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The city of Irving is really uniquely situated in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. It's very diverse city both economically and culturally In the Crime Information Center, what we try to do is get information out to those officers on the street to help them do their jobs safer and more efficiently What the Crime Center does is that it allows police officers and civilian analyst to sit in a room together, to listen to the police radio, provide our police officers on the street real time intelligence as though responding to calls for service Law Enforcement traditionally has been slow to implement technology With the advent of cell phones and more people installing surveillance cameras, so we were seeing more and more cases where all we had was surveillance video but had little else to go on. The technology that Neoface allows us to have puts that over the top, It's truly a layer that we've never experienced before. When our investigators get a case and they have surveillance footage from the offense we're able to take that surveillance footage, feed it into our Neoface program, and quickly identify suspects. We've had instances where they have had subjects that they could not identify, and they were confident and were lying to them about their identity They were able to take a photo in the field and send it to us and within minutes we were able to identity the suspect for them. To me, the most powerful thing of the software is the blurry, off center, odd angle surveillance video that we get. You're thinking there's no way, and then it gets uploaded and sure enough you get a match. This particular product is racially, sexually, ethnically agnostic. You don't have to enter any biographical data whenever you submit a probe image. So, when it gives you a return it doesn't care what race or what sex the person is. It's gonna give you everybody that has a similar face to the person you're trying to identify. After the training day we all hit the ground running using the software, using the NEC Face Reveal Software. It's very simple and user firendly This technology allows us to truly provide police service, without necessarily providing police officers out there on the street. From a physical standpoint it makes us more effective and efficient at delivering the same type of service without the same ongoing cost of personnel required. The algorithm, i have complete confidence in. We've done enough testing, we've used it in real life scenarios that we know that it works. I'm a true believer that the NEC algorithm in the backend on how this makes matches is extremely accurate. So our partnership with NEC and value that they have given to the Irving Police Department can't be overstated. The corporation, the people are wonderful to work with and i'm glad that you all are our community partner.

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