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MyKabbalah Lesson 2 mission 2 Engsmall

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The Process of Tikkun Hi! Welcome back. How do we begin to identify our Tikkun? Our correction? How do we begin overcoming our blockages? The first step, is that we want to learn how to observe our life as a movie. We want to learn to watch ourselves, as the character in a story. Other people, other situations, are all part of that plot, to help us identify what we came here to change. Or to help us highlight the gifts that are so committed to sharing in this life. Yes, the Light produces perfect movies, for us to see to begin to see the connection between our Tikkun and the situations around us. So for example, if we have to learn how to speak up, we might end up working with very bossy colleagues or if we, for example, have to overcome our shyness or fear of abandonment we might end up with a person who is not that committed. Or if we in work have to learn how to let go of control a little bit, so many situations will validate why we cannot delegate that task. Now, it's not always easy, to change the focus of our lens from being so caught up in what is happening in our lives, to observe and start to create a connection between what is happening and what is the change that we need to do. So, don't worry because life will keep on bringing repetitive situations. And we want to become aware of that. We want to learn how to observe and how to spot the fact that situations, dynamics in relationships, challenges, will keep occurring, and they will all be of the same nature no matter if we change jobs, if we change cities, countries! Our life is perfectly designed for situations to keep repeating, like a snooze alarm, until we begin to identify. So, in this mission, don't worry about not having the answers yet. This is your task, one, with excitement begin to observe your life, and and to start to take notice, if you need to write down on a notepad, repetitive situations, repetitive challenges, start to begin to be sensitive, to repeating dynamics, number 1. And number 2, begin to ask the right questions. It's all about the right questions. Start asking, why is it in my movie? Why do I seem to keep attracting those same types of people? Those same types of challenges? But ask this question, why, from a place that you understand, that I need every single situation, for me to eventually connect to fulfilment, by understanding the Tikkun in that situation. So I want to learn how to ask, why is it in my movie? So again, for this mission, One, begin to observe. Write down repetitive scenarios. And two, practice to ask "why." Why is it in my movie? In the next mission, we will begin building a formula that will help us dig deeper into understanding our correction. See you there.

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