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Create a Linux Virtual Machine

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[Microsoft Azure] [male speaker] Hi, I'm Scott Hanselman, and I'm creating virtual machines in Microsoft Azure using my free trial. I'll click new, virtual machine; I can do a quick create. I'll pick an Ubuntu Server. Let's go ahead and create a new Ubuntu Server. We'll give ourselves two cores, thisismylinuxvm, give myself a password. You can see that my username is going to be azureuser, and I'll put that in the West U.S. because that's where I am at. Now this is provisioning this Linux VM. I've also got a Windows VM that's stopped right here. Both are running under my free trial in the West U.S. This Linux VM is going to start up, and I can move around and do other things within Azure. I don't have to wait inside my browser. My Linux virtual machine is up now. I can click on it, learn about virtual machines, add disks. I'm going to click on endpoints and note that the SSH endpoint has been mapped private port 22, is available publicly as port 22. So I'll switch over to a DOS prompt, and I'm going to be using Bitvise's SSH, but you can use any SSH client that you like. And I'll say sshazureuser Accept that key. And I'm SSHed into my Linux virtual machine. Hit top. You can see I've got my 3.5 gigs of RAM and my CPU isn't doing anything. I've got full control of this virtual machine, so if I wanted to do something like get htop, I can do that; it's fast and easy. And now I'm running htop on my Azure virtual machine over SSH. Creating VMs in Azure is easy, whether they are Linux VMs or Windows VMs. And you can explore all of those within the Azure portal. Have fun. [Microsoft Azure]

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