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Matrix 3- The Secret of Relationships

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Desteni interdimensional interview: Structural Resonance, Part 3 - Veno This is Veno and I'm continuing. so where was i? Within..while you are in the mother's womb, ok? the moment she gets pregnant.. her 'transfusion cycle' is activated. the transfusion cycle.. is where her systems within her - liquifies, into the blood stream, to be transfu.. to be through the transfusion process: placed into you as you develop as a baby.. inside her..womb. into the development of your subconscious mind. ok? Now this whole: liquidifying..of the manifested interdimensional systems in your mother, being transfused into you through the blood to be placed inside..your subconscious mind for you to develop your Subconscious Mind when you come of age, that's another story. Which i'll..definitely cover later. I am basically explaining to you firstly, how your subconscious mind foundation is laid down, while you're in the mother's womb. Ok. so, now you've got the downloaded information in your Subconscious mind of your mother and you father. ok. so, in the left of your occipital bone..the Subconscious Mind of your mother.. is integrated into your left occipital bone, which is called the 'mother matrix system' On your right..the other Subconscious system is integrated.. which is called the 'father matrix system'. it really looks like system plug-ins. where the information is downloaded from. now, you're probably saying: '..i am not in my father's womb or anything, how is the father one possible?' During sexual intercourse a fascinating thing occurrs, when the male and the female have sexual intercourse, their systems become: 'transferred'..into each other. So your father's 'System-expression' is transferred into your mother.. and your mother's transferred-expression is... your mother's expression gets transferred into your father. and that is, Consciousness System's definition of 'Relationship' - when systems get transferred into one another.. and now you are standing in a relationship but that relationship is binded by Consciousness System's transferences. Ok, so in other words, because of the sexual intercourse.. between your mother and your father, your mother contains both her own systems.. and your father's systems..and this..'Transference of Systems' is very important in a marriage because when a baby is born.. the baby has got to have the Mother Matrix System plug- in.. and the Father Matrix System plug- in. on the left occipital bone point for the mother matrix system.. and on the right occipital bone point for the father matrix system So, that's how you get the father matrix system inside you. So all the information is now downloaded, into the.. center section of that layers that i have described in that exist in the mind the bottom layer: your Unconsciousness Mind, foundation already placed, because it's all the world, all babies have Unconscious Mind plug-in's already done, so that you can become a system in this world. the center layer is your Subconscious Mind, so that's where all the 'downloaded information' are now amalgamate Where you have your.. your mother matrix system downloaded information from your mother in there.. and your father matrix system downloaded information from your father in there. So it's all 'mushy' inside your Subconscious Mind layer, as a 'center layer'. Then you have your 'top layer' which is your Conscious Mind -we'll get to that when you are born - So, then..what do parents then actually produce in this world? Systems. There is one thing i'd like to get straight here now: is that.. you are Not your Conscious, Subconscious and unconscious mind. It's Not Who You Are. it's Systems-Placements. I would call it Consciousness.. Consciousness Systems. Why do we call it Consciousness System? what is Consciousness? For eons of time, if you..look back at creation..we perceived..that (smile) actually quite ironic, quite funny.. but, I’m certain there’s many people that won’t find it funny…but, I do, I think it’s precious We've perceived that we require to 'Create' - but 'creation' has gotten a bit 'cross-wired' because we've created something that is Separated from Ourselves.. and not 'realize' that what we are creating is Actually-Ourselves So, and people please, I''m gonna speak a lot about Anu because They Created the Human Physical Form and things like that, but I'm Not speaking from a point of 'blame', I'm Not speaking from a point of 'shifting-responsibility' just to the Annunaki.. because they've created mankind and they enslaved mankind and stuff like that. He is the man who have done that, but you know what? they've actually..revealed to us what we have actually done. not only them but all of us.. and it's not only Anu and Them that are Responsible for the situation, you know what? All of us are. each and every single being in existence is because We have Accepted and Allowed this Existence as it is. It is impossible to place blame only on Anu or the Annunaki and All the other Races.. that were involved in the Creation of Man as Slaves as Systems. and that is simply showing by the Structural Resonance that Exists inside Human Beings. Because your Structural Resonance is that which you have Accepted and Allowed Yourself to Become as 'Who You Are' - Now That's not... you can blame and be angry and condemn Anu and the Annunaki and other races as much as you want It's not going to change your situation. you have accepted and allowed yourself to become.. A Structural Resonance Consciousness System. and the Only Way you are going to be able to Birth Yourself as Life from the Physical in this world is to Apply Forgiveness, to Apply and Live Forgiveness that's been applied as an expression of yourself, to be able to release yourself.. from the imprisonment and this enslavement of these Structural Resonance Consciousness Systems inside you as that which you have Accepted and Allowed-Yourself to Become. Ok, so going back when you are born. so, when you are born.. is when your Conscious Mind starts Activating. So, to that I''ll come in my next interview. Thank you very' much. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Tupac Shakur CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Veno through the Interdimensional Portal talking about humanity's enslavement as Mind Counsciousness Systems to keep Consciousness existing without realizing we are LIFE as One and Equal

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