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Liberland at RT

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Welcome to Liberland A tiny patch of Land in Europe

That claims to be the world's newest country They have a president, a flag and even an anthem. The pocket-sized nation popped up in April

And 300 people or so are said to have applied for citizenship. The micronation's self-appointed ruler is a conservative, anti-EU, and fan of Britain's Nigel Farage and UKIP. So where is it? Well it's wedged on a piece of land between Croatia and Serbia And its founder says the territory was never claimed by either country. The slogan? "To live and let live" Anyone can apply as long as they have no Communist, no Nazi or extremist past and/or a criminal record The idea is less government, no taxes and it's not a stunt or an elaborate joke according to the founder.

Czech politician Vít Jedlička, the leader of Liberland joins us now. Good to see you. Tell us, why does the world need Liberland? We really believe that we need more tax havens or tax heavens

because you know more freedom brings more prosperity and you know prosperity is good for everybody What made you want less government in your life?

I really believe that governments in many parts of the world are stepping onto the happiness and prosperity of the people. You know, where would you like to live, in South Korea or North Korea? You choose. And I think you know there are many reasons why we should be concerned about our freedoms in Europe The taxes are always rising. I tried to change that in Czech Republic and it did not help much for five years You know we have almost all the time more regulations.

There are more than a hundred thousand pages (of regulations) made by the European Union at the moment so there is a real need to have a real free nation and you know we can see there is also this great interest in it. There are over 330,000 people who applied for the citizenship, out of which 30,000 are totally serious about this. I want to talk about the legality of your claim Of course no other countries have recognized Liberland What makes the claim to land legal first of all? And of course you were arrested I believe earlier this month for trespassing onto the territory So tell us a little more about the reaction and of course the legality of your claim to this territory Look, it is absolutely legal to claim terra nullius under the international law. And there is studies by universities which go deeply into the issue and which actually clarify That this was and now is Liberland is what used to be terra nullius. And you know I tried to go, to reach Liberland Basically to reach the coast that we are operating in Liberland from both sides and it is very funny when we went from one side we were arrested for trespassing from Croatia And Serbia despite the fact that we have a paper from the Serbian government which said this is not Serbian territory And then we tried to enter from Serbian side we were fined for the crossing Serbian territory Which is quite funny, you know. I am wondering what the Court at the next level is going to do about this You have said that Europe would be better without the EU as an organization, why ? I am a big fan of European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) And I am actually going to visit the officials of EFTA pretty soon on my way to Switzerland When there is going to be a vote on a recognition of Liberland in the near future So I am a big fan of that organization because it basically brings all that is needed Regarding the European integration, we just need to have a possibility to trade freely across the nations We don't need this huge bureaucratic body.

Let's talk more about the tax haven, you say that we need more of them around the world. Isn't Liberland just going to become a place for the world's richest to avoid paying their duties to their governments? What kind of people want to join your country? You know the rich people already don't pay any taxes, they have the means how to get rid of them The problem of today is that the rich people are actually taking money from the governments.

Just consider the Czech Republic, the Finance Minister was able to get money from EU subsidies to build is own ranch you know, his own private mansion And it was fifty million Czech Crowns, so it was not little money You know the problem of today is completely the opposite The rich people are taking from the poor people through all these donations, subsidies These projects that are made by the European Union and also on national levels I just want to clarify how many people have in fact signed up for citizenship? Well we've got 330,000 people who were registered for citizenship Out of which we picked or we considered some 35,000-36,000 are filled completely out Out of it 34,000 fulfill all the criteria that we expect from a good citizen of ours. And what are your plans for the country, if we can call it that? First, we need to make sure that we make a deal with Croatia, and I have been working on the diplomacy I have been talking to foreign ministers, people, the deputy chairman of the foreign ministry And he told me that our project as a chance to succeed If we are mainly about, you know, peace, love and freedom And I think that's actually what we are about you know Somebody calls us "Lieber"-land, somebody Liberland so we have both of these things right in the name. Alright, Czech politician Vít Jedlička and leader of Liberland, micronation -- the newest one to join this earth. Thanks for being in the now. Thank you very much for taking me in.

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Liberland at RT and interview with the president

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