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Girl effect - Youthink!

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My name is Manju Subedi I am from Nepal I received mobile repair training... ...through this woman's employment initiative. I was still in training when I came here When I get back to Nepal I want to finish my training and start my own business I am going to open a mobile repair center. I learnt a lot from many different people here and want to take everything I have learnt and apply it in my daily life. I want to help others like myself who didn't have the chance of an education through training so they can be independent. My name is Kebbeh Kamara I'm from Liberia I'm 19 years old. In the 11th grade I learnt about this... ...the AGI (Adolescent Girl Initiative) when I was sitting in my house I saw a couple of people announcing that there will be a program. The business skills I learned how to manage money, how to start a business, from a small business to a big business, how to save money, how to talk to customers... In the life school, I learnt how to pay needs according to the job. I will use those skills to train other women. After training them, then we can start our little business. to empower other women also. My dream in life is to always build new business and to extend the business on the highest level. I am Nour from Amman, Jordan. This program includes training on communication and leadership skills. We benefitied a lot from the program and we are trying to apply it here and once we go home. When I go back to Jordan, I would like to start a small group to address a problem that me and other girls suffered. The group will include my trainer and a group of girls and we will try to convince fathers and girls about the importance of education and end the issue of early marriage. Hello, my name is Sapida. I'm from Afghanistan. I'm 21 years old. I'm studying in 12th grade and right now I'm also, beside going to school, I go to get training. We have learnt a lot of skills: how to be a leader, how to perform when you have a lot of audience, how to stand before them and how to speak, how to be a good leader. For the training we get here, we had to plan, how to have a planning and how to put it in action. So we planned that women who are having a lot of problems in our community, that women in our country who have a lot of problems like they don't have access to loans, they don't have a good economic situation and they are suffering a lot. So what we are doing is providing some loans for them and then they can use that loan and they can establish their own businesses. Also, beside the loans, we are providing some workshops and training that will enhance their skills. And also we are providing markets where they can sell their products. My family has a business of traditional clothes. They give them to some women they are sewing it and we sell it.

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Posted by: youthink on Oct 9, 2010

Interviews of adolescent girls from developing countries participating to the Girl Effect program.

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