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Divine secrets revealed by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi during a speech in Karachi 6/7

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Nje Hadith nga profeti a.s thot: Namazi është gjëja e parë qi dotë pytet robi në Ditën e Gjykimit Por përpara kësaj ka edhe një Hadith,"Pa praninë e zemrës Namazet tuaja nuk pranohen" Njërzit mund të jenë përgjegjës për atë Namaz shumë që ofrohet me praninë e zemrës. There are three types of prayers (Salat) first is Namaz-e-Soorat, second is Namaz-e-Haqeeqat and third is Namaz-e-Ishq. Namaz-e-Soorat is performed by every sect it is not a big deal, this Salat is just an act of show off. If you don’t have Ishq (passionate love) of Allah within you then Allama Iqbal says For this (salat) tongue says Qul Hu Wallah Hu Ahad (say Allah is One) and the heart replies there is no flour at home Allah hu-samad (Allah, the Eternal, Absolute) heart replies wife is sick Lam Ya-lid wa Lam Yu-lad heart replies “you are getting late from duty lets go”. This is called Namaz-e-Soorat. Mujadid Alif Sani says, “Every person’s Salat is prayer of apparent appearance (Namaz-e-Soorat) and real prayer is of special people of God” and said “Everyone should search for real prayer (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat)”. Now what is real prayer (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat)? Namaz-e-Soorat is performed by a Muslim and real prayer (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat) is performed by a Momin. And for real prayer (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat) first of all you must have to learn chanting of Allah Allah (Dhikr-e-Qalbi). This is first word of your Quran, chant Allah Allah with "Alif". If you are scared of its majesty (Jalalat), then at least recite ”La Illah Ila Allah” with ‘Lam’ if you don’t even have the divine grace for this, then with ‘Mim’ at least keep chanting Mohammed’urr Rasool’ullah you will achieve with this. Otherwise keep on engaged in the Book, don't know either that Book guides you or misleads you. This is also your first pillar. First pillar (of Islam) is Kalima/Sahadah. Hadith Says “Superior zikr is Kalma-e-Taiba” and Quran says “remember me while standing, sitting even lying down on your sides. Don’t even be diverted from it while merchandising and selling”. This is your first Sunnah as well. What Holy Prophet used to do in Ghar-e-Hira (Cave of Hira)? The time even Salat/prayers were not existed. There He (PBUH) only used to chant name of Allah. When people become Muslims Salat/prayers were not existed even that time. Prayers were descended at a later stage. What they used to do at that point of time? Meanwhile people keep themselves busy in Zikr and by that their chests enlightened. Later on, when prayers were descended prayers didn’t stuck in their throats, it went straight into their hearts. This is your first pillar as well. When your heart will begin chanting Allah Allah, then you will struggle while doing your work, Allah Allah should also continue. This is called ‘the hand in doer/work, the heart in companion’. Next you will struggle Allah Allah should also continue while reading newspaper/magazine and you will succeed. Then you will struggle Allah Allah should continue while offering prayers. That time your tongue will say Qul hu Allah hu Ahad; “say God is one”and heart will say Allah Allah. Allah Hu-Samad and heart will say Allah Allah Lam Ya-Lid Wa Lam Yoo Lad…heart will say Allah Allah. Now what is on the tongue, same is in the heart. Tongue is affirming and heart is testifying tongue is in Zikr-e-Mufasil while heart is in Zikr-e-Mujamil tongue is affirming by the logic that say God is One while heart is testifying without any logic that Allah and only Allah. This tongue has power to speak from here and people in America can listen and heart has the power to chant here and the Throne of God will hear. Your prayers will reach to the Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm-the Throne of God) through such heart this is the Salat which is called journey to Heavens for a Momin (Meraj-ul-momineen). Every now and then we hear lectures that whoever has no love for the Allah and Prophet, his faith is incomplete. People only deliver such speeches. They only tell the prescription of medicine but they don't give the medicine. We have been hearing this for such a long time but still the love for Allah and Prophet did not developed in the heart. Those who express their love from the tongue are fallacious/pitiful. Love is not related to tongue love is connected to the heart. Love cannot be done it happens. Though they say with the tongue that we love and the Satan is there in the heart. Then how to expel that Satan? We say that there is Satan in your heart, you say that I offer prayers, what’s the work of Satan in my heart? We say that while you offer prayer, why Whisper (of Evil) comes in your heart during prayer? Since it is Satan is in the heart that is why whispers come. Now you do an experiment, while you are offering prayer whispers are coming, since Satan is there in the heart. but if you join a gathering for Zikr and chant Allah Hu, no whispers will be coming instead you will feel bliss. But the moment you will leave the gathering the same Satan (will again engulf your heart). What if that same gathering establishes within you? If that same gathering establishes within you then you will stay 24 hours in the ecstasy of Allah then 24 hours you will have a shield from Satan. Once, Hazart Abu Bakr Siddique asked the Prophet (PBUH) that “while I offer prayers/salat, Evil whispers (wiswas/waswasa) comes to me while praying”. The Prophet (PBUH) replied “you are getting 2 types of reward, One for offering prayers & second for waging jihad" Hazart Abu Bakr asked, “How can I have reward of waging jihad while offering prayers?” The Prophet replied, “when those Satanic whisperers comes within you, that chanting of Allah Allah which is going on within you throws them out again those Satanic whisperers come and again Allah Allah throw them out, this indeed is jihad.” If those whisperers settles down on your hearts, then this is not jihad, then this is defeat”. Now everyone claims love with their tongue while having Satan in the heart whereas love is connected with heart. As long as the Satan does not goes out from the heart, love of any Prophet or Saint cannot come in the heart. First of all throw the Satan out from the heart. Ba-Yazid Bistami went into jungles is his youth. The Satan used to stand at a corner and watch while he recited various Wirid and Wazaif. But the moment he start stroking Allah Hu on his heart, whenever he tries to settle Allah in his heart Satan then used to come near to tease him. One day he took a stick and ran after the Satan. Since he was enlightened heart, a voice came “O Ba-Yazid, he wouldn’t die by the sticks he burns with Allah’s Noor, you chant so much, you chant so much so that you become Noor-ala-noor (light upon light).” And when Ba-Yazid Bistami became Noor-ala-noor (light upon light) all magicians left the city of Bistam saying that “now our magic no longer works here”. When continued Allah Allah will begin, love of Allah will come into this heart. Love cannot be done it happens. Allah or whatever comes in the heart love will happen with that. When love of Allah will happen, then Allah does not like that someone owe anything to Him, do one good deed for Him get the reward of ten good deeds, spend one rupee He returns ten rupees. Love Him a little He in return loves ten times more. Then to those with He loves He does look at them also. He does not give a casual look; He looks at them with great love and affection. And the day Allah looked with love, then that love also will disappear and then Ishq (passionate love) will come. Then I am yours and you are Mine. Allama Iqbal said about this stage: "If there is Ishq (passionate love), then infidelity is also Islam" If Ishq (passionate love) of Allah come within you then even infidelity is also Islam.

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Posted by: theallfaith on May 20, 2010 This speech is a must watch for the seeker of truth.

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