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Disney's Marsupilami - Working Class Mars

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Faster, Faster! Come one get with it! Take these letters, Fax these fax, Program this VCR learn these language. Rebuild this tranmission! Start Complaining! (WAILING) I can't take it, Anymore! Gee, That's the third person who quit this week. And it's only Monday Morning! (Door knocking sound) HOUBA! Fastin this deal, Maurice! A job. A place to work. A chance bound with the boss man. Act Normal! Who are You? I am Marsupilami And this of course is my college, Maurice. A word renowned PHD. That is short for "Pretty Huge Dope!" Lovely, Well I am Mr. Norman! Please to meet you! Nice tie! Thank You! NOW GET TO WORK!!!!! Now give me some coffee and make it nice an hot! I am guessing he is into caffeine! (Scatting) Some red hot chilli peppers. A little garlic. Perfect! A little onion! A pepper activity. Oopsies. A smige of mongolly fire oil. Maurice's Anti-Fungel Allergy Ointment cream! Some 30 wait. Don't forget the pesto. And Finally, A little kiss of hotness. (EXPLOSION) Whoops! Almost forgot the coffee! A regular HOUBA-MAROUHA! That's love! Well? All done, And it's nice and hot! Just like the way you like it, boss! It better be be. Nice tie. Thank you! (Speaking gibberish) (Smoke detector goes off) (Screaming) Hey, Bossman. How about a second cup? Think he consider this a floating holiday! Start filing! You gotta love him, Don't you Maurice! Perfecto Mondai! Quit making all that...Huh? How did you (drawer slams his face) Work work work work work work work Busy Busy Busy work work work work work work. (Scatting) (Gasp) Give me that!!! That key will crash our brand new computer and destroy years of valuable information! You mean this happy little key? No, Lamebrain! This is the key that destroys everything, See? Oh, Boy! Brilliant Demonstration, Boss. (Screaming) I think we are having a pretty good first day, Hey? UH-UH! I am afraid I have to let you go! (Evil laughing) (Telephone rings) I'll get it! Mr. Norman's office, Please hold! I'll see if he's in! It's for you! Hello! Bye! I hope this next boss is nicer than him, Maurice. A new job, A place of business. A place to help others. It's time to help our first patient. Good morning, Mr. Patient. And how are you feeling today? Open, please!

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Duration: 6 minutes and 17 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Director: Ed Wexler
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Posted by: buddyboy600alt on Dec 17, 2014

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Marsupilami and Maurice are on the job at Norman's Office.

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