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How do I Become Enlightened? Sadhguru

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what should you do to the end so once again in Lebanon he's not to mention in like him and he's not going to the in London and is a homecoming you'll come back to a vision of the chest right now you would have identified himself with many things that you might not now I you're looking at this as today what you quoted of bodies and intimidation but just only get their isn't it the new upon of a missile much value of so much like you can bet he'll walk a commission what you call is in my music for the next it would be making a lot of music complex that means you're the PPP identified with things that don't know a piece of the you picked up in the body of it but that he said look you've sold EPA identified you believe it is you do you follow their you go on living minutes isn't it isn't that so so the right now you have gotten just talking mission if you stop the peace talks is and come back dilip hiro is known each other that's inside what do I have to do that is you know thing to do if you don't know anything but maria cohen in command of state the date is no way you can do not think all the time you all doing something you'd think if you don't do anything something will happen yes it could happen something fantastic will happen but you know what I love yourself in that state for a moment so to preview but that statement you can do about it you have to the troop movements otherwise you won't sit in one place isn't his simplicity and eliminating in the victim's body all right to mine of that evidence is the DNA evidence is when Bush will continue nobody could stop it it is just that you a quote stinking on you have become successful able to mind and yes he's going on you've got to stop it you'll come order to conduct anything about because once it gets into the town it just goes on and leslie it has its own momentum you don't have anything about it one day it would add it up and leave it you can go on for many years picking up more and more momentum he doesn't need your assistance anymore isn't that so this is happening people for reasonably happy the world of those people what little break from the mountain today they're not all the time and got some moments they're not so messed up okay if you don't misuse of up it is simply be here you want to let you've got to keep your hands off it all the time it's funny so slowly we feel that all these forces this is our hands up in such a way it could but you've got to mess with it the credit in a post some all the blue chips all right all right

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru what they should do to become enlightened. Sadhguru explains that enlightenment is not an achievement, it's a homecoming. (SaO47)

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