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Karl Pilkinton and Chinese food

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Yeah, it smells more chinesey now, doesn't it? sort of sweet and sour Good, isn't it? Not dead. That's dead, isn't it? Are they dead? Are they toads? So, I don't get it. Are they alive in that bag? (Man)Yeah! (Karl)Why aren't they legging it? He's got, like, a Sainsbury's bag full of toads. He rips them out, cuts their head off, sticks them in another bin bag. I don't even know what that is. I mean, it looks like a load of condoms in jam and water or something. I mean, it's weird how he's got it sat there as if that's meant to tempt you in. Well, the idea was, you know, that I'd nip out, get a little snack 'cause Ricky and Steve said, "Yeah, try everything out. You know, do what the locals do," but there's no way I'm eating this stuff. Scorpion, sea horse, cockroach, silkworm, caterpillar. This looks like they custard creams on a stick, as well, at the end. Just anything on a stick. Whatever you want on a stick. I just don't understand why they're eating all this. I mean, at home, restaurants would get closed down for having a cockroach in the kitchen. Yet here, it's a starter. I didn't know it'd be like this. I didn't think it'd be this mental, really, in the food department. There's a woman over there just tucking in on a... bunch of scorpions. OK; It's kind of like she's just having a bit of a chicken leg Not a problem. Just...just shoving them in her face. She looks at it before she puts it in her mouth like... "Oh, yeah. Which bit will I have first? The head or the ass?" I mean, as she's eating one off one stick, she's looking at the other stick. She can't get enough of them. Her eyes... It's like they're doughnuts to her. She's looking at them, she's going, "Oh, look at that one there. That one looks nice." You see, I don't know where it stops. Where's the line between food and insect? When she gets up in the morning, there's a spider in the bath... what does she do? "Oh, good. I'll leave the croissant for tomorrow. I'll eat that now" What's he eating? Oh, God. What sort of egg is that? (Man) No, it's a foetus...Inside an egg. A foetus? I don't want any. Just for people watching who don't know, he's with us, you know, helping drive the bus and what have you. He seems like a normal bloke. I mean, eating a foetus. Not even waiting for the thing to be born and to live a bit and then eat it. I mean, a foetus. Only been here for a bit, I'm running out of these. I got three more packets left. But, you know, the weird thing is, I'm the freak here, aren't I? Everyone else is eating that. I'm eating these. I'm the odd one out.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 58 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: English
Producer: Ricky Gervais
Director: Benjamin Green
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Posted by: jmompo on Feb 6, 2014

From the Sky TV programme An Idiot Abroad, this video shows us Karl making comments about Chinese food

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