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C6Lecture1: Tighten the Coil

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Well welcome to month 6, we really start to get into the nuances of the game our game. Specifically we are going to talk about the notion of contrary motion which we touched on in the second month which was all about the figure 8. Remember how we talked about how the lower moves in this figure 8 motion. Then the upper body follows it sort of dragging behind it like a tail in the same but a larger figure 8. We are going to talk a little bit more about you can use this contrary motion, this figure 8 motion to tighten your coil. Specifically to get more out of less, sort of like Roger Federer plays and all the great players seem to be effortless out there that they talk about. Here is the effortless factor what it is you learn to tighten your coil which it means you need to do less. Right because the coil is now tighter against the contact point. It involves a few things #1 we are going to talk about how the lower and upper body relate to one another. We've got this device here we created just to show that exact thing. As you notice here as I swing my arms to the left and right my hips move in opposition or as we call it contrary motion. See this as my hips go to the left I mean the right, my arms contrarily go to the left and vice versa. They play off one another. This really refutes the idea of loading up meaning the racket is back and the hips are back. The shoulders are turned, thats really not how it is. If you try that on this board here you will see you can't even do it. Its completely off balance. The idea is sort of like Agassi or Federer's stroke, come around again. As you go in one direction you counter balance with the hips so as your hips move to the right you counter balance with your arms. Then as you come through with your stroke your hips come around and your arm is always catching up to your hips. There is this counter movement going on between the lower and upper body, so thats very important. #2 is this idea of verticallty you've got the lower body and the upper body but unless this verticality is true and your head stays right in the center you can't really do this move correctly and on balance. So the idea of dynamic balance which we have also hit upon before is going to be keyed on this month. Then finally there is the idea of the left and right side which I covered in month 4 about how the left hand is used to keep the body balanced so your head can stay right in the center. There is this idea of left and right side see how they move equally. When you are talking dynamic balance you are not just talking about standing up straight. You are talking about lower/ upper body polarity right they move in opposition. You are talking about left and right playing off one another and you are talking about this vertical axis which must stay true in the center in order for all these other things to happen. Thats a general talk about where we are going this month. To be exact we are going to talk about how when you start off on your ground strokes you really want to keep your racket pressed forward as your hips come back into the beginning of your figure 8. See this as you start into your figure 8 with your lower body your arm actually presses, your racket head presses forward on a two hander on a one hander and on the forehand. You coil up by leaving your racket tip forward, see like this and your hips are around. Then as your hips come around the corner you're racket then lays back and into the stroke. Its really an optical illusion that you are swinging at the ball. Because you're really not you are lining up your 45 with your racket head here as you pull into your coil as you continue and come out into the stroke thats when the racket comes back and through. Thats when you get all this incredible power but it seems so effortless because your arm is really acting like a flag blowing in the wind or a whip coming around. This whole month is about tightening your coil and getting more out of less, making for a much more efficient game. Really sink into these lessons as always. Its going to bring you to the next level once again you must be playing great. You are here in month 6 so things must be going well for you. This idea of tightening the coil can really take you and your students to the next level once again by getting more power and more control out of less motion but a tighter tighter coil upon the hit. So look forward to seeing more of your video's, enjoy the lessons and we will catch you on the other side of the net.

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Learn how to tighten your coil for more pop and less stroke.

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