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I - What is Auschwitz - 7/ The Leuchter Report (7/15)

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But there is another even more important confirmation. Contrary to what some may believe, a homicidal gassing leaves traces. Why? Simply because Zyklon B, that the Germans would have used to gas people, is hydrocyanic acid. Formula: HCN Hydrocyanic acid releases a cyanide ion. It's him who, once in the body, blocks the respiratory process involving suffocation. But we must know that in all parts of masonry, roofs, walls, etc. iron is present as an oxide. When the Hydrocyanic acid comes into contact with the masonry, the cyanide ion enables production of a substance called Prussian blue. It's a dye that will bind in the walls, and that will cause the apparition, in these walls, of very stable blue spots, therefore very resistant. Here you see the inside of a building, which at Birkenau, served as a delousing gas chamber, i.e. mattresses, blankets, personal effects etc. were disinfected here with Zyklon B. The walls are dotted with blue spots. This is the Prussian Blue. But when one gets inside the ruins of the alleged gas chambers, one is struck by the total absence of blue spots. The Leuchter Report In 1988, an American technician, who handles the arrangement of gas chambers in his country, went to Birkenau. In the gas chambers' ruins he took some samples, to detect the possible presence of Prussian blue. He made measurements comparing what he found in the delousing gas chamber at Birkenau, with the alleged "gas chambers". Here is the ferrocyanide rate found in this gas chamber stained with blue spots. The rate of Prussian Blue is enormous. Now compare with the ridiculous rates found in the ruins of Krema 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. These ridiculous rates confirmed the absurdity of the thesis, according to which mass gassings of human beings had taken place in these crematoriums 2 and 3 in particular.

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I - Qu'est-ce que Auschwitz - 7 le rapport Leuchter (7-15) - YouTube (360p)

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