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- Hey y'all, it's me Cheryl and welcome to your Mid-May Brochure. Are you ready to celebrate every day? I know you are and your customers and your host are gonna be able to celebrate in a big-time way using your Mid-May Brochure, because we have on sale, that's right, Thatsa Bowls. and your customer's love Thatsa Bowls. But before we get to the customers let's talk about why your host are gonna wanna hold a party during the Mid-May, Mid-June Brochure. So right now guys, don't forget, they get their dating gift, the refrigerator bowl just for dating their Tupperware party. And remember, they can get up to a set of four of those bowls. How I work it at my parties is, they get one bowl when I walk through the front door, they get the second bowl for having $100 or more in paid outside orders. They get another bowl when they have 10 adult guests at the party and they get their last bowl when they either have a date in waiting or when you have three datings at the party, the host can get that last bowl. So lots of ways that you can work it so your host can have a set of four of the refrigerator bowls. And we're also showcasing in your Mid-May Brochure your Pomp Paradise Host Gift special from the catalog, guys. So this is showcasing that $1,000 and 2 datings in the US, $1,100 and 2 datings in Canada. So now you know why your host are gonna wanna host a party why are their friends gonna wanna come to a Tupperware party. Well that start guys with our Featured By in the Mid-May Brochure and it is, buy one set of Thatsa Bowls, get a second set for free. That's right. Buy one, get one free, guys. How awesome is that? So now, you can position this as-- buy a set for yourself and gift a set to somebody, or if you want you can take these guys and use it as your girlfriend set. So what do your customers get y'all? They get the Mega Thatsa Bowl, that's our 42 cup, the Thatsa Bowl 32 cup, the medium Thatsa Bowl, and that is 19 cups, and the Thatsa Bowl junior which is 1 cups. So they have the perfect size for those memory-making moments that they're gonna make in the kitchen with family and friends. But you know what y'all, we're not done because we have your attendant's offer which is a set of not one, but two of... our Mini Thatsa Bowl, guys. So now you can take your Mini Thatsa Bowls and your customers can add to their tower and look what its gonna look like y'all, how awesome is that? And we also have the Mini Thatsa Bowl, it's also on sale for an individual price of just one. So your customers can take advantage of up to three, of our Thatsa Bowl Mini. And we also have our P with P in your Mid-May Brochure and that is a set of six of our Tupper Minis and you know what y'all? These are a customer's favorite because there's a million things you can do with these, but let me just give you a couple. First of all, it's salad dressing on the go. So take this, and your salad instead of putting it on the salad put it in your Tupper Mini. It's also great guys if you're traveling and you're doing air travel you can use this for any liquids that you wanna take with you on your carry-on. It's also great, guys, for all of those sprinkles that you might wanna put in here, it's great for your vitamins, it's also great guys for a hard-boiled egg. You can boil your egg, peel it and put the egg right inside here and now you can take it with you on the go and that way you have a little bit of protein no matter where you go. So lots of reasons why your customers are gonna wanna come to a Tupperware party using the Mid-May Brochure. So, guys, you know what? I'm gonna give you a couple of little tips that you can share at your Tupperware parties, and I use these all the time and I share them at my parties all of the time. The great thing about the Thatsa Bowl y'all is a) the bigger the bowl that has two handles on both sides. So it makes it really easy to put it on your hip, put your thumb through here and then you've got a good grip when you're trying to mix something up, or if you wanna take something and make your own homemade caramel corn and your own homemade trail mix, you could put the seal on it and you can shake it up and flip it and you have two handles to do that with. Another nice thing about the seal, guys, is it's a round seal so you wanna make sure you tell your customers when you're putting it on, you just gonna put it on the back and then just walk it like you're walking the dog and then just push down the middle, pull up-- shh... heard that little bit of a whisper which makes that an airtight container guys because in Tupperware when the seal is round, it's airtight and liquid tight. With that said, something that I shared all of my Tupperware parties if you're gonna be putting a big old bowl of potato salad, macaroni salad, a cut up fruit salad guys, or maybe you're doing a big toss-out and you're gonna use this bowl tell your customers that they take one of our Tupperware... this is the Big Wonder. They can take the Big Wonder Bowl or a cereal bowl, fill it almost to the top with water, put the seal on it, stick it in the freezer the night before and then take it out the next day flip that container over and put it in the base of your bowl and then put your potato salad, your macaroni salad, your cut up fruit, your tossed salad right on top of here and you've got a block of ice that's gonna keep everything nice and cool when you're serving it outside and then when the party is over with guys or the barbecue, you just come in, take this out, this is now liquid you just peel the seal and dump it in the sink and you're good to go. So this is a great size, if you're using the Mega, you can also use the cereal bowl in our Thatsa Bowl. If you're gonna move to the medium y'all, you might wanna take the insert, the serving cup that we have or the serving center cup and do the exact same thing, it fits perfect on the bottom of our junior Thatsa Bowl. And if you're using either the Thatsa Bowl or you're using the Mini, you can actually take a snack cup y'all and do the exact same thing and it fits perfect on the bottom of the snack cup. So just a little tip that you can share at your Tupperware parties. You know what y'all? These Thatsa Bowls whether you're mixing inside your Thatsa Bowls, whether you're storing inside your Thatsa Bowls you know, and you've got some kind of fruit that you're doing or whether you're using them for those backyard barbeques, or whether you're using them for those summer parties everybody needs a Thatsa Bowl set in their kitchen. So are you ready to go out and party, starting May 11th? Say yes, say sí, say oui. Okay y'all, are you ready to take your customers and get in the mix for this summer? You wanna show them how they can make some fun deserts for all of those summer get-togethers. Well, we have first of all our silicone spatula and it's on sale and you know what y'all? Customers need more than one of these, okay? Because this spatua is the bomb dot com I love it because a-- its got the flat side so its great for cutting, its got the rounded side so it's great for scooping out, its got the little tip on here guys which is great for cleaning out the inside of those Tupperware seals. You can actually take this off and now you've got a cake decorator y'all or use this in your UltraPro to your customers just cut up that lasagna, those brownies, y'all, anything that needs to be sliced and served. You never wanna take a knife to your UltraPro, this works just perfect guys. So, and then when you're ready to use it as a spatula you just put the head back on and ... off you go. Now that we know its great for mixing and cleaning out, but you can also use it on top of your stove. So if you're doing those stir fry guys, this is what you're gonna wanna use or those scrambled eggs, this is what you're gonna wanna use. We also have, guys, on sale, our silicone cupcake form guys and then how great is this? Because you know what? You don't have to use those little paper cupcake forms, you just put the batter right inside here and remember, you can make them in the microwave or you can make them in the oven. So I would prefer doing them in the microwave during the summertime, because then you don't have to heat up your house, guys. And we also have to complete the set, our rectangular cake taker and it's on sale, but don't forget y'all, your rectangular cake taker it becomes a cupcake holder and you can put 18 cupcakes on here. So you just flip the bottom over and now you have a cupcake taker on the go. And if you'll notice, in the picture, in your brochure, they're showcasing different ways to use your Thatsa Bowls and another use for your Tupper Minis are putting your sprinkles inside them, guys. So make sure you're sharing all of that at your Tupperware parties. I would put this together and call it 'Get in the Mix Set' and they can purchase all of this for a special price. Okay y'all, it's summer and with summer comes the barbecues and the cookouts and Tupperware has everything your customers need to have an amazing cookout. Starting with, guys, our burgers and bun set. So we have our round container and this is the perfect size, guys to put your hamburger buns or your hotdog buns inside here. And if you're making sliders, you can put your slider buns or the Hawaiian rolls inside here, it's great y'all. And it also has our hamburger keeper and press set. Now, real quickly, for all of you new people who might not know how to use this, I love this y'all, my husband, this is the only way we do our turkey burgers at home. So what you're gonna do is, you're gonna take one of the containers and then just take your hamburger, your turkey burger, or your chicken if you're making chicken burgers, and kind of make a little ball, okay? And put it right inside the container, and then you take the press and you just push down and you just turn. And when you turn, we usually turn about three times and then you pull this up and you have a wonderful hamburger right inside here. Now, that's the first hamburger and you wanna do a second one you just apply the next one to the bottom, right, did y'all hear that click? And that becomes the seal to your bottom make up your hamburger, turkey burger, whatever put on the ring, that's important and then press and turn three times guys. And you have the perfectly formed hamburger or turkey burger, or chicken burger, how great is that? And you keep doing it and you just keep adding to this and when you're all done, you put your seal on and then you stick these in the refrigerator the night before so you can get prepared or you can go ahead and freeze them and the great thing about this y'all is if you just want two or three hamburgers, you just simply take from the bottom, peel them off, take them out, guys and you've got three hamburgers and everything else can stay in the freezer. So you can just defrost what you're going to use for that family dinner or for that barbecue if you freezing in advance. We, guys, at my parties you're gonna wanna make sure that you're selling your customers two of this set right here because they're gonna need more than just one of these containers and trust me they're gonna want at least eight of our hamburger keepers y'all. But we also have the Pick-A-Deli and it's on sale and once again guys this is the because you're just gonna simply take this and put all of your pickles from that glass jar and what a great way to transport these, when you're going to a barbeque, you're going out in the boat you're gonna go camping, put it right inside here and the great thing about it is when you're ready for a pickle, you just pull it up guys and then there's the pickle and all of the juice stays inside the container. So no more yucky hands. But you know what y'all, it's not just for your pickles, you can do this for your carrot sticks, you can do it for your celery sticks so if you're trying to watch your calories and you wanna eat healthy this is the piece of Tupperware you need in your refrigerator. If you wanna do hard boiled eggs ahead of time and have them done up, you can put them inside here and a lot of times people also use this if they do the pickling of their eggs and things like that, you can put it right inside here. And the next time we get together, I'll teach you guys how you can make your own homemade fabric softener using a sponge and the Pick-A-Deli and you can share that at all of your Tupperware parties, guys. So we also have exclusive, just in time for a Father's Day gift and it is our stainless steel barbeque tools, guys. And the great thing about this is you can put them together and you've got your tongs to pick things up of the grill, or you can take them apart, all right guys? and now you have them separately. So whether you wanna use a fork to turn something over on the grill, or you wanna use the spoon to lift something up and flip or use it for serving, Tupperware has the answers. And then once again, they just lock back together and now you actually have tongs. How great is that? Okay, guys, there wouldn't be a barbeque set if we didn't have our Season Serve and our Quick Shake container, and yes, this is a set on sale in your brochure. Everybody needs at least one Quick Shake guys for doing all of your protein shakes, right? But it's also great guys if you wanna use this to make up your own homemade barbeque sauce or your own marinating sauces, or your own salad dressing. Everybody needs at least two Quick Shakes in their home. We also have our Season Serve y'all and this is the perfect time of the year to have a Season Serve in your kitchen. So what are you gonna do with this Season Serve? Well, it's the perfect way to marinate any kind of meats that you're gonna put on that grill the next day. So you put your chicken in here, or your steak, or hamburgers or whatever and you wanna put your own little flair to it, mix up your own special salad, I mean, not salad dressing barbeque sauce guys, pour it on top, put the seal on it, okay? Seal it all the way up, put it in the refrigerator and then every couple of hours, guys what you can do is you can take this and then you can just flip it, okay? And then what happens is it marinates both sides of the meal, whatever you have on the inside. Another idea you can tell your guests at your Tupperware parties is how do you butter that corn on the cob? Sometimes it can be a pain in the drain y'all. So you're gonna take your corn on the cob, you're gonna put it right inside here and depending on how much butter you like, 'cause you know our rule is everything goes better with butter! So you can put a stick of butter inside here, put the seal all the way on and then shake it up guys and turn it over, and let the kids do this they have such a good time with it and then it butters all of that corn all at one time, I know! No more chasing the butter with your knife. It does it for you. You could also make a salad inside here, guys. It's perfect for that. And another great thing that you wanna share at your Tupperware parties, the reason we call this the Season Serve is because both the base and the seal have the little notches on it so it helps lift the meat or whatever you're marinating off of the bottom so it can seep all the way through, top and bottom. And, it's also liquid tight so you can flip this, guys over like this and you don't have to worry about anything spilling out. Now, don't store it on its side, okay? It's only liquid tight for flipping, guys. And then one more little tip as during Thanksgiving, I know it's a long way off, but did you all know during Thanksgiving when you have that big turkey and you got that big ham and have those plan overs and you know you're gonna be making the sandwiches the next day, what you can do with your Season Serve, is you can put all of your turkey on the bottom once you take it off the bone and then you just wanna put a piece of wax paper it's the only time you're gonna hear me say this y'all. Put a little piece of wax paper on the top and then put your hand on top of that and then put your seal on it and if you want a ham sandwich, then you simply peel the seal. If you want a turkey sandwich, flip it over, peel of the bottom and you have your turkey right here. So now you can store your ham and your turkey together so that way you take up less space in your refrigerator. So this right here on sale in your Mid Brochure. Are y'all ready to go out and have a barbeque in your backyard? Say yes, say sí, say oui. Okay y'all, we also have gifts for dads and grads because we've got graduation and we have father's day coming up. So first of all let's talk about our Modular Mate Super Rec 2. This is a great storage solution both for the dads and the grads. So tools in here, a taco box in here, gardening tools inside here, guys. For your grads, if they're heading off to college, their dorm it's very limited space inside of a dorm. So this right here will slide underneath the bed, so you can keep clothes in here, or you can also do school supplies in here. So this is available in your Mid-May Brochure with our gray only seal. But continuing with a storage solution once again for dads or the grads, we also have guys our signature line on sale with our black rims and how great is this because you can see through not just the container, but also through the top. So this is a great snack center and if you're Doug, you know its his eato center, you know, cheetos, doritos, and tostitos So you can use it for your snack center guys, you can use it for your healthy snack bars, you can use it for dog treats, if they're heading off to college guys, once again, perfect size for all of those needs in that dorm because they can also take this limited space and they can stack on top of each other. So whether you're using it for a coffee center and a tea center or whether you're using it for a snack center, or whether you're using it for containers in the home, or in the kid's bedroom, this is a gotta have. But you know what y'all? We have more because we also have the free gift with purchase. So when your customers purchase our amazing ice cream scoop and I mean, it is amazing y'all, because the way this is designed whether you're left hand or right-handed, you can hold on to it, it actually has a thumb grip right here. I'm right-handed, both my daughters are left-handed it works both ways. And you'll also notice guys, the way this is designed it comes to a tip so its gonna go all the way through that hard ice cream and it's gonna scoop it out really easy. And you don't have to put this under the sink and when you let of get the second scoop because the ice cream is not gonna stick. Now, they're gonna get the soup mug absolutely free when they purchase our ice cream scoop. And you might be thinking, really Cheryl? Yes, because whether you're doing something hot like oatmeal in the microwave great for dads, great for grads, everyone needs one of these when they're living in a dorm. It's also nice guys for your soups, for your plan overs, on your spaghetti, but you know what guys, you can also use this for? It's also great for those Ramen Noodles for all of those grads at college. But you can also use this for its own personal ice cream dish. That's right guys, you'll see in the brochure they're showcasing this with an ice cream sundae right inside here. So this is your personal ice cream sundae container. But there's more, we also have a set of two of our ThirstQuake Tumblers on sale guys. These are 30 ounces so its the perfect size for the dad and the grad. So you can buy one for dad and one for the grad, buy one for dad and one for grandpa, one for dad, one for your uncle everybody loves our 30 ounce ThirstQuake Tumblers. And the great thing about them is they fit in most cup holders inside your car's but they're also the perfect size in the backyard, on the boat, camping, or just seating there in the front yard with the kids playing, who doesn't need a ThirstQuake Tumbler in their kitchen? But we also have more savings for your customers using your tail off. Okay guys, so your tail off which starts on Saturday maybe 11th and it ends on May 24th, midnight your local time we have some amazing offers for your customers. Starting with one of your customer's favorite and it's our keep-it-crunchy set y'all. Your customers can get the 13 cup cereal store and the super cereal store, which is a 20 cup and I have to tell you your customers go crazy for this set y'all. So make you're talking about this at all of your Tupperware parties. We also have guys, a set of four of our Big Wonder large bowls and this is the one that I showed earlier with the Thatsa Bowl and it's on sale and the great thing about this guys if your customers are asking for containers that they can see through well, here you go y'all. The Tupperware has delivered because you can see exactly what's inside here. So whether you're using this for cereal, or whether you're using it for a fruit bowl, or whether you're using it for plan overs and storing it in the refrigerator this is a gotta have. Okay y'all, we also have a set of two of our round sandwich containers on sale y'all. And so think of your square sandwich containers these are round, but it also has a place at the top for a smidget. So they're perfect for on the go for camp, you can put some pretzels inside with some humus, you can do some carrot sticks with some low fat ranch dressing, you could put some grapes inside there, you could also use it for in the mornings for breakfast you could put a bagel in there and put cream cheese. And your little Smidget they...I mean, honestly guys, the ways you can use these round sandwich containers are endless. So make sure you talk about them at your Tupperware parties. Okay y'all, and we also have a staple for everybody in their kitchen and it is a set of eight of our eight-ounce serving cups. Now, guys, this is great, whether you're packing snacks for kids that are going to summer camp, whether you're packing snacks for a road trip, going to the beach, going to the lake, whether you're just packing snacks for the kids to have in the backpack if you're just gonna be gone for a couple of hours. Whether you're packing snacks for a two-year-old, a one-year-old, or a 22-year-old, or a 92-year-old everybody needs this container guys. It's also the perfect size for travel. What I do with this size right here guys is I will put my jewelry because your bracelets and my earrings and stuff all fit inside here, I can put the seal on here stick this in my bag that I carry on and I have all of my jewelry with me at one time guys. So its also great, whether you're for travel too y'all. So set of eight on sale guys for the last two weeks of the May sales month. But there's more, are you ready to see it? Okay y'all, but there is more on your tear-off, that's right, I saved the best for last, and that is our Jumbo Thatsa Bowls is available on your tear-off, May 11th, through May 24th y'all. When your customers buy one Jumbo Thatsa Bowl, they get to purchase the second one for only five dollars both in the US and Canada. I know, how awesome is that? And you might be thinking, well, shoot doggy Cheryl, why do I need that big of a bowl? It's a 59 cup bowl guys, so you know what? This is gonna do double duty when you're doing those huge barbeques and you want 10-15, 20 pounds of potato salad, guess what guys this is the puppy you need, you know what guys? If you wanna do lots of popcorn and you're gonna make your popcorn and you've got a bunch of kids coming over for movie night this is the bowl you're gonna wanna use guys. And you know what, if you have somebody who loves ice cream, there you go, this is the bowl that you can use, I'm just kidding. So everybody loves this bowl and once again about the 59 cup bowl guys don't be thinking just summer. When people are preparing those Thanksgiving dinners and holiday dinners as we move into that time of the year, they're gonna want this bowl in their kitchen, trust me y'all. So make sure they're taking advantage of it now while its on sale. And with the 59 cup bowl, you know what else you can use it for? Its the perfect size, yes, King George got a bath in the Jumbo Thatsa Bowl, so you can give a baby a bath you can even give a small dog a bath right inside here. So lots of ways you can use your Jumbo Thatsa Bowl y'all. And you know what? For the last two weeks in May what you can do at your Tupperware parties is you can pair your Jumbo Thatsa Bowl with your buy one get one set guys. So your customers can take advantage of this entire set and then don't forget the attendants offer, its a set of two of the Minis so then you have all of this, right? This is a 'I need this entire set' and then you take it and you do it over here so it's get this set, gift one set or make this into a girlfriend set guys. The last two weeks of the May sales month your customers are gonna be able to take advantage of every single Thatsa Bowl that Tupperware makes. And trust me y'all, everybody needs every one of these bowls. I've already told you why you need a Jumbo, then you know what guys those smaller job duties that's what you need the mega, everybody needs the Thatsa Bowl its the perfect size for those popcorn nights 24 months out of the year. I love my medium guys, its the perfect size when you're serving any kind of pasta salad or smaller versions of your macaroni, your coleslaw, or your potato salad. And then the junior guys, this is just the workhorse of the kitchen It's the perfect size for mixing up a cake mix, mixing up a brownie mix guys, its the perfect size. If you're doing homemade bread, this is the perfect size for that too y'all. And then you know what? I love, love, love my Minis 'cause this is what I use for my egg salad, this is what I use for my tuna salad, it's also the perfect size Richard uses this for his ice cream bowl. So lots of reasons why everybody has to have the Thatsa Bowls in their kitchens and you have the opportunity to sell every single Thatsa Bowl that we make for the last two weeks of May because that's when you have your Jumbo Thatsa Bowls on sale on your tear-off y'all. Are you ready to go out and party with Thatsa Bowls? Are you ready to have a mega Thatsa party? Say ye, say sí, say oui. Last but not least, make sure that you're sharing your 'I story' of why you said yes to Tupperware at all of your Tupperware parties and you can also talk about why Karin said yes to Tupperware. She said it as a whim to come in and join but she made this her full-time career after she had her son Zachary. Make sure you're sharing her story at all of your Tupperware parties too. And until I see you next month y'all make sure that you think big, start small, but go out and party now y'all. I'll see you next month, bye. Tupperware

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