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Muhammad Yunus // The End of Poverty // Social Business // Grameen // Nobel Price

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Muhammad Yunus, Creating a Poverty-free world Muhammad Yunus created Grameen Bank, a bank teller for poor people in response to crushing poverty in his newly created country... of Bangladesh. "Poverty is not caused by the poor people. Poverty is caused by the system we've built. Poverty is caused by the policies that we pursue". Grameen Bank has made a significant contribution to reducing poverty in Bangladesh. Since Grameen's creation in the 1970s, life expentancy has raised in more than 20 years. The fertility rate has been cut in half It is estimated that each year, 200.000 Grameen members and their families... escape poverty. "The question is: We're doing enough? ten years from now, twenty years from now... fifty years from now!. We did something wrong and poverty is here. So, let's do something right, so the poverty dissapears! Dr. Yunus traces the growth of micro-finance into a world-wide movement. He shares his vision for using it, to meet the millenium development goals... and to create a poverty-free world. He describes what it will take from all of us... to anable micro-finance to reach its global potential. El Bonsai "To me, poor people are like a Bonsai. Like the Bonsai little tree. You pick the seed of the tallest tree in the forest, and then take the best seed out of it... and plant it in a flower pot. You're going to obtain a little tree! ...and call it a Bonsai! Nothing's wrong with the seed! You've got the best seed possible... Nothing's wrong with the tree because we've picked the tallest tree in the forest! But it actually grows this far. Why? because we've put it into a flower pot. The vase. Society is the vase. And society's so stingy... that it doesn't give the poor people space to grow. So I say: Change the vase! If you change the vase, anybody will be as tall as anybody else! My belief is: Poverty is not caused by the poor people. Poverty is caused by the system we've built. Poverty is caused by the policies that we pursue. So, these are my conclussions and I have to prove that this is true. So I've built Grameen Bank, as an institutional bank. But, a different kind of bank. You say: there are banks. Why do you create another one? well, I say: this kind of bank doesn't exist! That bank created poverty! This bank gets them out of poverty! We assume that some people will always remain poor. I'm always asked in Bangladesh: "You talk about having a poverty-free world! Are you crazy?" "Even the richest country in the world (United States) they have poor people there!" I say: - "Look, no matter how rich you get, into the present system you'll have poor people". So, I'm trying to change that system! In that system there will be no poor people... because people are as capable as anybody else!

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Prof. Muhammad Yunus ist Winner of the Nobel Price for Peace (2006). He created a System which can establish Poverty-Free World.

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