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SocialDiabetes App

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Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 4 seconds
Year: 2013
Country: Spain
Language: Catalan
Producer: and Stephanie Figueira voiceover
Views: 246
Posted by: arodera on Feb 18, 2013

Information about SocialDiabetes App

Co-Founders: Víctor Bautista and María Salido
Google Play: Social Diabetes App (FREE)

Video created by
Stephanie Figueira voiceover

Translations by:

Catalan: Ana Rodera
Chinese: Mónica Marta Moyano
Dutch: Nikki Dekker
English: Georgina Tremayne
Finnish: Piia Hokkanen
French: Giselle Freeling-Wilkinson
Galician: Iago
German: Stefan Hunsche
Italian: Mª Luisa Malerba
Polish: Margaret
Portuguese: Rodrigo M. Seoane
Russian: Oleg Shevelyov
Slovack: Peter Štefan
Spanish: Israel Conejero Arto
Swedish: Tor-Björn Fjellner
Turkish: Selim Sabanci and Özlem Öğün Çirli

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