TV5 ... We see doctors at different places on Earth, who start working hand in hand with the light workers! Wow! The College of Physicians should impregnate themselves from it! This report is a must see! The lady there, if she had a real illness, it could probably be detrimental to her health and her future! This is simply because you have not yet understand, that when we have a disease, it is caused by a lack of vital energy. And as soon as we fill this lack, the physical body heals by himself, and goes towards health immediately. It means that the person who is "sick" is getting better and better from now on. So to say, it could be detrimental to the patient's health, it's downright delirious to scare you. Eric Hamel proposes to Melanie, a treatment of vital energy. He says that she will heal by giving and receiving love. Our collaborator is found lying on a massage table. Eric and his parents revolve around her with their hands close to her body. Elsa seems to really have a hard time telling the truth. Here she says that me and my parents, we gravitate around the body of "Melanie" doing the laying on of hands. When in fact the supposed "father" of "Melanie" was with us and did the same thing, to show him how. So he could help her daughter, and at the same time, so he can learn to help himself. It was not just a treatment given to "Melanie", we also took the time to teach them how! The first thing I do is to ask for the presence and assistance of the Masters, Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, ... They just asked me to put my hands here. They, are the guides, who dictate to Eric Hamel, the treatment they give. He proposes to Melanie to speak to her sick organ, and ask her how she feels. Here, there is a blockage, a big blockage. It is important that these entities be liberated. This is often the same words that comes back: blockages, energy. It does not say much! It is normal that it is the same words that are coming back, since we must say the right words. By cons, to say that it does not say much, maybe for you, it only shows IGNORANCE. If you do not know what it means, why not take the time to learn it. You will see that in fact it means a lot more. What is energy? Have you ever felt an electric shock? Have you ever felt the static in your clothes? Your hair with a balloon? By touching an object? Have you ever felt the music flow through your body? Well if you ever felt that, you know what it is energy, that's it! These are two forms of energy: electric and magnetic. Electric energy is the masculine energy. And the magnetic energy is the feminine energy. The electric energy is used to give, to speak to transmit. And the magnetic energy is used to listen, to receive. Love is an ELECTROMAGNETIC energy. It is the union of two forces: the electric with the magnetic. When a man fuse with a woman, they make LOVE, and create life, so it gives ENERGY OF LIFE, vital energy is LOVE. The physical body works with these two energies. When we contract muscles, it takes electric. To make the heart beat, it takes an electric impulse. And after the heart has beaten, it emits a magnetic wave in the body. When we have thoughts, there are synapses in the brain that light up, that's electric. And when it comes to brain waves Alpha, Beta, Theta, it's magnetic waves. The frequency or state of consciousness in which you are! And you, who are a doctor, you say you do not know what energy is? However, the device you use to restart the heart, gives an electric shock. You have devices to measure brain activity in brain waves and the electrical activity! And you have a multitude of other devices: X-rays, magnetic resonance, radiation therapy, and whose basic principles are ENERGY ... And you say that in the report that it does not mean much! No but really, you take people for idiots! Let’s explain the word "blockages" now. What can block the energy? If vital energy is Love, would it be possible that a blockage would be the opposite of love? We tend to believe that the opposite of love is hate. In fact, it is not hate, it is fear! Hate, hides fears. You can take all human feelings, and separated them into two categories. Feelings based on Love, and feelings based on fear. For example, someone who is selfish, it's only because he is afraid of lack. Thus, a blockage is what? They are thoughts and / or emotions based on fear. Is it clearer now? It's very vague. And it is a vision, as I said earlier, somewhat simplistic to all this? A simplistic view of all this? It took me seven (7) years of study to come to the understanding I have now. Nice attempt to discredit in front of the people. I do not expect that you will understand all this in just a few minutes. Please, do not say it is simplistic. It's complex. Not complicated at all when it is well explained. The session lasts about an hour. The mother of Eric Hamel concluded. I saw lots of angels remove from your uterus white pebbles. Nice attempt to discredit my mother. But if you listen to what she says: "I saw angels in your uterus removed white pebbles." Which proves that she DID NOT HAVE CANCER! White pebbles... if it was cancer, first, it would have been bigger pieces. And it certainly would not have been white, but rather black. As cancer is a serious disease, it indicates very very large blockages or a very very large lack of vital energy. So a very large lack of light. So we did to Judith Robitaille, a nice clean up of her uterus. And she should thank us because without realizing it she was beginning to have blockages in her uterus... She would eventually have problems ... But it was not cancer yet! And at some point, it said, " Stop! That's enough! Do not remove anymore, there is no more! " " Do not remove anymore, there is no more " in a single treatment of one hour?!?! I can tell you from experience, it is rare that a person with cancer, we are able to clean up everything at the energy level. It normally takes several treatments. Depending on the severity of the disease. The more it is serious, and the greater the lack. So it takes more time. This proves once again that she did not have cancer. And proving also that what my mother has seen is REAL. Is it legal, what he’s doing? Well, listen, when we give advice on therapy to someone, it is illegal, it's part of the practice of medicine. Have you noticed how the representative of the College of Physicians, is skating to give the answer. It's just because I'm not doing anything illegal. He said giving advice on therapy, they cut in the report all the explanations I have given about what these therapies do at the energy level. It is easy to understand then that this does not go at all in the direction of health. See the document Cancer to well understand this point. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, gives me the right to express myself, to say what I want. I let the people use their free will. But for the people to use their free will correctly, they must be well informed so they can take a good decision. Repeat after me, I liberate myself and I liberate them. Someone who has provided advices on treatments for a disease. In meaning, listen, do not do chemotherapy, do not do radiation therapy, come here and we'll do a session of meditation. Again this response is ridiculous, because to say, do not do medical treatments, but come here and we will do meditation. This is clearly lying to the people, since it is Judith who begged me to give her a private treatment, and not me who proposed her! In addition, there is a big difference between meditation and energy treatment. And if you go see the document "Make me a drawing", you will understand, that it’s not only about doing energy treatments that it takes to go towards health, ... But how to take care of the needs of the physical body. It is also necessary to know them! Have you ever heard of the need for attention of the physical body? Otherwise, I recommend you to go on my website, and to read "The needs of the physical body," ... The "Suite on the need for attention", "The need to breathe", "The need for water and light", and especially "The Five Steps To Love of Self"! The College of Physicians has every reason to be worried about it, since I send all this information and much more FREE on my website, since it is TOO IMPORTANT. Nobody should have to pay to get this information. It's just inhuman to hide it to humans simply to secure a job, an income! The man is also winning in popularity. For example, in a letter he sends regularly to his followers, he emphasizes reading a thousand (1,000) emails. If I had a thousand (1,000) emails in my inbox, don't you think it means a lot about the quality of the information I provide? And the satisfaction of the people who hear and put them into practice!? I have also a mailing list of 2,000 people. Feel free to subscribe to receive the news that I send regularly. I do not give, or sell your address, confidentiality is assured. If you have a hard time subscribing online, send me an email and I'll do it myself! Does someone could die listening to these words? Well, look, we already had people who, with other therapists, or pseudo-therapist, who had advised people to stop their therapy treatments. The treatment for their cancer disease, and they died in a very short period of time. So, we know, we have that experience. Someone who stops their medical treatment and who dies in a very short period of time, ... Does not prove that he died because he stopped, because he could be dead just because of the medical treatment! Again, it is to take people for idiots. J.E. communicated with Eric Hamel to ask him for an interview with a camera. When J.E. phoned, the guides told me to record the conversation, and that's what I did without knowing why. It was only after that I was very happy to have recorded it. In fact, I have put that record on my site, on the page J.E. and Me Journalist. By listening to it, you will realize, how Elsa Babai was dishonest in his research for her report. This is exactly for this reason that I refused the interview on camera. If you read the emails I sent to Elsa, you will understand why I refused. And you'll see that J.E. did not consider at all my answers in their report. It means that even if I would have given them the interview, they would actually cut my answers and then assemble them to satisfy their goal. As I predicted in my emails! I even invited them to come at my workshops so they can ask me questions so they can understand what I do. But they were not interested in that, because they did not really want to understand, all they wanted was to destroy me. Destroying someone who gives his life to others, free as a humanitarian cause, like Mother Theresa, but in Quebec, it has to be done! The intuitions, the guides are telling me that it would be better if you come to a workshop before. We replied that we have already attended one of his lectures. It's more like you are trying to put me into a corner. Two weeks later, he sent us a long email in which he refuses to give us this interview. He says he never gives diagnostics. What seems a diagnosis, is really not it. He claims not to work with the physical body as doctors. What goes into an illegal practice of medicine? Well, listen, the practice of medicine, it includes a number of activities. To make a diagnosis. To make a treatment plan. To prescribe medication. To provide advice on follow-up with a patient. J.E. and the College of Physicians, Have fun playing with the vocabulary. However, I have taken the time in my long letter to explain every words "diagnostic", "treatment", etc. And demonstrate that this is not what I do at all. And must therefore pay attention to the words we use. And that’s what they continuing to do, despite warnings from others on the same subject. That you can read in the reactions on the same page J.E. and Me Journalists. And well before the broadcast of the report of J.E. on TV. Eric Hamel admits a little further in his letter that people could have taken his advice for diagnostics. For me it has always been clear that this was not a diagnostic, but it does seem that it is not for you. In the future, instead of giving the answer to these questions, I will show people how to get it by themselves. You see more and more healers? Is it more frequent? People like the easy way. Because sometimes to get a treatment or to go see a doctor and have to undergo a treatment, ... Well people will go for facility. It's easier to go see a doctor than a healer? It's easier to face his fears, and his emotional wounds, and the learnings that we came here on Earth to do, instead of taking a pill? No, but this comment is again taking people for idiots! That's why I think there is a small increase in this type of intervention. A small increase in this type of intervention? Ah! That's why you have decided to beat me up, in an attempt to deter those who might want to go in that direction? Well, I have news for you. Before, we believed that it was only a small handful of people who had the gifts and had the talent to be "healer". Today, I understand that we are the creators of our diseases. Thus, if we have the power to create our diseases, we also have the power to heal yourselves. It means that this talent as a healer, is not a gift, and is not limited to certain people ... Because we all have that power. And it is for us to learn how to use it. Do you see why the College of Physicians is so worried? Besides, you probably remember the story of Jesus, who showed his apostles to heal the sick. And who told them "Do like me and heal the sick, and spread the good news!" Well, the government (the Romans) and the church, tortured him for a whole night, and they put him on the cross for 3 days. To show his disciples that if they continued to do what Jesus told them, to spread the good news and heal the sick, ... That it would be their turn to be crucified. It was starting to be too disturbing, and it had to stop right away. A bit like what J.E. and the College of Physicians, are trying to do with me now. Following our report, the College of Physicians told us that they were actually studying the case of Eric Hamel. A record, of course, we will monitor for you. It is reassuring for the people that you follow this issue closely. Continue J.E.! You are doing a very good job! We're starting to get bored of the time of Jocelyne Cazin and Gaetan Girouard. Them, they were doing a great job! Just before closing, I would add about the story of René-Hugues Giguère. It is quite illogical to attack René-Hugues Giguère in court, when at the start, the medicine had already sentenced to death the husband who had cancer. That they could not do anything anymore. They even said he was going to die. And then the lady admitted to the camera, they had nothing to lose, so they went to see the healer. And her husband died. And they attack him to justice. It's completely illogical. For it is not the fault of the healer. This is not the healer who killed her husband. Who killed her husband? In conclusion, as you could realize it, the report of J.E. is a total set up. If, like me, you are outraged by this report, and you think it's time J.E. stop hitting on the head of the light workers, once and for all ... I invite you to communicate your indignation To: [email protected] And to: [email protected] This is a formal request to ask kindly J.E. to apologize and retract as soon as possible to limit the damage. Thank you very much! And see you soon!

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The Truth about J.E. Report | La Vérité au sujet du rapport de J.E.

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