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President's Report Oregon State University

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When we try to project what the university will be in the next ten, fifteen years we really need to be thinking about what is its prime directive in a sense I think that prime directive as a land grant university is to make a significant contribution in a positive way to people’s lives, that people feel they are benefiting by having the university here. So we have to think about, given the assets we have, given what we are good at, given what we think we could be world class in, what are some of the areas where we think we can make a difference in the future and we have settled on three areas. One is sustainable earth ecosystems. I think that relates directly to our work in oceanic atmospheric sciences, geosciences, waterways, forestry, really all of the natural resource areas. The second area is health and wellness and there we are in the process of preparing ourselves to try to get accreditation for our school of public health And we think in combination with our college of pharmacy and the work that they are doing, our college of veterinary medicine and our college of science we ought to be able to put together a critical mass of capabilities to deal with public health issues in the years ahead. And then the last area is really economic development and social progress. Again if we are to make a difference in peoples lives those are two dimensions in which people expect us to be able to step up. We have a really good college of engineering, strong programs in life sciences where we can work on technical innovations and so many aspects of economic activities, social services, and so fourth So we think we can make real contributions there. Obviously all of that is built on a solid foundation of arts and sciences. You know we are in a competitive global economy and every student who comes here is going to have to deal with a world that’s very different from the world that I graduated college into. Having a diverse, culturally, politically, socially and ethnically diverse culture here, I think benefits everybody. Everyone wins if we have a truly diverse community where people can engage others who are not like them. I honestly believe that helps everybody explore and maybe better realize their own potential. When I talk to donors, they care passionately about opportunities we’re trying to create for students. For example, one of the goals of the first university fundraising campaign, that we’re now in the middle of, was to raise $100,000,000 for scholarships. We’re there and we’re going to go well past that I think before this campaign is over. Donors really resonate with providing opportunities for students who often come from less than ordinary circumstances, who are capable of extraordinary things. So they resonate with creating access and opportunity for people who have the abilities to succeed. They feel good about them being able to come to a university that is competing on a world stage.

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President's Report

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