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Duke of Edinburgh Award

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[Music] Simon, you owe me a fish supper and a pint right. >> I don't owe you a pint. Why do I owe you a pint. >> Well, here we are. >> It's actually one of the best courses I've ever been on. I've got four Empire biscuits that we can all share later. >> Smile Alan! Give us a wave. Yeah Hya Girls, hanging out having a good time, back to Alan. Smile Alan! We just missed you doing that last bit. >> This is the trickiest part of the Tarmachan ridge that we're ascending. So Hazel is making her ascent of this, moving with considerable confidence over this tricky section. She's just about finishing coming to the last bit now and she's going to give us a nice smile when she finishes and comes up to the top, there's the smile. A distinctive smile indeed. This running commentary is going to embarrass everybody an awful lot when we shoot it on Monday night. Now hopefully nobody falls here. Nobody's hurt themselves so far but if the camera man doesn't look where he's going, he might fall backwards off the cliff that's just behind him. >> It might make for a good film. >> Okay, who's coming up next, here we have Norma Morrison, storming up the hill. Storma Norma. That's what we call her. >> Stop talking! >> If we make her laugh, she might fall off and that might be bad for the people down below. Norma is doing well. There's the tongue, she's a little cheeky monkey. Oh and who is this, this is Amy. I can tell.. it's the radioactive god, you can tell by the colour of the hat. >> Now watch yourself Amy. >> Lets see what she's doing with her hands and feet. I'm just going to move closer to this edge. She's got her feet firmly in place. She's got them in a ledge, very good. and what's Alan doing. Alan's concerned about the well being of his camera, that's why he's shaking so much. and it's nothing to do with nerves. He's got his foot well placed there, yeah look at that. Good foot hold, maybe not, he's changed his mind. This feels like I'm flying, it's got nothing to do with the interesting medication. It's quite a slot in there Amy? >> Yeah. >> Wow, the wind is really picking up. What is that Alan? >> Dorothy will watch this. >> Dorothy will have to watch it. No, this is quite entertaining. So to all our viewers, this is probably less dangerous than it looks. Everything is perfectly under control here. You okay Calumn? How is it going? Your all very cheeky people. Your always sticking your tongue out at me. What is he going do here. It's quite wet and slippy in there Alan isn't it. It's quite a sheen of the rock. Alan, is this black and white I'm shooting? or does it just look that way to me. You okay? Just there is a good handhold. Brilliant, yes that's perfect. Well done. So you need to keep reaching with your right hand. and to grab onto something, yeah you can hold onto that, it's quite good. You okay? Now, you need to get your right foot up out of that slot and up near where your right hand is so you reach your right hand up. and then get your right foot out of that crack. It's quite tricky isn't it? >> I'm in a twist here. >> Your a bit twisted. >> Can you see where he's.. >> If you can, with your left foot in a good spot there, get it there and then all you have to do is stand up on it and get your right foot up there. >> and that's all nice dry handhold that you have up there. Brilliant. Well done. Well done, very good. Give us a smile. Now who is coming up now. This is going to make everyone very dizzy when there watching it. This is an extra special Duke of Edinburgh outing to Meall nan Tarmachan, the hill of the Tarmachan, we haven't any of those yet. hoping to sight one later really. There's Calumn laughing in my face, probably deserved. and Merith Caradi, our latest addition to the leaders team. storming up, last to finish at the top. >> Hi guys! Meall Tarmachan, second munro of the day. Give us a smile. It's angry over there. Not convinced about how really a rainbow is formed. >> Light is split up into different colours, like it's a bit like living in a glass prison and it's split up into those different colours by water in the same way so light consists of all those different colours. After you. >> Can I sit in the front? >> Yes of course you can. >> Simon, I'm going to get travel sick, can I sit in the front? Edelweiss! >> That was a good day guys, I hope you all had fun. >> Not reflecting on the positives and negatives of it anymore, how do you reflect on how it was different, apart from the fact that you didn't have to carry a big pack. >> It was more like a stroll. I don't mean like a stroll, I mean like a leisurely stroll rather than when your on a expedition, you have got to be somewhere at a certain point so your under more pressure. There, you can change your route, you can on expeditions, you have got to do all of the work beforehand and you've got to stick to your route. There you can say that looks very good or whatever. >> Yes, so it's more of a fixed agenda, you have got to achieve a certain thing in a certain time. >> Callander at twenty past six.

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