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Kai Liu - Anren, China - Sichuan (Global Lives Project, 2008) ~04:30:28 - 04:45:29

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Your vegetables are sold out? All sold out! Will it cost money to go in with a cart? If you don't pay, you can't go in. Call over one of those drivers. Hey boss! Transport these back. Come, help me transport these back. Transport to where? Right here. Pay attention, some of these bags are ripped. Carry it up. Come, there are two more bags. Take your time with this one. Give him the money. This bag is ripped. You don't have it, I'll give it to you. Come, I'll pull you. Right here, driver. Driver, right here! Here, enter through this lane. Use that lane first. You can't get through. Let me see. Go here. Alright, alright. Come through here. Ok, no problem! Ok, reposition the car. Move the car. You can get through. You can get through but the car will get scratched. Ok, go, go, go! Come, move it. Alright, it's ok. Our technology isn't enough. Alright, alright. Turn it around! Ordinary is ordinary. Fold this one up. Don't ask me in the future. We can only wait. Call them and ask them to hurry up. Go in. How much produce do you have? Several hundred half-kilos? You didn't even go. There's a lot left. It's up to you. There might be more stuff. Where's Liu? You have about three or four hundred half-kilos of goods there. Go stroll around, there's not much to see. Only 5 yuan. If I make this deal, I won't have money left. Pay it all at once. Who? Just that one. You didn't come at first. It's up to you. This is 5 yuan. It's still early. it's easy to buy today. I'm just not going. Aye... How much is the wholesale price of this melon? 5 yuan. Which one? What about cucumber? 5 yuan. Can I get them for less if I buy more? -How much are you buying? -I'll get two or three hundred half-kilos. I don't have that much. How much for 200 half-kilos. How do I have enough? Not enough? How much for this melon? Others bought it. He wants to buy 300 half-kilos, but I don't have that much. Not enough, not even 200 half-kilos. Where's the rotten melons? It's cheaper after you've sold out. It's cucumber season right now. Weighing a few half-kilos isn't enough. Is this Chongzhou's? Check out the cucumbers for these 2 days. A lot of cucumbers were harvested in Dayi these last couple of days. -How much for this bitter melon? -2 yuan. -Is this local? -Yes, it's local. -How much for the carrots? -6 yuan. -They all have hollow centers. -Where? -Right here?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: China
Language: Yi, Sichuan
Producer: Ya-Hsuan Huang, Yi Han
Director: Ya-Hsuan Huang
Views: 79
Posted by: glm_yh on Jan 4, 2010

At the market

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