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Adyashanti - Time is Running Out

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global oneness project Time is Running Out Fear just doesn't win out. Period. As far as I'm concerned. Nobody can avoid the truth forever. If the human species doesn't survive... Adyashanti, San Jose, Spiritual Teacher ...well I would like it to survive, its nice, I like it as its going. But as far as I've seen in the history of the world, there's almost no species that survives forever, and if we don't do the job, if our consciousness doesn't evolve, life, our existence will just go, well that didn't work to well, you're out. And I don't mean that to sound as casually as I put it, because there will be a lot of blood and suffering and difficulty in that process. I don't mean it as casually as I sound it, but underneath I know that life takes care of itself. There's nothing in me that's afraid that somehow we'll all just go into this terrible abyss and nobody will ever make it out. But having said that, that's not just an excuse to go unconscious. Sense that's the way it will be, I won't do anything. I won't be involved. That's a spiritual kind of cop out. But when you come from that place, then we're not coming from a place of fear again. It keeps arising. I never find in this spirit that we are words like what we must do or that its telling us somehow we have to do this or we have to do that. To me I see it as being in the nature of spirit, within the nature of the sacred to do this, to lean this way. Its nature is to awaken, its nature is towards love, its nature is towards unity, or harmony. That's in its nature so that's what it does. It seems as though we keep getting to these points of crisis. Crisis is often the catalyst for change. I think humanity in general, we can all start to agree that we are coming to a point of crisis. We are coming into contact not just with our own personal mortality but our mortality as a species, that we as a species may not survive. That can provide, just like individual mortality, can lead to a change of consciousness that we realize time has run out. There is no more time. Sometimes consciousness can shift. As humanity I think we are rapidly approaching that same imperative. Time is running out. Quite naturally, there is tremendous pressure on humanity, we all feel it. There's tremendous pressure to evolve, to awaken. Intuitively, everyone knows that if there is not a dramatic shift in consciousness, then this opportunity will be missed.

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