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Forms: Fieldset and Legend

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RH: Andrew, this form has some checkboxes inside a fieldset how does Window Eyes handle this? AD: It will read as we go down ... [READER: "Heading 1, fieldsets, begin form"] AD: So it tells me where the form starts ... [READER: "Heading 2, participants. Name edit box name Areas of interest, checkbox unchecked writing, writing. Checkbox unchecked drawing, drawing. Checkbox unchecked painting, painting. Checkbox unchecked pottery, pottery. Areas of interest end fieldset"] AD: OK, so it tells me when that finishes ... [READER: "Companion, edit box companion end form"]. DISSOLVE TO 2 SHOT RH: OK, well let's fill it in. [READER: "Top, edit box name. Browse off, name Writing checkbox, unchecked"] AD: When I tab it took me straight to the first checkbox [READER: "Drawing checkbox Painting checkbox, pottery checkbox, checked"] AD: OK that checks it. [READER: "Companion, edit box"] AD: And that takes me down to companion. Roger's my companion. RH: Let's say this form had to apply to a number of participants, so we need to be able to separate Participant 1 from Participant 2, we would then need to put a fieldset around the Participants, which would mean nesting that other fieldset. Can we see what happens when we do that? FADE OUT [READER: "Fieldsets within form ... Participant name. Participant fieldset. Name. Edit box name. Areas of interest. Checkbox unchecked writing. Checkbox unchecked pottery. Areas of interest end fieldset. Companion edit box, participant end fieldset, end form"] RH: So for you that's quite clear we've got Participant 1, you put your name and then what you want and then participant 1 puts in a companion. AD: Yes. RH: Wonder what happens with Jaws? FADE OUT RH: We've got the same form with a nested fieldset, let's see what happens with Jaws? AD: It will be very similar, I suspect. [READER: "Heading level 1 fieldsets, blank, participant name colon, edit. Areas of interest writing checkbox not checked, drawing checkbox not checked, painting checkbox not checked pottery checkbox not checked. Companion colon, edit."] RH: So it's read it very similarly, let's try and enter into it now [READER: "Form, name colon edit. Forms mode on, participant, name colon edit, type-in-text"] AD: And now I tab. [READER: "Areas of interest writing checkbox not checked. Areas of interest drawing checkbox not -. Areas of interest painting checkbox not -. Areas of interest pottery checkbox not checked. Checked"] RH: Let's stop there. One of the slight difference is in this case its reading that legend 'areas of interest' with each of those labels, which is a little bit different. AD: That's very much the same from my point of view. RH: What happens when we go to 'companion'? [READER: "Companion colon edit, type in text"] [DISPLAY - entering companion name] RH: So it didn't associate either legend with the word companion? AD: Yes, I am not sure though that Jaws is actually calling the nested fieldset. [READER: "Forms mode off"] AD: See if we go up ... [READER: "Companion colon, pottery checkbox checked. Companion colon"] AD: So its not telling me there the fieldset has ended, which I was abit suprised about. RH: And that's another slight difference between them. AD: Yes, but that maybe a setting issue but it does raise the question that there are so many settings within both screen readers, but particularly in Jaws, and I suspect that a lot of users who don't understand HTML code won't know what most of them mean which raises another question. FADE OUT

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Duration: 3 minutes and 43 seconds
Country: Australia
Language: English
Producer: Roger Hudson, Andrew Downie and Russ Weakley
Director: Roger Hudson
Views: 2,051
Posted by: webusability on Sep 2, 2008

Andrew Downie demonstrates how Window Eyes and JAWS screen readers handle forms with fieldset, legend and nested fieldsets. For more information see the article "Accessible Forms Using WCAG 2.0" on the Web Usability site.

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