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So we rented cars But cops pulled us over And now there's some serious shit going on over there Denis is with the cops Three cars Vanya is coming We were "Seized" a little for speeding Max speed here is 70mph And we were going over 100 So you're saying they won't fine us? Why, because it's like the first warning? Maybe, I think they can fine us I think so, but they are judging the situation Look who's driving, their reaction And then they judge and decide what to do Maybe that everything is ok, here comes the cop Our bro is right behind us Is that a Carrera? Yeah It's pretty We can't chase him because cops told us to behave Can't see shit© This is being shot in extreme conditions The ride was super long To get to this place Vanya is looking into the ocean "We must stick together, the ocean has no mercy" This was said by the most popular ocean dweller Where the fuck are we going Let's walk on water Vanya can you walk on water? A 300 mile ride to get here guys Sometimes there are wild spooky animals here Dude the waves are here You can sleep here Yeah and wake up without your stuff Ugin, the most important thing is to wake up VANYA, too bad I don't see him Okay let's record some of this There are serious waves in here It was a fun trip Got stopped by cops We came to the wrong place at first Then we turned around It was a bad idea to go here with my phone Holy shit it's warm as fuck Guuuys We have a game vs fnatic on friday Okay guys this was Zeus, I hope to see you soon Don't swim too far Last footage Great car all arond We thought what to rent for awhile We had a choice to get an R8 But it was 900 bucks a day So we thought we'd take this yellow Porsche We loved it and took it It's 300 dollars a day Plus insurance $90 Ladislav and Ugin got themselves this Camaro Convertible This Porsche is almost perfect but a big downside is that it isn't a convertible Sometimes we miss this feature But everything else is great Camaro Very cool, the guys are happy with it Here's how the interior looks Although ugin says that the steering Like all American cars It's rough when you're going fast Definitely worse than German cars But you need to feel that kind of stuff The price was... I don't remember 100% I think 120 a day plus insurance or something like that And seized with Starix got themselves the best one Also 300 a day Without insurance Corvette This car is dope Only the sound when it starts is worth so much You can feel the power Dope car, I didn't ride it yet but I'll test it tomorrow Here's how it looks The space is.. Enough for 2 I want Starix to start it up to hear the engine You can feel starix with the power Thanks Serega! I'll start up our Porsche tomorrow I'm the only one in the car Edward is in the Camaro Road work You just give it a little push and it goes Kind of want to push it all the time To punish it, no mercy No mercy We're in the hotel Sir, how dod you like the Camaro Are you going to kill someone? With this yoga carpet? We booked this fucking room It's insanely priced For a couple of hours We gotta use everything in here before we leave You'll get the best oatmeal sir Take your coffee sir Vanya turned off the lights and I don't see shit When will your eyes open, sir I don't think it will be soon, sir Vanya got up there Can't find my sunglasses This is a bay of some sort We're driving to an island Closer to the ocean And then we'll chill Why the fuck are you taking pictures What's up bro We need to fuel up I'm shooting from the second phone So the quality is a bit worse Oh and the sound is fucked up here When you sync your playlist from VK We rolled up bitches

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Jul 26, 2016

Со звуком есть проблемы 樂 ну записывал как мог ...

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