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C8L7 Precision Pick-Ups

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The pick up for some people are so easy for others its almost impossible. I think the biggest problem on the pickup is players flinch you know they jerk they over react. The key is to be slow and steady and try to keep your arm rounded and stay balanced at the 45 degree angle. You really don't obsess about the ball that much you watch the arch of the ball and you slowly stay measured up against that 45 degree angle. Think I just want to be stretching out to the 45 degree angle right as the ball is crossing my path. If you obsess about the ball sometimes you chase it. You see here with Warren he is lined up to the 45 degree angle once again that time he had no back swing he had to go straight to it. Watch his finish this is interesting thats his finish at the 45 look at this thats the end of the stroke. There is no stroke. Sometimes you have time to lift up a little and put a little top spin on it like right there because he see's it coming and judges it fine and sometimes you are rushed, don't be rushed. You go straight to the 45 and you don't panic and you just lay your head there and believe me good things happen when you do that. Here you see Warren panic right at the last second he pulls see how he flicks the racket head a little bit watch he will stick out his tongue because he missed that one badly. You don't want to pull remember want to keep your arm nice and taut and let your body perform the stroke its not much you are just going to sort of shovel your hips a little and watch the edge of your racket fly out to the 45 degree angle. You will know which pick up to hit top spin or flat because the more difficult the handsome the shot the slower you are going to have move. See here with Sam Stousser she just gives it a little bump to the 45 and she sort of holds it there so she moves extremely slowly and gets a nice little flat pick up. Now here Steve is off the court a little bit and you see here he just gets his racket to the 45. I mean his body is not in the perfect position but he hooks his arm around, when you get your racket to the 45 good things are going to happen see that he makes this shot. The key is getting there slowly so you can stay connected to your hips . Once again the more difficult the shot the slower you move see that . He just travels along that 45 degree line very slowly thats the best way to think about these pick ups. Move slowly and just reach out to the 45 feel that pull out to the 45 degree angle. Even though it may look very quick in the end Warren is out there thinking in terms of slow motion. He is keeping his body very steady.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 24, 2014

Pickups are easy if you understand how little you have to do.

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