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Juma video

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Hello everyone My name is Juma Samuel Khamsin. I am South Sudanese by nationality. Briefly about myself - I grew up in the refugees camp in Northern Uganda. I came to know ALICT in 2005 when I was recommended by a friend. And I went for ALICT, that was in July 2005, until October. I would say clearly that the three-months course has really changed my life. It was an eye opener to me, because someone like me, I grew up just like an orphan - I was an orphan in the refugee camp. Life was so difficult. So the opportunity that I got to go to ALICT has really opened my eyes. I can remember immediately after ALICT, I did a project…of one ball, and twenty US dollars. Only twenty, US Dollars. So that project was a soccer project. Then I got to the community youth in the refugees camp. These two communities used to fight among themselves. So when I brought soccer... and then it has changed their life tremendously, and I have started using sports as a tool to mobilize the rest. And then in that process, I have taken the opportunity to evangelize to them. As time goes by, all of them accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. That was a great thing that happened in the refugees camp. From there, I said we have to move on... And then we have decided to make this sports ministry as a group of youth that can transform the community. And we move on from the refugees camp. From one refugees camp to the other one. And we raised our funds locally within the community. That has been a very big challenge for us, but God has been so faithful. And we've seen the lives of the youth in the camps really transform. I moved over to Juba, and I created a team - right now there is still a team in the refugees camp, in five different refugees camps in Northern Uganda, where South Sudanese are living., and Congolese also... and some Kenyans that have left, and others are still there. And we've moved forward to Juba, South Sudan, where we have a team in Juba, a team in Torit, and a team in Yambio. So far we have 26 team players. These are very good, mature youth leaders who have gone through basic teaching. In biblical principles, and they evangelize to the youth through sports. That's what we've been doing... we've been doing teams games... games... games... in South Sudan that has brought a lot of change. Because the youth who were really involved in a lot of fighting - communal fighting... and even the 2013 and 2016 crises - most youth are involved. But after that we have started rehabilitating the youth, and telling them: "No, there is no need for us to fight. We just have to come, unite together..." "...and change our community for good." And that's what we are doing right now in South Sudan. And, the current project we are doing right now, is... Anti-Sex trafficking. That's where we are targeting the teenagers from the age of 12 up to 20. And also youth from 20 up to 30. That's what we are working on right now, and it's really changing the community, because people really don't talk about sex. And then if we talk about sex, they feel offended. And this is what is destroying our communities. And as a ministry, we said, we should transform them. And we are working so hard on that, and it is really changing their lives. The ALICT... I can say... The experience I had in ALICT, I can never forget it. Because it is through that experience that I got 15 years ago... 18 years ago, is what is keeping me moving right now. Because it is something that I can never forget. The music is always dancing in me. And it keeps me moving on and on, and on. And making more teams, mentoring youth, and exactly that's what we are touching the community with right now in South Sudan. And a lot of them have accepted Christ, and we are still moving on. The ministry is doing very very well, because every day we get new things in the ministry... new creative ways of doing things. And that's what we really love. And we praise God for that, and we know through this ministry God will change a lot of people. And my cry is, that if there is an opportunity, we must send a lot of young youth leaders to ALICT, so that they will come back and transform their community. Right now, this year we have sent also one from South Sudan and our team is growing bigger and bigger, and in different areas we are moving on. For those who are watching this short clip, I really thank you for your time. And may God bless you in Jesus name. Thank you!

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