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Policeman for a day

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♪♫♪♫♪ It's a quiet day in Toyland and Mr. Plod is going about his duties Hello Mr. Plod! Why all the hustle and bustle? Is there a crime in progress? No, Noddy. Everything's under control. Just finishing up my police work for the day. Putting up "WANTED" posters to catch dangerous criminals? Mmm no, they're just public service posters Noddy and I must put them up before I can go to the Skittle's house for tea. What do the posters say? It reminds people to keep your neighbourhood tidy and safe I designed it myself I think it's important to take pride in your surroundings. Oh, I agree. I like Toytown because it's so clean and safe. Well, mustn't chat. I'm official police business, you know. Mmm... Wait Mr. Plod, I have an idea let me finish putting up the posters. I can get around town faster in my taxi then you'll be able to go to tea Mmm..that's not a bad idea Then, can I do it? All right Noddy, but you'll have to put up all these posters properly after all this is official police business Cross my heart and everything else I tripple dipple promise to do my police duties faithfully. Very well, carry on Noddy and thank you. I'll check your work tomorrow morning. Yes Sir! Can I wear your hat Mr. Plod? What?! Wear my official hat?! IMPOSSIBLE! What make you think you are qualified to wear a policeman official uniform? Coz I'm doing policeman's duties Noddy, there's a big difference between helping a policeman and being a policeman But being a policeman seems so exciting they always look so grand and important in their uniforms Yeees it's a great honour to wear the blue but it's for policemen only, not little boys Couldn't I wear a badge or something? mmm Oh well, what's the harm? It's only for a short time There you go young Noddy! a shiny policeman's badge and whistle All right, and my whistle now be a good boy and carry out your duties Goodbye Noddy! Officer Noddy you'll mean See! hear Noddy! Now, just because I let you wear my badge and carry my whistle does not mean you are a policeman! Now, remember Noddy, when you wear this badge you must act as an example for people and show them how to behave Now scoot ♪♫ I'm very very busy as everyone can tell coz any job we're doing is a job we're doing well coz any job we're doing is a job we're doing well ♫♪ ha! Dinah Doll ooh! She's littering "whistle sound" STOP IN THE NAME OF THE LAW! Oh! what's wrong Noddy? As temporary junior deputy assistant in charge of citizens' safety and tidiness (breathe) I hereby accuse YOU of littering Littering? No, Noddy that's not what I was doing Did you leave that trash back on the ground or not? Well, yes but I was g... Well, that's littering! and this poster means keep your neighbourhood tidy and safe and trash isn't tidy I must give YOU a ticket for littering A ticket?! Noddy, only police officers can give out tickets besides... Well, I work for the police department now so, Dinah Doll must report to Mr. Plod for the crime of littering here! Just let me explain Noddy Official business awaits must keep the streets tidy and safe and I'll take this for evidence mmm Out of my way citiziens I'm on official business I wonder what Martha Monky is doing in Mr. Wobbly Man's house? Oh! (whistle sounds) STOP! What is it Noddy? Is someone running away? I'm talking to you Martha Monkey You know better that you were taking something that doesn't belong to you Everyone knows that Well, Mr. Wobbly would not be pleased to find out that you were taking his milk bottle Missing you! I wasn't... I'll ask you to show a little more respect for this badge, thank YOU! Why are you suddenly acting like you are a police man? Because I AM one! almost... What?! See? It's my job to keep the neighbourhood tidy and safe and stopping thieves is how I make things safe But! I'm no thief I was just... "Whistle sounds" No ticker you shoudn't argue with the law Now you show this ticket to Mr. Plod and he'll know what punishment to give you If you think I'm gonna let a little boy to give me a... And I'll take that as evidence Shouts! Mr. Plod will be proud of my police work today Noddy! I need a word with you! Wait until you hear about my day Mr. Plod I heard about your day Noddy and I want my badge and whistle back immediately What's wrong Mr. Plod? Your face doesn't look happy I'm not happy Noddy YOU didn't do your job today! But I DID, I DID, I DID! That is enough "I Dids" Noddy My job was to protect Toytown from litterbugs and thieves Nooo, your job was to put up posters and that's all! But you told me to show people how to behave Yes! by behaving well yourself not by giving out tickets But look! I caught Dinah Doll littering No, she wasn't She was taking that bag of trash to throw out and along the way she stopped to pick up somebody else's trash Ah Then what about Martha Monkey steal Mr. Wabbly Man's milk Martha was doing him a favour she's taking care of his house while he's gone she took the milk of his port so it wouldn't spoil in the sun Oh! why didn't she say so? Because YOU didn't give I'm a terrible temporary junior deputy assistant of... you know... plus I made my friends feel bad Oh! Cheer up Noddy! You meant well and you did get all the posters put up like I asked I tell you what. I have one last job for you before you're done being a policeman Really?! Oh no, here comes our officer Noddy again he probable went to give us another ticket for breathing in public Be calm, Martha let's see what he has to say Hello Dinah! Hello Martha! I have something for you I knew it, another ticket I'm gonna rip this one out too!! No no wait it's from Mr. Plod, read it My goodness! This is a "Good Citizen" ticket "Thank you for keeping our town tidy" "And thank you for being helpful by taking care of our friend's house" I LIKE this kind of ticket I'm sorry for not listening to you both earlier I put up the posters but you two did what the posters said you made the town tidy and safe Well, that's the kind of police work I like to see Noddy No, thank you. I'm through being a policeman But you delivered these tickets so nicely you're a great temporary junior ...whatever it was Yes! I think Mr. Plod found a very good helper after all. "Everybody laughs"

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Noddy Cartoons Series in English. Good for ESL activities.

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