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Ted Brekken

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My name is Ted Brekken. I'm a professor of electrical engineering at Oregon State University. There's a limited amount of this variable generation, such as a wind farm, that we can integrate into the grid. Like, you can imagine if we had a grid that was 100% wind farms, so all the power came from wind farms, that would be impractical because you'd have periods of time when the wind isn't blowing, for example. Or what if the wind is blowing hard, but it's the middle of the night and no one is going to use the power. And as people put more and more wind farms in, and the predictions are that tremendous amount of new wind is to go into the next five to ten years. And so there will continue to be a tremendous amount of this variable energy form that's put on to the grid. And as that starts to approach very high percentages of penetration, that variable characteristic starts to become pretty significant now. And so we need someway being able to control that variability if we're going to be able to make up a large percentage of the grid with a variable source like wind energy. Wind energy is non- what we call non-dispatchable. That is that you can't control when it's producing power or when it isn't. When the wind is blowing or when the wind isn't blowing. And so what we're investigating is the use of large-scale energy storage. You can think of a battery system, but at a very large level. So tremendous amount of storage capability that is coupled with that wind farm, such that you sort of buffer the peaks and valleys in the wind farm production. And thus make wind energy more predictable and more forecastable.

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Posted by: umarket on Nov 23, 2009

Discussed OSU research in sustainable energy

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