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Phill Interview P1

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I want us to play football with a style, an arrogance, a confidence and a belief. I want us to be dynamic but I say to them every single time that we go out to train, that we go out for a match. I want us to enjoy our football. When you enjoy your football when you're confident, when you've got belief, more often than not in life that you perform well and I say to them all the time, that I'm setting the platforms here for you to go out and actually enjoy your football, to play out from the back, take risks in the final third, play through midfield without the pressure of me saying don't do this, don't do that. I want them to have the freedom. It was the way that I was brought up. It was the way that I was successful in my career because I was always given a good platform and the belief of the coach to go out there and perform at my best and that's what I want from my players. I want them to have that utter belief and confidence that they've got my belief and confidence. You want to lead from the front, set the culture, set the non-negotiables within your team, that your staff and your players are going to abide by, utter discipline, utter dedication, hard work, good values, humility. I wanted us to be brave on and off the pitch in terms of our decision making and that starts with me. I think what we're doing is heading in the right direction but I think we're still, we're still a long way from where I want us to be. At the moment it's a lot of I'm telling them what to do because that's how I want to implement my philosophy but in another three months' time, when I've spent more time with them, I want that philosophy embedded and I want them then to be policing the dressing room, managing the standards, managing the discipline and just going out there and doing things for themselves.

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