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Pierre Vallee - Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada - French (Global Lives Project, 2013) -07:00:00 - 07:29:59

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Okay. Try to get dressed quickly, everything is waiting for you. Ah, I'm trying Mom. Ok, continue on, next, "You will go..." You will go much faster and you can... you can.. you can move... You will go much faster and you can move much...much easier with your arms. The... The... ...paraboard... The paraboard uh... Will take... Will take much less effort than with the longboard alone. No... ...much less effort, the winged sleeves... The winged sleeves are resistant and you can keep them on even if you wear skates. So this is a unique chance to invest, you will not... Could you turn that off? But no Mom! Go! Louder...loud and articulate. Hello, my name is Joaquin Vallée, but everyone calls me the scatterbrained. I am here to present to you.... I would like for you to invest a million dollars... No, no, no, I am... Give me the sheet. I am here to present to you a unique invention. A unique invention that will revolutionize the use of the longboard. Um...I would like for you to invest one million dollars in my company for one percentage of ownership. First look at your sheet and then look at your audience. With my invention, I promise a billion dollars within five years. That's good... Here is the paraboard that will allow you to ... There you're saying just the first word... The paraboard will let you... That will let you....go unrivaled speeds with your longboard. You just put it on. I want, I want this longboard very very much.. Before starting? Yeah. During the presentation, only it will help to put this thing on me. You must simply demonstrate the paraboard like this and like that, because otherwise it'll be too long to present. Ah yeah, that's it. But Dad tomorrow they'll have a good thought to look forward to. Ok, we'll arrange it tomorrow. So that you will have fun and that you will go faster and move around easily with your arms. You steer, you steer more easily with your arms. The sleeve wings are resistant so that you can keep up even if you start skating. Ok. Continue please. So it's a unique opportunity. An investment that you will not regret. Eat here, is it him Jo? He can, we can get up in the morning. I'm sleeping. I slept two hours. Actually Claude, do you want a sandwich or a hot cantine? A boullette hamburger with, with noodles. With noodles? Ok. Dad! You're doing it today? We're going to start ____. It's actually today or it's for the ___ it's the ___ pork? Jo, calm down okay? You already played enough? Well yeah, I played. You're playing? But we should put it on one other computer. Minimum. We'll start with _____ _____. Ah, yeah, yeah. Jo, ___ the dragons. Ah, I already played. Ah, I played two times. I folded your sleeves, ??? easily ???. Let's see! Didn't you finish your corrections yesterday? Yeah. Really, give me your homework? I did it Mom. I don't think so... What is this then? I have likes on Facebook and I know it's terrible. Ah yes, yes, this will start. But of course, you'll see. ___ you bought it ____. Ok, so we'll practice your speech? But with ... Dad, this morning _____. Yes... Yes. Oh maaan... we don't have stamps there. Ah you're still gifted! Ah, there's still another one. ...the mail and then Frederic had the rent and a letter to write. No! The mail goes in the envelope. Here. What's written here? Good luck! Let's go to page 81 to start.... Zach, it's this your sweatshirt? It's Jo's. It's yours or it's Jo's. It's mine... It's Jo's...but it was Zach's but he didn't like it so Jo wears it. Patrick, I'm waiting. Ah yes... There was ____ and then _____ _____. Yes. It's been awhile, Mom... No, it was yesterday... No... Monday... No, it's not bad if I don't do my corrections. No! You didn't do them! What was the homework? What is he talking about here? Ah this, these are your corrections? Yes. What are you thinking? Do you think this is a joke? Here you have an 's' What are you doing? I'm writing a note to the cleaning lady to say that Zachary's ____ is in the ______. What! It's not finished! Hey, hurry up! Hey. Joaquin, I would like to try. Wait!! It's my turn. It's my turn. Don't make that a habit please. E A A I.... No, you haven't finished! What do you have to do to finish? I don't know...69... B-A-O-U-S-S-E B A O U S S E Ok, I finished! Well here, not grignottes... It's O T E. O T ... E N T. Well, now I'm done! No, no! No, it's this that you did? Yes. Here vieille... V I E I L L E 'Vieux' becomes 'vieille'. No, no! Because here it's 'veuille'. The 'i' goes there in the middle. So make your 'i'. V I E I L L E.... I'm done! No! Are your teeth brushed? Mmhmm. Yes. Ah the cicadas will sing a lot tomorrow, others have gone, that's that. Ah, it's gone? Well, it's someone's cicada? If it's nice outside, I wouldn't like it. But yes. But no. But yes. The cicada sings until it's nice and warm outside, if not, they die. There yes, but ... I don't have 60 dollars... you bought the ___ and the ____. Yes. Well the pads are 25. Joaquin, did you brush your teeth? Yes. Well, actually, no... Ah yes. Zachary, get dressed ok? I'm done! It's me who decides this, you're going out ____. I'm going to play! It's over, we're leaving for school. But who put my paper in my bag? You don't have your hat either...

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Language: French (Canada)
Producer: Karen Vanderborght
Views: 124
Posted by: globallives on Sep 30, 2013

Pierre helps to make breakfast and get his three sons ready for school. He then writes a note to a school teacher and cuts his youngest son's nails.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Pierre Vallée, who works as a commercial ship pilot on the St. Lawrence River in Canada. This forms part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

This video was produced by Karen Vanderborght, Catherine Genest, Rébecca Lavoie, Ariane Lorrain, Marianne Ploska, Patrick Pearce and Yanie Dupont-Hébert. 

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