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Adding categories and tags to a WordPress post

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Categories and tags make it easier for people to... find your content. If you aren't sure what they are... check out our WordPress Elements video all about them. In short... categories are like the sections of a menu, or indeed, newspaper while tags are more like the ingredients of a particular dish Let's say I write a lot about cameras I might create a cameras category, or even make categories for... types of camera: video cameras, SLR cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, for instance When I'm writing a post, I head to the Categories pane and select the categories I've set up to apply to that post If I don't have any, or they don't quite fit, I can click here on... "Add New Category" and tap out a new one If your category is more like a sub-category... say, I'm making it a particular type of camera... I can assign a Parent Category for it So here I've added "Point-and-shoot" under my Cameras parent category Now I click "Add" and that's good to go Tags are a bit more precise, and specific to a particular post I can add as many as I like, and the main idea is... to create key words that describe what's in the post After each tag, I leave a comma. I can also... choose from my most commonly used tags if I want... to keep things consistent. Here I'm writing about a rangefinder camera... made by Leica, so I add the tags "rangefinder", "leica", "m-series" and so on. Now, when my readers come to my blog... they can see a list of categories to click through to, grouping all posts... together. And they can also use a tag-cloud... or the tags featured in my posts "meta-data" to find other, similar content by tag Tags also make it easy for other users to... find my posts via the tag surfer, or even..., so they can be a great way of helping people to find... what you've written That's tags and categories

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Categories and tags help to organize the content of your blog. In this video we look at the difference between them and how to use them in your blogging

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