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Pheromones to Catch

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So glue boards that are placed on the ground will catch almost anything that's running around, great method to be able to help us see what kind of pest is there. On the other hand, sometimes we need to be able to lure them in. A good example of that is stored product pest like some of the moths and the beetles that we find there. And so a lot of times then we will use a trap, a little bit like this diamond trap that we can put out. Now the point is, yes, if something's flying around, it will get caught on the glue, but we need to help attract things to it. The same thing could be on some type of fly light attracting a certain fly. Each species of animal has a specific communication method. And usually, those words or those pheromones which is the term that we use, is what attracts them in. And so if I'm looking for Indianmeal moth, there is one pheromone for that or flower beetles or rice weevils, they all have very specific pheromones that are going to be used to attract them in. So you might have to put multiple pheromones or be aware that sometimes they are packaged with many several pheromones inside one plug. But remember, we have to know which insect we're dealing with so that we know what pheromone to actually put on the type of device. If it's a flying insect, this can work just well. If it's a crawling insect, we may need to use another type of trap to be able to catch it. Now I'm using the term pheromone, and there's some new technology that's been out for about five years particularly for Indianmeal moth. When we overwhelm them with the pheromone, it's not an attractant anymore, it actually is a disrupter to mating and then we have a product called a mating disruption program which if you overwhelm them with a lot of pheromone, the males just don't mate anymore. So we've been able to use pheromones early on as monitors, now in the last few years, actually, as control mechanisms. Cigarette beetles, also there is a mating disruption pheromone that's now released as well, so we've got not only an Indianmeal moth but also cigarette beetles to help us control rather than to help monitor. But remember identifying the pests, selecting the best piece of equipment, and attractant will be essential to be successful in good pest control of the insects that we're dealing with.

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Pheromones to Catch

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