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Rav berg : New Moon Cancer 1992

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New Moon of Cancer Rav Berg 1992. We are in this month of Tammuz, to understand a little deeper than we did last year. Every year of course, being in the age of Aquarius, and being, which, seems obvious, that we are the tail end of everything. That each year there is a new development, and it applies to the month of Tammuz. The only way we can control the influence of the Light force, which is channeled through the celestial bodies, is by knowing if you do not know, then of course you have no connection with the creation of the cosmos, with the original creation of the cosmos, and therefore, by what manner, or how can we possibly believe that we can achieve control over the entire month that no negativity can reach us, and all we can do is tap positivity during this month. The reason for Tammuz is because it refers to tom, the completion of Vav and Zayin, as you notice, not all Chets are written that way. But if you notice, we have a Vav and a Zayin. Vav, as we already have learned, refers to the creation of the month of Taurus. Zayin refers to the creation of the month of Sivan, the month of revelation. It is the totality of the Vav and the Zayin, the two months that provide us with the Light, that were months that the Light was revealed in its greatest intensity. This month of Tammuz is a heavy month, because these two lights of Taurus and Sivan are revealed in this month. The Torah is today our only method, our only method by which we can change chaos into water. There is no other method. No other method. The learning of the Zohar, the learning of the Zohar, the {.....Hebrew.....} that we do on this Shabbat or on Monday and Thursday, taking us back in time as we say, as the Zohar says, taking us back to being on Mount Sinai, because that is where the event took place. That is where the energy that came forth was properly, was properly placed into the channelling and systems of the ten utterances. This is the perfect month for control because once the Light is there, there is no chaos. It is the Etz Chayim. It is the Light of, it is the tree of life. The tree of life. The other aspect of Tammuz that we must understand, is the idea of Abraham. Abraham designating this month of Tammuz as the of Sartan. And therefore, when we look up at the, with a telescope into the heavens, we will notice the sign of the crab. The sign of the crab, which is Cancer. And I have already explained why is the sign of the crab Cancer. Why is the sign of the crab Cancer? Because, what is cancer? What is cancer? Crab. What is Crab? Crab, as we know, has one peculiar characteristic. And that is they walk side by side. They walk, not as human beings or animals, and every other type of insect, forward, but when they want to walk from one place to another, they walk sideways. The crab can only use one leg at a time. Or if we walk sideways, we can only use one leg at at time. When we walk forward, we can have both legs in motion. When you walk sideways, you have to bring your right foot to the left, and then the left moves when the right is stationary, et cetera, we can only use one leg at at time. What does that tell us? It means that the legs are not in harmony. They should both be working at the same time. They are both energy factors in this body. And when you walk that way, when you walk that way, then you have a halt, or a cessation of circuitry of energy. That is how simple it is. Therefore, when Avraham Avinu gave the name Sartan, he also gave us a clue. Not only is Sartan the idea of crab, but it comes from the Aramaic words, two Aramaic words of Sar, Tan, remove the negativity. Tan means negativity. Sar means remove. Sar is 260 numerically, 260. What does that mean? I am sure to most of you who have studied Kabbalah, it means ten times twenty-six. So right away we have our clues. When you learn a little Kabbalah immediately you understand. When you use the Tetragrammaton, and the only place the Tetragrammaton is a force that knows no limits, is within the scroll. Even we read the Tetragrammaton, we read the Zohar, but again this is not, this is the instrument that Moshe told Rabbi Shimon: "That this is the only instrument that will bring you to the tree of life". What is the tree of life? The Torah, this has to bring us to that. Because if you do not have this, you have not got the Torah. Therefore, you do not have control, you do not have, or you are not in a position, to dictate your own terms in the universe. The time has come that we take advantage of what the Zohar tells us is what is being offered to us. A month like Tammuz is such a powerful month. We know that Cancer, if it is to begin in any individual, begins this month. This is the month. Therefore, Avraham Avinu gave it the name Sartan, Cancer and told us how to take care of it. By removing negativity, whose negativity? The world's negativity? No, your own. Restricting is the way you reduce, or almost eliminate, eliminate the ravages of cancer, which only demonstrates the intolerance that we have for each other. By transforming that desire to receive, by doing the Sartan, not that Sartan means cancer, cancer is the result if we do not remove the evil inclination in us, then, then we have the result of, which is that crab in the sky. But that crab, which is the instrument, unfortunately, in this month. Because as the Zohar originally said: "We do not have the support of the Shechinah in this month." We do not have it; we have to create our own Shechinah. How do you create Shechinah? How do you create? How do you create the consciousness of the Shechinah? Said the Zohar, which I quoted last month. And this idea of Gemini? And I must repeat it again. The Zohar says there are two bodies. When the Zohar is discussing in Parashat Emor and Vayikra, page 26 I believe it is. Says the Zohar: "Every person has two bodies, two bodies. One body is connected with the Etz Chayim. Connected with the Etz Chayim. Connected with that realm of consciousness, which does not have chaos within its midst. No disorder, but is pure harmony. Pure harmony. Then we have the other body. We have the other body, which is called the body of Satan. That is the 4%, or 1% rational consciousness. Everything that is for the desire to receive for oneself alone, is Satanic consciousness. By transforming, by restriction, of the desire to receive for the self alone into one of sharing, then he has merged the two bodies into one. The only reason we cannot live in outer space", says the Zohar, "is because of our Satan consciousness body, it is the only reason. That cannot adapt to outer space because Satan, Satan, lives and exists in the framework of fragmentation and limitation". Take the astronaut, once he is up there, with proper insulation, he can traverse this entire earth in less than an hour. Why can we not do it down here? Because we are limited - we have a factor that limits us, known as the other body. The body of the desire to receive for the self alone. There is no balance anymore. We are in that period that Rabbi Shimon said: "Oy v'Ashrei". And if we do not avail ourselves, of the tools that he had given, meaning, one was the Zohar. And the second one, the reading of the Torah, listening to the reading of the Torah on Shabbat. There is no chance, no chance whatsoever, that we can be part of that Ashrei or part of that idea of survivors. It is no longer that period where, well there will be a lull, no more lulls. No more lulls. And what is going on now, is only the tip of the iceberg, and Satan is getting stronger. His illusionary tactics, providing us with an illusionary eye, to see things not as they really are, and we do not see things as they really are, will only bring further chaos, with one difference. Where things used to take thirty years, fifty years, or a generation, or two generations, from cause to an effect. From some negative activity, where the result of the effect, may come much later, because then we cannot associate our negative activity to the resulting chaos that came about as an effect of our negative activity. Now, it is going to be so closer related we will all see it. We will all see it. It will be that quick. So, if someone is involved in negative activity, intolerance, whatever it may be, or thinking of the desire to receive for the self alone, he has no chance to survive, no chance. The appearance of cancer in all of its forms, is now an epidemic. According to the medical society - an epidemic. As well as other illnesses. Another: financials, disasters, that are going to occur rapidly even within the next six months. Unless we can change it. We do have the power to change it. Tammuz is a good month to start. Not only is it a good month to think of the universe, but to think of our own well being. This is the month. This is the month that that epidemic, which is uncontrollable, it is uncontrollable, if left to run rampant, cancer is uncontrollable, I wont speak about, even AIDS, which is a maggephah, which is a plague. But this has to do with intolerance. Cancer has to do with intolerance. It will run so rampant that no matter what we try to do other than the Zohar and the reading of the Torah in a valid Torah, and the responsibility of tolerance, restriction with that, we can change it overnight. I say overnight, because everything is going to be overnight. No longer years of recovery. No longer years of depression. No longer years of anything. Everything is instant. We are, unfortunately, or fortunately, now in the time of din, as today, this month, is the time of din. And let us hope that we shall recover, and change the whole pattern of the world. And it does not require all peoples in the world. How many, I do not know, but we can make a change. And b'ezrat Hashem we will. Amen.

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