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Mr. Garrison Xmas song

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Ok children let's take our seats. Today we are going to learn how diferent cultures around the world celebrate the holiday season. Now pay atention I heard there is no xmas in the silly midle east No trees, no snow, no santa klause they have diferent religious believes. They believe in Mohammed and not in our holliday And so every december i go to the middle east and say... Hey there Mr. Muslim. Merry fucking christmas! Put down that book the Coran and here are some holiday wishes. In case you haven't noticed It's Jesus's birthday So get off your hedon muslim ass and fucking celebrate There is no holiday season in India i've heard. They don't hang up their stockings And that's just absurd They never read a xmas story. They don't know what Rudolph is about And that is why in december i go to India and shout Hey there Mr. Hindouist. Merry fucking christmas Dring eggnog and eat some beaf and pass it to the misses. In case you haven't noticed It's Jesus's birthday So get off your hedon Hindou ass and fucking celebrate Now i heard that in japan everyone just lives in sin They pray to several gods and put needles in their skin On december 25th all they do is eat a cake And that is why i go to Japan and walk around and say... Hey there Mr. Xintoist Merry fucking christmas God is going to kick your ass you infidelic pagan scum In case you haven't noticed There are better things to do So let's all rejoice for Jesus Merry fucking xmas to you On christmas day... I travel around the world and say... Down with krishnas, budists and all you atheists too Merry fucking christmas... to you!!! Thank you Mr. Hat

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Posted by: marco84z on Dec 24, 2010

A beautiful xmas song by Mr. Garrison

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