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the music industry - teorias de la comunicacion

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Nowadays, we are living in a globalized and commercial world. This made that many things turned into a product such as cinema, theater and also the music. The musician has changed a lot by the time; not only in the style but also in the production, commercialization and, of course in the consumption. The way in that we are consuming the different types of music through media today is really different than the past. It happens because we have many technologies or oportunities in which we can listen to them. In the other hand, the mass media used them to have a huge influence in the music that is going to be popular and sold. So, we have purposed to look for an opinion of the population on this commercialization of the music. Wow! This is a very difficult question I think that is an artist first of all, because... musicians have the job to create songs, to write the lyrics of the songs and, they have to... to create ideas and, search that ideas from the reality and then transcribe it to a paper and, i think this is a really difficult job and then they have also to… to put the music into this lyrics. So,i think that is a musician for me. Per jo, un músic és una persona que té uns coneixements musicals... ja siguin que entén una partitura o que té un control... sobre un instrument i que és capaç de practicar una peça musical... o poder fer una crítica basant-se en uns arguments. Jo escolt de tot, escolt jazz, reggae, ska, música cubana, música llatina... i, bueno, i pop i tot això que surt per la ràdio també ho escolt però menos. Ho escolt perquè no hi ha més remei que escoltar-ho. Well, i listen to pop the most and i listen to rap and hip-hop too, but... a little bit less. And then i listen to techno too... I listen to all genres Bé, jo escolt generalment de tot; m'agraden tots els etils musicals. És a dir, pens que d'un estil pot haver alguna cançó que m'agradi... no tenc per què descartar un estil directament, però, generalment... escolt més hip hop. -El pop -El Regaetton. (Risas) El regaetton (rialles)... Tothom escolta regaetton. pff...those ones that are the most commercial. Music is spread by this media and that's how it arrives to most of the people, and also through the infuencers. En mi caso si porque... Bueno, tengo una cuanta de Spotify y pues siempre que... pongo la "play list" de éxitos 2017, por ejemplo, pues... siempre escucho y se me queda la canción y, luego la escucho por la radio y también, ya se me queda la canción y, me acaba gustando bueno, sobretodo la radio, yo creo que... la radio es lo... a mi por lo menos, es lo que mas me influye a la hora de escuchar una canción y digo "joder, ¿como se llama esta canción? Voy a buscarla Youtube, tal, por el estribillo". if you can listen, for example, a song of Justin Bieber in an advert, in a movie and also when you go out; it is more likely to... to success. Clar, com que estem exposats a anuncis continuament... si, ens influeixen. Inevitablement; jo mateix l'altre dia volia escoltar una base d'una cançó i abans de posar el vídeo em va sortir un anunci d'una pàgina web que feien bases, hi vaig entrar i se'm va oblidar completament d'entrar dins l'altra cosa. Et penses fer una cosa i els mitjans ens influeixen. Mmm... Well, to famous concerts like... concerts of, I don't know... Selena Gomez or things like that, no? because i haven't got a lot of money to pay... but concerts that are a little bit alternative and little... yes Bueno, si són gratis i més o manco interessa sempre es pot. I pagant, bueno, depèn del preu, però sempre s'intenta anar a música en directe. Bueno yo aún no he ido a ninguno... pero me gustaría ir, me gustaría ir algún día. Si.. yo voy a conciertos y... bueno, creo que es la manera de conocer realmente, a los artistas, no? Puede ser que no componga las canciones, pero es un artistazo por el espectáculo que da. To conclude, at the end of the interviews, we were surprised that almost everyone agreed saying that a musician is someone that knows about music and can understand music sheets and compose. But some of them also think that many musicians have become just a product that sells hits. In addition, although there are a lot of music genres that young people can listen to, and some of them do... there are others that limitate themselves to commercial music. And they all agreed again that the most popular kind of music are reggaeton and pop, moreover, these popular music is sexist and humiliating for women because they are presented like sexual objects... and anyway people like it. This happens because mass media has a big influence among young people, as they say, because we are constantly being told what we should listen to.

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