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The LPGA or Ladies Pro Golf Association has been attracting golf fans and players from all over the globe for their tournaments for nearly seventy years. As one of the longest running women's professional sports association in the world, it's no surprise that they have seen record setting attendance rates year after year. This year NEC was given the opportunity to work with the LPGA ANA Inspiration in Rancho Mirage, California And for the last 1018 years NEC has set the standard for technological development and implementation. Having already achieved great success for biometric security solutions in law enforcement, stadiums, theme parks, and airports around the world, NEC is proud to bring its industry leading facial recognition technology, media face software suite to the LPGA With ever increasing media coverage large sporting events, credential management has become a key factor in the overall menu infrastructure. NEC's Neoface is greatly increasing user experience all while providing an expanded level of safety and security. Let's say you're a member of the media team. You've already been issued your credentials and you're ready to enter the venue. With Neoface you simply walk into camera view, and NEC's facial recognition software matches pre enrolled customers faces in the data base for a quicker, more secure entry. NEC has performed as the highest ranked provider of this technology. The technology brings convenience, speed and accuracy all in one package. With Neoface and the power behind NEC's biometric facial recognition, you can feel at ease that you have provided a world class level of security to your customer. Neoface Watch can compare faces in the crowd to a predefined watchlist of known security threats and will generate alerts to onsite security if an unauthorized individual attempts to enter. We want to continue our inovation and we want to be able to bring those benefits to our communities, our neighborhoods. And NEC has been able to overcome this challenges and has successful implementations. Currently rancked number one in testing by the National Institute of Standards in technology, is just one of many ways that NEC demostrated their dedication to safety, security, and improving the customers experience. Like the amazing female athletes playing at the LPGA at the ANA Inspiration Tournament NEC strives for excellence.

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ANA_Inspiration_MasterSequenceFINAL092017 NO SUBS

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