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Как стать профессиональным геймером Часть - 2

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BETTING RANT INCOMING CHOO CHOO Hello everyone, Zeus here And this is the second episode of "How to become a pro player" I'll talk about fans, modern fans and just people in general I will cover the topic on how to train your team(not dragon) And what should a pro player look after in his life That's what we';; discuss First, I want to talk to you about our relationship About the community, which feels kind of sad at the moment A lot of guys are our fans, they're always happy when we win When we lose we get shit on That we are bad and so on Of course that is related to betting I know, it's money, and gambling is an addiction But guys, all of this is just dirty If you only care about your inventory, just don't be our fans at all Just be successful bettors instead Look at things accordingly, no bias And your wallet will be safe So that's what I want to talk about In general, there are 16 top teams in the world Which splits up to two top 8 First top8, and second top8 The competition to be the best is unreal at the thop Everyone wants to win every match Right now the prize pools are rising There are rumors that next year we will have million dollar tournaments Nobody wants to be a loser Everyone wants to be the best So take in mind that one day that a team wins vs b team, and next week team a loses When you are a loser, you don't hang your hands down, you have a drive to win They download demos, fix their mistakes, we have coaches, psychologists even Stats, analytics, it's all real right now The loser want to improve, the winner does the opposite They get relaxed So the next time these two teams meet, the losers will be willing to win, but the winners won't take is as seriously And just a week later everything can change Trust me on this We're all humans, we can have issues All of this affects how we play We have priorities, we lost a showmatch against VP Guys it was just a showmatch We wanted to win, but we understood that we have a lot of work ahead of us The major is next week, then we have CEVO And that's what we are preparing for, that's where we want to really shine The showmatch was a test, yes we wanted to win We could've won it If we didn't lose stupid rounds we would've won it But let's not forget it's a showmatch and VP isn't a pub team They won ESL Dubai, they won vs Fnatic, TSM, etc VP are in-form Plus we just wanted to test some things BO5 showmatch is perfect for that We tried, we really wanted to win but we found out about out mistakes Today we won vs Dignitas, vs Vexed 2-0 We are working really hard and not planning to stop anytime soon. All of this dirt that salty bettors are writing to us Just says that all you want is money Of course, when you get money it's fun Accept your loss or get the fuck out Don't be those guys I know there are real fans out there That really follow us and cheer for us They know everything and even more about us Sometimes I meet people on street that say "Oh wow you guys are back!" They are worried when we lose, even when we win I feel like they are here with us Huge respect to those people I know you guys are out there rooting for us all these years It's hard to stay at the top with such competition We are working on it And with your help everything will be awesome And also those guys who say"Go play retard" When I post something on social media "Don't show us these photos, go play" and so on Guys, we're humans, we practice 8-10 hours every day If I post a photo of me hugging my cat, there is nothing wrong with it I'd go bat shit crazy if I played non-stop CS So guys, just ignore those photos and grow the fuck up already It's not like I really care Just try to act like adults It's pleasing to talk to 17-18 years old guys who have fresh ideas They a different approach to life and people in general I can tell already that those guys have future No matter what they will do Have a goal in your life, don't be trash That's just what I wanted to say Let's move on to real work How to train your teammates when you are a captain It is important to understand that if you are a captain You have four soldiers, and you need to prepare them Find them appropriate roles Pistol-masters, snipers In 2010 when I became a captain I did not have any experience on this role I had the old roster on my hands Markeloff was our sniper, and I understood that I should make the most out of him In 2010 he became the best AWPer in the world It is his award But I had to work hard to make him as effective as I can It is important to find the type of training you will do individually Make it so that player can rely on you A true captain should win the leadership status of his teammates So that they believe you and understand you To do this you guys should explain why the sniper should stay here Or why he should go there Or not go there, or not go at the same spot more than one time Explain him why he should our should not do that And why your idea is better than his beliefs So that you can make your sniper as efficient as he can be In CSGO snipers are crazy, and they are even more important here than in 1.6 Then you should make them watch demos, make them study the opponent They will absorb this information from those who mastered the skill So he can understand how the opponent plays and where he will go Always improve Also there are players who play very good after exchange They give lots of info Seized does that, he was a captain in his team, he understands what's going on In 2010 it was markeloff, starix and ceh9, since he like playing 2v2 He enjoyed outplaying opponents on the map Then there are guys who are insane They run and kill no matter what Flamie does this, tries to just bop the head If he can't do it he just does the exchange, dies, and leaves it to players like seized to outplay the opponents Remember, it is important to explain Although, make sure you really know what you are saying It is hard to listen to a 13 year old captain that can't properly say stuff Don't mind my weird impersonation of a 13 year old It's hard to understand a captain that can't understand himself But a skilled captain that watches demos, works upon himself It's easy to listen to him You understand that he knows shit A captain should also establish friendly communication with his teammates Don't snipe like me It's key so that the team will always talk and give information Have a goal to improve I will also touch this topic in the next episode The topic of psychology I will talk about meditation, getting ready for a tournament And explain all the stuff in detail Trust me, right now it's on the next level, we have a karate master, our sensei He helps us get ready, he knows a lot And he taught us how to properly meditate Let me know if you guys wanted, I can even try to do it It's a pretty interesting idea that makes you think differently About the game, your team Help you understand that you are moving forward to a big fight You can never look back Look at your team as your bros, your true friends Act as one, and there is nothing in your way It will be hard, but you don't care, you have a goal that you want to achieve All of this morale talk is important for a team that wants to be the very best We are still working on this and it helps us In hard times When you lose a lot, all of the negativity just rises up from the bottom You start asking personal questions Egoistic players don't think about the team They all look at each other So to get rid of all of this Get clean thoughts To get ready We do those trainings Last episode I told you about 1)Information 2)Grenades 3)Aim 4)Teamplay+Timing All of this applies to your team You're not just a captain, you're also kind of a coach Be punctual, discipline your team, a captain should be a role model to his teammates If a team wants to get on a new level, I'd advise to get a coach So he can do all of this work, while the captain focuses on the tactical side Create rounds, strategies and some cool tricks While the coach keeps track of how the players progress individually He gave out some work for each player that should be done To train your info You go on DM, kill people and give info killed *spot* here, on banana, killed another one It's okay to do this alone So a player gets used to telling information It's not always necessary when you shoot, but before and after it's pretty important Or have work on practicing aim "Play aim map, 2 DMs" etc. Practice smokes, blah blah blah There is a goal to throw from A, from long Here, there Molotov A coach will tell you what you lack and what you do wrong He also helps the captain in the strategic way A captain could do all of that But it will be easier with a coach To take your team to the next level you should do all of those steps Psychologic and in-game details All of this that I told you can also be applied to an individual player But it's better for a team In this episode we talked a little about everything "PROMOTIONAL INFO" See you guys in the next episode!

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Как стать профессиональным геймером Часть - 2

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