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Lag bOmer Connecting to the Tree of Life Reality

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Rav Berg When a Tzadik leaves this physical world, it does not mean his soul has left the world. The soul has not limitation, no limitation whatsoever. It transcends all of the limitations, that the physical reality has. For all of us we have two realities There is the one reality the physical world, of which we are told represents, maybe 1% of reality. I'm just 1%. It can't be overthrown in a matter of seconds, but it is so strong. And we gone to a point where we have forgotten there is a real reality known as Tree of Life reality. And in fact if we look at the Torah when it speaks of the Tree of Life it says clearly that the Tree of Life is an endless and supernal book of Kabbalah. With the help of Lag b'Omer where Rabbi Shimon's renewal of positivity becoming the rule of the game, and not negativity. Let's figure out how we can live together and save all that energy and time to help us in our mission of bringing the world together as one unified whole. And so, when we see the Zohar, will bring us to a place where we will all be content, all of us. So the instrument, the physical instrument, is the Zohar. The Zohar Project is a project that we have accepted as an instrument to explain to people no matter what field they are in; if he is an scientist, if he is a peddler in the street, there is something in that Zohar for everyone. Irrespective of where they come from or what they are doing right now. And for it to be revealed so that everyone can understand it, it requires a day like Lag b'Omer. Lag b'Omer is such fascinating holiday. It can't be fascinating unless you live there for a while. And I have lived there for a while. I would never miss Lag b'Omer.

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