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Mazala Class #1 Karen Berg on spirituality and money

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Thank you for joining with us! This lecture is interesting People sometimes feel that in order to be spiritual you have to be poor Well, what can I say, it's not true! How do we know that? Yakov had many many different herds of cattle, he wasn't poor. None of the patriarchs were considered poor, you know, there's a saying, He said "he should be as rich as Korach" Korach was a Levite, if you remember, something of the bible he had fought with Moses and he was the one that inspired this revolution about Moses But his name was Korach, and he was one of the sons of Levi And he was very wealthy. There are many ways, that people with great wealth can also have spiritual roots of course The problem we see in our world as we live today is that, when we notice people around us unfortunately for the environment, most of people we see with great wealth also have great desire to receive, meaning, women, wine, songs and what you have, but remember that, some of the greatest places of learning some of the greatest tools, that have ever been given to the people, came via the donation and contribution of wealthy people. And the answer is, you can very well, combine wealth with spirituality. As a matter of fact, if one reaches the states that level, that they understand that their money that they were given they were given as a provider, like some people have provider of phone, provider of this, provider people than become extremely wealthy, is divined by the diviner, the creator, to allow them to be the one to provide this wealth There's one of the stories that I remember, Michael used to tell a fellow that was next to a Rabi and this fellow was very very wealthy. And, every time that Rabi had a problem, he would go to the men and would given whatever he needed whether is for wedding, whether is for a bar mitzvah, whether is for [ ] families, he would give them. Until one day, someone came to him, and asked for exorbitant amount of money and the Rabi said to him, I believe that you need to give this money, and he says "but is so much, I don't think really that I should" and the Rabi said "look, when you and I were upstairs" "I was to have the wealth, and you would to do my job" But I said I didn't want that, I really want the ability to be with the people, to teach them, to study with them, and so, I asked the creator, let him have this money and let me be his guide so that he would do, do the provisions that I asked him for he says, "if you don't do it, I'm gonna go back up there and ask him if we can switch roles" What I wanna say? Is that, specially today, if one understands the role that money is a tool by which to bring more benefits to the world, and yes, there can be a balance [with the spirituality] it can be a balance in being wealthy and also being spiritual it's not easy because remember, when one reaches that level in the material world, it often, changes your mind to something diferent it's easier to be less wealthy and more spiritual because you don't have the influence of the outside world with the tremendous pressure that you do when you're on that highesty but the answer to the question is you can have both as a matter of fact, that hoped that all of you that watching this and listening will have both and then, all of you will know what to do with it, right? Thank you.

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Mazala Class #1 Karen Berg on spirituality and money

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