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Hello everyone! Well, I'm Sebastian from Rio de Janeiro from Brazil, where I met Edward. But more about me and Ed later. First of all I'd like to thank everyone who made this day possible especially their parents not only for putting on this wedding, but more importantly, for raising two fine people. I met Edward at the British School in Rio, when we were about 15 and it was good for me that another 'gringo' had joined our class. In fact, I was born in Brazil but I'm not exactly what most people expect when I say I'm Brazilian. Ed and I did a lot together. We went through all of our Duke Of Edinburgh expedition This envolves a memorable camping expedition. On beaches, in the mountains and in the jungle camping out in the wild is not like camping out in England. There are lots of unpleasant animals. For camping, miserable. On one occasion we set our tent on the only bit of ground we saw. It was at night time and it turned out to be a riverbed. We came back to the tent after a tropical rain and there was water coming over the tent so we had to move it. On another occasion we camped on a beautiful beach. It was not funny to be woken up by both ants and crabs trying to have us for breakfast. But there is something else I'd like to talk about. Now, some of you will know that Ed has always been a bit.. How should I say? Accident prone. His accidents have come in all sorts of shapes and size. In Brazil, Edward seemed to have something about him that attracted muggers and robbers.. In fact, anyone who thought he might have a bit extra to give for a charitable donation. He loves skiing and snowboarding but the last time he was snowboarding, along with Oivind and William in France Ed decided he wanted to practice his 'Hot Dogging' technique. This is basically acrobatics on your skiis. Unfortunately he had a tendency to land upside down on his head. I'm sure he's two or three inches shorter than when he left school. But he survived all of his adventures. We went our different ways when we came to England to study But we always kept in touch, meeting whenever possible In Bristol, Brighton, London, Newcastle.. and from time to time in Rio. Eventually, Ed found a career that allowed him to follow his passions travel, the environment, nature, looking at ways of protecting our future. And he found someone who shares those passions with him. Someone who shares his dreams. A soul mate. He found Sam. He has found someone who is not afraid to share the outdoor life go camping, travel the world, work hard and study hard someone to help build a future for them, and for all of our children. They say that “Marriage is not about finding a person you can live with it’s about finding the person you can`t live without”. My friend has clearly found that. So I want to wish Edward and Sam the best life possible full of love, honesty, enjoyment and some adventure, but not too much! And of course, lots of children. Last but not least, I would like to thank Ed on behalf of the bridesmaids And... Sooo... Sorry its a bit short, but yeah... So everyone please raise your glass!

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