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Cool Math- How to find Missing Numbers

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Uncle! What are we doing here? We are going to plant trees Amber. There are small saplings in the basket, we have to plant them and they will grow into trees. Come help me carry this basket. Amber ! Can you see the holes in the ground? We have to place 1 sapling in each hole. All the saplings had to be placed in order. Look at this sapling Amber This is number 33. Now we have to find out the numbers that come before and after 33. So, you tell me which sapling should I place just before number 33. I know 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 wait Amber! It will take a long time if you keep counting like this. But uncle only then can I find the number before 33. No dear. I will show you a simple way of finding the numbers that come before and after any number. Sapling 33 has been already planted we have to find the numbers that come before and after 33. First, let us find the number before 33. For this, we will start counting backwards. So, we have 33, 32, 31, 30, 29, and so on. So, now we know, that the number which comes before 33 is 32. Uncle now, how will we find the number that comes after 33? To find a number that comes after a given number, we shall count forward Amber. So, we have 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, and so on. So, after 33 comes the number 34. Very good Amber! Now let's plant the rose bushes. Amber! This is number 79 it has been already planted so we shall plant rose bushes before and after it. I will calculate which number will come before and after Uncle Brown. Now let us calculate the numbers to the left and right of 79. Now Amber, instead of using the counting forward and backward method use another method. This is the addition and subtraction method. Subtract 1 from the given number to find the number before it and add 1 to find the number after it. Try it out Amber! OK Uncle Brown! So to find the number before 79 I will subtract 1 from 79. So, 79 - 1 will give me 78. So Uncle, I will place the sapling number 78 before 79. In the same way let me find the number that will come after 79. To find the number after 79 I shall add 1 to 79. So, 79 + 1 will give me 80. So, I shall place sapling number 80 after 79. That is correct Amber! Hey that is a very familiar sound! It is the group song of the snail brothers. Here they are Mr.Brown. # Of course! You do look delightful. Have you come for the tree plantation campaign? Yes Amber. Each of us is going to plant a tree. We'll meet you after we finish our work. OK. See you then. Amber and I are going to take a nap now. Hello there guys! How come it's only 8 of you? Where are your two brothers? Oh no! Amber can you find out which ones are missing? Sure! Now the snails between 63 and 65 and 66 and 68 are missing. I have to find which ones are these. Let me make use of what Uncle Brown has taught me. I will start counting forward 61, 62, 63, 64, and 65. So, in between 63 and 65 the number missing was 64. Again to find the number between 68 and 66 I will count forward from 65 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, and 70. So the missing number is 67. So the snails 64 and 67 are missing. Am I right Uncle Brown? Absolutely right Amber! You found the missing numbers correctly. Thank you Amber. Now that we know who is missing, we might as well go and search for them. Bye Mr.Brown. Bye Amber. Bye. Hope you find your brothers soon. #

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Cool Math- How to find Missing Numbers

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