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Annoying Orange: Poison Apple

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(Orange) Mirror Mirror on the wall do you want to hear my bird call? Ca-Ca Ca-Ca Hahahaha... Ugh! Leave me be! I am busy! Can't you see? Yeah, busy reflecting. hahahahah.. No! silly fruit. I am working for the queen, trying to find... A unicorn spleen? What??? A fish wearing jeans? -NO! -Ooh, I know A farting bean! SILENCE!!!!! What? I'm just trying to help. My rhymes don't need an assist. Besides, those things don't even exist. Tell that to those guys Don't exist, eh? This coming from a talking mirror. You tell him, Greg. (Fart sound) hahahhaha.. That guy's a real pain in the "gas". hahahhaa... Such frustration. You're not helping my situation. Oh! i know what's wrong. You don't have any phat beats to go with your rhymes. What? No. (beat boxing) STOP! Come on! You're not rhyming! No! Stop it ! hahhha.. Geez, someone's being real pain in the "glass". hahahaha... You just used that joke, pulp-for-brains. pbee, whatever McChubby. That's MC Chubby! Ahhhh! Listen! What the queen asked requires the greatest wisdom. I must find the most poisonous apple in the kingdom. Wait? Who's in the what now? I have to get a poisonous apple for Snow White to eat. I can't find one. Okay? Do you get it now? Oh. Well, why didn't you say so? There's one right there. What? Really??? Holy moley, is it hot in here? What? What is this? It's what you wanted. A moistened apple. Seriously guys! It's so hot. that squirrels are poring ice water on their nuts. What?? Is there a problem? We like cold acorns. I don't mean to be cruel BUT I SAID A POISON APPLE, YOU FOOL! Oh, I get it. Well, how about that one? Ugh. Don't get too close to me. I don't feel very good. (sneezes) This is most outrageous! That midget apple isn't poisonous. he's merely contagious! That's little... (sneezes) Gesund- midget. hahahhah... The time draws near! I will never find a poison apple, I fear! Steer clear of the deer that pokes you in the ear! hahahhaa... Please stop, before I brow my top! Ohh! wanna flop and shop for a mop at a truck stop? hahahaha... Would you be quiet? Please eat a balanced diet! hahaha... AHHHHHHH!!! Hey, guys! I don't mean to interrupt but seriously, could we turn on a fan or something? Quiet, you wet fruit! Since I have failed, I will certainly get the boot. Yeah, and besides, Snow is coming anyways. Really? That sounds wonderful. No, not snow. Snow. Wait. What? Snow White! - Oh, a delicious apple! (ahhhhh...) whoa! Oh! I don't feel so good. Wow! Looks like Snow White is a real flake. hahahaha... Oh my, I was wrong. That apple was poisonous all along! Ahahah... Well, he was an apple. hahah... The queen will be thrilled. Her wish has been fulfilled! Because Snow White has been chill! hahahah... UGH!! ♫Hippity, hoppity, waka- waka- woo!♫ Midget Apple! Ah- choo! Break it down! AHHHHHHH! -END-

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Duration: 3 minutes and 33 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: realannoyingorange
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Posted by: ngaling on Apr 17, 2012

Annoying Orange: Poison Apple

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