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[Kim Manis] Power BI is great at visualizing locations through maps. We've got three different maps to choose from. The bubble map draws a little bubble over a world map. You also have the fill map to fill in the countries on your visualizations, and finally, we have the shape map which allows you to pick a custom map like the US and fill in specific states or cities. Let's take a look! Let's start with a bubble chart. So we'll go ahead and drag the location field into the location bucket, and add the value for size. And you can see here we've plotted a few different spots within Massachusetts. Sometimes you'll have data that's a little ambiguous, like there's a Boston in the UK. As a way to disambiguate this, you can use latitude and longitude as a way to make it clear exactly what location you're talking about. If you don't have latitude and longitude, we'll send your location data to Bing and take a best guess. So you can see here now we've got Boston that's actually in the UK. Another ambiguous area is when you have a location that may be a city or may be a state. So in this case, I have Washington, DC, and I have Georgia plotting on the same state. I may mean the two cities in the US, or it may mean the two states, Washington and Georgia. As a way to disambiguate this, I can click on the location and go to the modeling tab, and from here I have a way to classify my different locations. So you can see if I switch this to state, now Bing knows to treat these as states and show them correctly on the map. Or I could show them as cities, in which case, we plot them as Washington, DC and as Georgia and Vermont. Just to show you a couple other ways to visualize your data, you can go ahead and use the field map as another way to look at your data with all of the states filled in. Another option is using the shape map. The shape map allows you to pick a specific map and customize that. So you can see here I can view the US states alone without any of the roads or other countries. I can even change the look and feel of that US map. So those are a few ways to visualize your location data using maps.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 48 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: csintl on Aug 10, 2016

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