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If you're trying to identify a key image, an iconic image, you've always had an iconic image on your album covers. So that's what we're really focussed on - what's it going to be this time? And then from that we've shown you what it might look like on see-through package. What it might look like in a couple of other situations, and just started to play around with it a bit, just to show the potential of the image, - not to show exactly what the design is. - It's a work in progress. Yeah, absolutely. So they need to be taken that way. Hopefully, you just see it and you can almost say the title without seeing the words, which is interesting. So this is the first image. And the thing about that... Magnetism has this tremendous pattern that it creates. I don't know if any of you guys remember your physics, but a magnet actually creates this energy field, so if you throw a bunch of iron filling round a magnet it does this. And if you view it with the right equipment it does this. What we loved about this is... Obviously, death, there's a coffin, but there's this energy coming off it, this amazing energy. So something is going on with death that's creating this energy. And it's actually in this pattern. He likes it! And this is just thinking about some fun stuff, so we were thinking of the promotional campaign. I don't know if you've been in supermarkets and seen on the floor they have these tacky stickers telling you "Come over here for discounts" or something. We thought it would be so cool to do a fly-posting campaign... - Don't step in the grave. - Yeah, exactly. - Your name here. - Wouldn't that just be... That is great. That's kind of like the... ...white elephant in the room, the unspoken thing. - Everyone's thinking about it, but doesn't want to... - We could do one like this, with a bunch of guys around a table having lunch and in the middle is a fucking grave... - Like Led Zeppelin "Presence". - It's a little like that, yeah. - Absolutely. - Awesome. You imagine this pattern here... This is a real old-school graphic design trick, but it's really fun. This isn't the actual design, this is just to show you the effect. That when you open the package, you can get these force fields moving in the image. - Nice. - Which I think would be really... You'd just never stop playing with the thing. So that field around it, could actually have this energy. So, with that image under it, you'd have something over it, that would do this... - Yeah, exactly. So as you open the package that would happen automatically. - Around here? - Yeah, this whole area here. So on top of it you could have a see-through one that would have the outline of a logo. And then when you moved it... So you have a logo on top and then you move it and the image is there. How we combine those, there's lots of opportunity. We just think there's a great energy in this thing and it would just be really... There's definitely power to this image. Obviously having a logo on it is not an unreasonable request, - but having the name of the band is... - Please!

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Posted by: brynarth on Sep 5, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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