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The Venus Project Interview, by Karen Frandsen from Eerie Investigations (October 2009)

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Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows from The Venus Project - Around the world many people are trying to fix social problems and alleviate poverty. However, one project presents a bold new direction for humanity, confronting all of these problems by planning and implementing a total redesign of our culture. The Venus Project, headed by futurist Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows have designed a Resource Based Economy, free of the issues that they feel are caused by the monetary system. Backed by proven technical strategies and tested designs, rather than just theoretical plans, their vision for the future uses technology and resources in highly effective ways to benefit humanity rather than enslaving it. The release of Zeitgeist Addendum and activism by The Zeitgeist Movement introduced their work to a wider audience and thus led to international speaking tours across the world including a series of lectures in the UK. Today we meet with Jacque and Roxanne to find out more about the history and progression of their work and learn how their ideas can help us all to create a new and better future. Hi guys, welcome to London, thank you so much for finding the time to talk to us. As we know, you've been very busy and you... quite a lot in here. So, we'd love you to tell us why come to London specially... We know it's to talk about the Venus Project, but how far is your message getting out there around the world? We won't know that until we get some feedback... ...from some of the friends and the broadcast industry. -Okay. How's it been going since you've been in London? -It's been wonderful. There's a very active group in London, the Zeitgeist Movement UK, that's been terrific, set up a lecture for us for about 740 people... ...and it went quite well, we think. Now, there is quite... a lot of people do know what the Venus Project is, cause it has started to spread around the world, but for those people who are just waking up to those words... ...could you just give us a summary of what it's all about what you're trying to achieve? Well the Venus Project is a presentation of an idea or a series of ideas... help make the world a better place for all people. That means than in order to do that you have to change the way you do things. The Venus Project calls for declaring all the Earth's resources as the common heritage of all the world's people. We think if we don't do that, we'll always have wars, territorial disputes, depression, economic hardship... I think that's the only way of solving most of those problems. How long have you actually worked on the Venus Project? -Well I've worked on it ever since the Depression. -That's a long time ago... -In 1929... America. -That's a very very long time... -Yes, it is. -...with one project. -Well, there's a lot of problems... -Can you share what those problems are? Yeah, how you do get to different countries, with different values, different ways of thinking? How can you bring the world together with so many different concepts of right, wrong, good and bad? That was the major problem... of what to do. Now the Venus Project is... a fantastic idea for the future, cause I have seen... I've seen your lectures and I've seen things on the Internet where you describe things and graphics of how it would be. I think the main question on people's lips are how do we get from the state where we are at the moment, because... the globe... we're all separated by lots of different ways, cultures... There's wars going on, and... I think most people of the planet are peace living people... ...but we do have people in power... and... ... I think we can put names to them... the Illuminati just come to mind... These people behind the scenes who keep things rolling in a state of war, conquest, people living in poverty, so certain ruling elite can keep that power base. How does one go from where we are now, to this fantastic place where... ...we could all come together and live... live as one humanity in a place like Venus Project, in cities like them? -Right now, what we're trying to do is introduce this new social direction, where we feel it would... it would surpass the need for war, crime, bigotry, prejudice, hunger... ...and we don't feel you can superimpose that or you can just pronounce it and that will happen. We feel that this system, the monetary system that we have all over the world, is crashing and it doesn't work for many people... we really have to wait for the evolutionary transition where that happens before people start to look for something else. There are many people that are aware that this system doesn't work... ...and they're beginning to look into the Venus Project. There are lots of activists that complain about the system, are kind of watchdogs, but they don't pose an alternative as to what to do. -And the Venus Project does that... -Yes, it does. So we're trying to get the word out in any way that we can, in film... people like you help a lot... ...who do interviews, and... then at certain times perhaps we can do a first... a major motion picture... Zeitgeist Addendum helped tremendously... ...and then we'd like to build the first city, to show how it would work. -Yes. That's the first step, isn't it? How do we get to the first city? Does that still have to come in a monetary based system? Or does the whole system have to fall down and crash, like it seems to be at the moment? It seems like we are hanging on with the banking system by the skin of our teeth. Do you think it would be a good thing if the whole thing collapsed like a pack of cards, and then we can start from scratch, or do you think we need... build one of these cities while we still can do it within a monetary system? How do you think it's best, that it would work? -Well, I think that the system is crashing... -Yes. ...and they gave the money in America... I talk about America because that's where we're from. -In America, they gave the money to the people that created the problem in the first place. -Yes. -They gave the banks that money. -Yes, they did. So, it's not going to work, cause it doesn't solve problems. If you bail out the motor car companies, if they don't have a blueprint for a better car, cheap and lighter than Japanese cars, they're not going to succeed. And if people don't have the money because they've been laid off, how are they gonna buy the cars? So, politicians never made any contribution to society. They don't know how to solve problems, they don't know how to prevent cars from hitting each other. -They don't know, they're businessmen and lawyers. -Exactly. And if you have any problems out there, they're always technical. Do you see a crash coming, do you think it will all collapse? -And then if it gets to that point... -Yes. - ...that is when we can start something like the Venus Project? -Yes. -Do you see this happening in the next few months or in years? -Within a year. -Within a year? -Yeah. And do you have any inside information? (giggles) Well we have riots that are going to ocurr when the pensions run out, when the government doesn't have enough money to feed those people displaced. Although they extended... extended relief, they can't keep extending relief... ...and they're gonna have mass riots. Then the government will move more towards what we call fascism. Fascism is the last out for the collapse of the money system. They will [re-round] black people and minorities to stay in the house, don't come out after the 9 o'clock. That's the... that's a transitional period. That's gonna be very painful, there's nothing we can do about it. Is this... is this what you see happening if the money system crashes? Do you see this happening... -Well, many different things... -...that there will be like a kind of martial law taking over? Many different things can happen, they can either install a military dictatorship... ...or go to war, knock out countries that are making nuclear weapons. I don't know what they'll do, I have no idea. Whether we'll see the Venus Project, I don't know. It depends on what people do... if they do nothing, nothing will happen. -In the past, they used to do wars to prop up the economy, but this last war the United States had... was the first war where they had a debt during time of war. So, it didn't work. And whatever they're trying to do we feel will not work. And that's why we'd like to get this information out there, so people have a direction to work towards. And if it happens before the crash, if we can build the city... ...that will be very helpful. If not, it's harder after there's military dictatorship already in place, because the military is the only thing that's organized that the United States has... ...and that's what they'll call upon in times of crisis. Well we see people's rights being taken away and their civil liberties all the time... just being slipped away from underneath them. And... and this is what we were talking about- is... How do we go from a world where we can all live as one and think as one breathing humanity? And there isn't a government as such, and people have asked this question... Who makes the decisions? Some people somewhere have to be... I don't want to use the word "power"... ...but be like a Cenod, a group that would come together. Could you see this happening? Would this happen? I don't know that but... like I said before: if enough people understand The Venus Project and demand that a resource based economy be installed... will be installed. Like I said if they do nothing, the consequences are awful. -I feel we're poisoning the air, the atmosphere, the oceans... -We are. ...and that people think... well, things always got a little bad, they'll always get a little better. They are unreal. And since they are unaware of all the distant possibilities, they don't concern themselves with it, until they lose their jobs, their homes and the monetary system collapses in on them... ...and the banks fail, then they will look for something else. People have never in history changed society for the future. If all of a sudden someone was to give you a load of money, millions, billions possibly to start off the Venus Project... Would you start something in America, would it be a different part of the world? -I'd start motion pictures first. -Oh, you'd start a motion picture? Ok. -Motion pictures can get to millions of people in the shortest amount of time. Instead of me lecturing at different universities, the movies can travel all over the world... ...and show people how decisions are arrived at, how we get from here to there in detail. And that's the fastest way to get to people, either from the media or a motion picture. The media won't work too well 'cause the people that do that don't know what the questions are. So we have to make a movie showing the opposition, who makes the decisions, how do you know that's right, and why should we follow your plan alone. There's thousand of other views... What do you do with different view points? Of different views wanting to go to different directions. How do you manage that? That's the question. -I know it might sound strange but have you actually approached Steven Spielberg... ...because he loves to do future projects and ideas. -If Spielberg was interested in this, he has to come out to the Venus Project, otherwise... can't do it by correspondence because the system is too different than his upbringing. Spielberg would have to be well read in sociology, social science... You can't just talk to people and turn them around. They have to have some sort of education that enables them to understand. -But people could work with him on this film, and you know, they can work together to bring the ideas into it. And if anyone could put a message out there, it could be someone like him. Has anyone actually asked him or approached him about it? -I'm sure lots of people are writing him, but possibly never heard of me. So, "Who the hell is this guy?" -You never know, in the next few weeks. -So it depends on what people do, it is not up to me. I have no power at all. -There is a group on The Zeitgeist Movement Site, the communication group, that is trying to get to different people like Spielberg and introduce them to the Venus Project. -Do you know how that's going Roxanne? -No, actually I don't. But they are working hard. I know that. We haven't heard from the people they've been trying to address. -Well I think that after your trip to England, 'cause you've made contacts with such a lot of people over here, I think your net is going to be spread so far and wide, that you will have some huge contacts coming in after this. Well I do hope so anyway. -Yes, I hope so. -We've had more success abroad and here than we have in the United States. -Sometimes that's the case, isn't it? -Yes. -People are not recognized in their own hometown. -Yes, we've been written up all over the world and then on CNN, and different television stations all over the world but the United Stated has not touched it. -Well, this is why I was saying, do they actually know about you? ...and people like Steven Spielberg to take something like this on board. But as I say, going back to my other question... If you did have the money all of a sudden in your pocket, to start to build one of the cities... Where would it be? Well, I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't build a city. I would make motion pictures... enable people to understand the direction. If you just build a new city and put normal people in it, normal means mixed up by culture, the city will go back to the same kind of system. So people have to know how to operate society so we don't have... ...serial killers, robbery, murder, sexual abuse... All that would have to be part of the educational system. I don't care about building new cities for people. I care what's up here. So... some people think that if you eat vegetables, you're less agressive. Well, I've seen cows that are less agressive, not because they eat vegetables... ...but because there's a lot of grass. And when there's a little bit of grass, animals bite each other. -Ok. -So, I would say scarcity produces most of the problems...which is the monetary system... Money... Senators get paid off to carry out the wishes of the drug administration, or to carry out some other policy. Some senator once said to me, "Can you design a highway that moves over toward my property and then away... ...'cause it'll increase the value of my property?" I said "sure, I can do that, but I won't" When I was in the army they said "can you make a bomb that goes sideways..." instead of up, I said: "I don't know how to do that." I know how to do that but I won't. I think most scientists are pretty stupid 'cause they're conditioned in this society. That's why in Germany they fell in line with Hitler. In Italy the scientists fell in line with Mussolini. And some scientists are even proposing to terraform other planets to make them livable. If they were scientists they'd better work on this one first. Well I do agree with you actually on that. Before we go somewhere else, we gotta get this one sorted first. -Yes. We talk about scientists... I'd really like to bring up Nikola Tesla here. Now this was a person... I think about 100 years ago possibly... ...scientist who had some great inventions. -Yes, indeed. -And he wanted to do things for the people, and basically give energy away for free... ...but he was crushed by big companies and corporations... ...because they wanted to make money out of his inventions. I mean... Jacque would you see things like that happening to you? -If you've got more down the line things? -I might get shot, sure. It's possible. If you put me in charge I'd last about a week. I think they'd get rid of me. But I understand the people that are in fear... ...that social change might take away their advantages, so the CIA and the FBI work to maintain the system. This is called an "established system". A future society, if we get there, will be an emergent system. So there's no fixed notions of utopia, final frontiers... Any city you design can become better. And every idea keeps changing and growing. You can't freeze society and say "this is utopia"... ...cause that's like saying that's the best telephone you'll ever have. Things always change and no government can stop change. So change is inevitable... The problem is the transition... ...from this system to the next. There will be a lot of trouble, a lot of assassinations... I don't wish this. But people have never been educated to listen to new ideas. If it doesn't fit their background... Like if you took your grandmother to Miami Beach... ... and she saw the girls who are with their butts hanging out: "They've gone too far!" And she'd be right where she's coming from, do you know what I mean? So, to get to change people fast, you have to get to the media... ...and as the media's afraid that I don't only rock the boat, I sink it.... ...they're not about to invite you on, because... ...the media depends on the sales of cigarettes, beer, drugs... and the goverment makes a lot of money from cancer sticks, which is what cigarettes are. And the government says it gets a big kickback from beer, wine, whiskey, and cigarettes... They're not about to give it up. The government is a corrupt-- In other words... the judges of the supreme court, in America, will be considered criminals in a sane society. Now, religious people are trained to look up to King Solomon, he had a thousand wives! He'd be arrested as a bigamist today. All the people you think they're great, would fall under the category of criminals... a sane society, particularly the military. -But how do we...? How do we educate people? That's a terrible word cause it sounds like... ...the people that we are talking about are ignorant. People aren't ignorant... -They don't know. -...but to get them out of this way of thinking from living in their boxes and coming home... ...and watching EastEnders to... to outwardly thinking and living as a different kind of society. Is it a case of going to schools, you know, starting up new education programmes? I now you're saying you wanna make a motion picture to make this happen, but how do you make... make people is not the right word... -How do you change them? How do you get them interested enough? I think a lot of people out there do want some kind of change. It's like they're breaking out... they're itching for something new to happen, because they're not happy in their jobs... their work... going to work and becoming drones... and I think their brains are expanding all the time so they need some kind of change... ...but I think they don't quite know how to go about it. How do people who are in the forefront, like yourselves, start that program off? If you don't get a motion picture, how else do you get it going? -How do you wake them up? -We really have no power... ...and we have no funding. We have been producing everything that we did... ...the books, the videos, the models, the drawings... ...all ourselves, through our own funding. So it's really not up to us, we're trying to introduce this direction, it depends on what other people do to get the word out about this. That's why we feel a motion picture is very important, cause it reaches the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time. So that's what we'd like to do first, to introduce this. But then you've got to get people to go to the cinema. -Television, the media... -Or the Internet is very good too. -That's a good point. -By any means possible... ...through gaming, through Internet, through books, through videos, through cartoons, any way possible to get these new ideas across. Just like they get new religion across. You know, through gatherings and books, in the same way, but this is not a religion. -Well, it's all so mad... today things seem to be speeding up and... see new laws and rules and regulations coming into the world all the time. You can't do this, you can't drive past 20 miles an hour, you know, you've got cameras on you everywhere you go. So it's like, I think I've said this to Peter Joseph: There's a group of people who are pushing to be free and... a life a natural way. And then we've got the leaders, who are in power, -who are stopping our movements... -They own the media too. -So it's a very, very difficult situation, if there's people like yourselves, the Venus Project, Zeitgeist Movements all over the world... ...but then things are being curtailed all the time, your freedom of rights and speeches being taken away so...'s a real push-pull situation. -That's why we say - unfortunately, we don't like this- it will take a crash. Because people aren't educated emotionally or intelectually to look at new ideas. They're holding on, they'll hold on 'till the very end, until there's nothing left for them. And then, they'll start looking around. -Now, I'd really like to ask you the question about... Do you think in the past, like thousand of years ago, that we've had societies... ...not quite the same as the Venus Project... ...but where they've lived in structures where it has worked together in harmony... ...harmonious situations. And if we have... ...what happened to... where did... it go like... we had the architects of the past like... ...the pyramid builders. Why didn't we progress on from that? -Because on the South Sea Islands there was... ...a load of bananas and fish and coconuts... ...and a small population. As a population keep multiplying... ...the amount of resources are less. So the chief used to get the young people together to say "find yourself another island". Well, fine they do, and everything is great... ...but then when all the islands are finally occupied, they keep reproducing people. Now if you produce people in excess... ...of what the land can support, you're gonna have trouble. War, invasion of an island that has more materials, so they think war is natural. Men have always got 'em, or they always go to war. There'll always be wars and rumours of war, that's in the bible. So, I'm saying this, because primitive people... ...get along because the population corresponds with the environment. But if it exceeds that you're gonna have trouble. So people need to know that the population must be in full accord... ...with the carrying capacity of the Earth, d'you know what that means? -So that means if we outgrow it, we start to destroy ourselves. -Yes. And it has nothing to do with reason and logic. People are not reasonable nor logical. -But people did live in peace and harmony. You know, the Mayans, and as I say, Egypt to a point. Angkor Wat, places like that. They built these fantastic structures. -So why didn't they continue? -Because their values, the culture and values and resources kept changing. Things never remain constant. So the free-enterprise system thinks it's the greatest system in the world. If they were educated they would say "this is the best system we know up to now". "If anyone has any ideas let's hold a conference on it." They don't do that, 'cause the people in power are comfortable. And if you bring something new in they say "what does it mean to me?" So the UN is not there to make a peaceful world. They're to watch out, what does that mean to Egypt, to Taiwan... ...if you do this or that, what effect it'll have on us?". So all the nations are there to protect one another, and one another from invasion of another country. So they really distrust each other. Like if I would go to China, they'd say "what are you doing here?" "As an American, what do you care about the chinese?" Every time one country went to another, they took their resources, exploited them.... ... that's why they're hesitant about anybody else coming in. So, if we make a movie showing the gain that all nations would have if they didn't build the military... The military consumes most of the money, wars and everything. -It does, it certainly does. And so if you make a movie showing what can happen if we don't have a military, it's cheaper in World War II to go to Germany and say "what are your problems?" "Well we need more resources, more electric power..." Give it to 'em! But we build warships and...'ve got 400 ships in the bottom of the sea filled with brass and all the soldiers had died. And the hatred you've built in Germany for Americans. And that's what's happening now. We're bombing the hell out of cities and I asked them "why are they doing that?" People come to me all the time and say "why is North Korea building all these rockets..." "...and China built all these soldiers and rockets?" The reason they're building it's 'cause the newspaper in England, called "The Telegraph", ran a headline saying: "US intends to strategically strike 7 countries" And then names 'em, China, North Korea... what do you expect them to do? They're building nuclear weapons 'cause they expect us to attack them. Or attempt to. So we... why did these people fly the two airplanes into the Trade Centers? We must have done some pretty terrible things in the past to make them that angry. We never hear the other side. -Well there's a lot of question marks over that one... ...Jacques isn't there, about... -I don't believe in a conspiracy. -I know you don't, but then what about all the other planes and... ... well there wasn't even planes in the Pentagon so... ... there's a lot of questions which are not answered over that one so... -... so there's no straight... -Well I think that the government is stupid, but not that stupid. Well I don't think they're stupid at all, actually. -I think they're very clever! -We can't discuss that 'cause I don't have enough information, I should say. I've read all the arguments pro and against. So far, I'm unable to accept that as a government active strategy, but I think it helped this government to move in on other countries. That's the big excuse. But I don't think it was a conspiracy. I think that they attacked the buildings as they don't like Americans. They don't like what we've done, what the British have done... They said "the sun never sets on England"... how did it get so big? They took the land by force and violence. Americans stole the land from the Indians. Killed the buffalos, slaughtered thousands of Indians. -We're not without our sins, in England. -And then Spain, they took it from Mexico and the US... ...So I'm saying that all nations are corrupt. None of them is anyone I'd look up to. I would say that the methods of science, not scientists, the methods of science, are closest to the honest way of looking at the world. So let's try using that in arranging population to education, in proportion to the carrying capacity of where people live. If you don't do that, for whatever reasons, it's not gonna work. Well, like I said before Jaques, I think people do wanna live in peace and harmony but there are always gonna be those in power, well I hope they're not always gonna be in power, who always want to keep wars going, it's good for family business. And we know who they are. -During the first depression... How do we change that? The first depression the banks failed and this one was bailed out by public funds. They took the money and gave it to the banks and the banks didn't use that money to help people buy homes, they used it to pay off a lot of bankers. So, since you've got that system you have to go through all the hell that is projected by those conditions. If the public can be informed, that is if I can get to CNN, if I can get to NBC in the states... If I can get to people there's a chance. But if they won't have me on the air, you're going to go through another catastrophe. That's the difficult thing isn't it? When someone like yourselves are trying to produce something as wonderful like the Venus Project... ...and get that off the ground. Certain networks are run by those in power, they're not gonna want to give you the air time are they? It's very, very difficult. -No, it's more and more consolidated. The people who own the media, it's getting less and less companies that are owning the industries, the media... ...and the armament. So, they don't want anything to get in the way with the way they do things. They don't want anybody talking against it. And they have that control. Unfortunately. -Now at the moment we see things kicking off in Iran... The next thing that we're going to start to hear is "weapons of mass destruction" _We've got that. - And it just seems to be perpetual. There's always something, they're always blaming someone for something... ...and starting a war somewhere. How do we stop that from happening? -Let me tell you something. The american government has 300 submarines... ...each one has more distructive power than all the wars in history. What can you acomplish with that? -Destruction. -Then they made a place for senators to go, under a mountain... ...with six months of food. What do you come out to, a burnt out cinder of radioactive world? How stupid can you be? So I do a lecture called "The limitless dimensions of human stupidity". And that's what it's about. People don't know, and you have to get this information out there. Soldiers for example, are killing machines to me, and may train how to kill. We would train soldiers as problem solvers, send 'em back to school and give them the worlds problems. And teach them how to be problem solvers in ecology... ...human behaviour, bridging the difference between nations. How do you bridge the difference? So I said to myself when I was designing this new society... How do you know you can change people? I said I dont know. I was talking to myself. So I said, "Why don't you do something to see if your system works?" So, I joined the Klu KLux Klan in Miami, and I disolved it in a month and a half. Then I joined the White Citizens Council, they hate foreigners. I disolved it in one month. Then I asked questions in New York, I said "What are the most backward people here?". They said "The arabs". I said "What makes you think they're backward?" They still believe the earth is flat! So I said "Well, I've got to go in there and disolve them." So I worked out a system for doing that. And I now know how to go to different countries and change them. -It's all about education, isn't it? -Yes. So, we have to start really with the children. Teach the children well. No, no, that would take too long, there'd be a war long before that. -Well that's a thing, are we gonna blow each other up first? -We don't have that much time left. We don't have that much time. So right now we've got to make major motion pictures that change society as it is. By the time the children grow up, the earth will be contaminated, completely. There's a point of no return. - It already is. And so you...human beings think they are the greatest creation of nature... ...they're spiritual beings. They put themselves on a pedestal. And they're the ones that are poisoning the air, killing each other, in the name of God! Do you believe in my God? No? BOOM!..If you believe in your God, so... -Do you believe in God? -No, of course not. -What do you believe in? -Oh I believe that if you want a better world, you have to get up off your butt and make it better! -But, do you believe that there's a force, an energy... Not a man with a long, white, flowing beard. -Is nature harmonius? Well is there an energy, a creative force behind everything, what do you really think? -You mean the sun in relation to the earth? -Possibly, possibly. A conciousness even... -Well we're not concious. That's a word people invented as an ego problem. The reason you can't be concious 'cause you can't see radio waves here... You can't see germs, they're all over the place. So, you're only as concious as your receptors enable you to be. Can you understand that? That's why you can't be... -Do you understand the hundred monkey syndrome? Have you heard of the hundred monkey syndrome? -Yes, I know Kenneth Keyes, he used to attend my sessions. -Ok, ok! -The guy that wrote the book, and it was all made up. It has no basis of fact. -It's all made up? -Yes, no basis of fact. -There are many books and papers that debunk that, in different ways.- Oh really? That's interesting. -'Cos a lot of people do seem to believe that. -Doesn't make it so.-Now, Kenneth Keyes said to me... Well, maybe not the hundred monkeys, but the conciousness itself, people link into it. -No, no such thing. -No? -No. Because, you take an american indian. He thinks "forests are good. I speak to trees". They do... ...and they are people that think the "Booboo tree" controls everything. You would reject that off hand. And people think there's some intelligence in nature. Some kind of harmony. So I look at nature and I see all the big fish eating all the little fish. Now if you wanna call that harmony, I see tsunamis that drown thousands of people.. I see earthquakes that cave buildings...What do you mean by harmony? If you look out into the universe there are solar systems that explode. Do you call that harmony? So, when you're brought up with this metaphysical magic... -Natural. -Well, it's the natural laws of the planet, the universe. -They don't give a damn about people. You know, if there's stress on one part of the planet, something's going to happen somewhere. She's gonna blow, as they say. -Yeah, what do you mean by harmony though? Well, I mean harmony within people coming together as a conciousness, thinking. -Why do they have war if there's conciousness? Well because, as I said, there's certain bodies who want that, yes. -Ah, some people want that... -Because it's good for family business. -What's good for UNconcious? -We're asking people... -Most people don't want their children to go to war or to be blown up. So, I think that would be about 99% of the planet actually. -We're asking people to come together with a methodology of how to make...the intelligent management of the earths resources. Not a conciousness that really doesn't have much meaning... ...or has a different meaning to everybody that you talk to... But, how do you grow plants better and quicker? How do you make people more creative and cooperative? How do you eliminate crime, poverty, you know corruption? And we look at what are the causes of these types of things... And then design a society that outgrows that. And we call it a Resource Based Economy. Where all the goods and services are available to everyone without money, barter, or any type of credit or servitude for anyone. And so we're trying to make a methodology. Where people might say "Well, that's a higher conciousness", or people would be more concious. -A collective conciousness. -But it's really not that. -I don't mean where people all just think as the one and they're all drones... ...again 'cos we're kinda going back to nearly where we are at the moment... But I just mean where they can work together and, like you say, as scientists and creators. -Well, a lot of people in the old days who talked about conciousness and flowery words... ...their wishes and aspirations, and their philosophy. But, what we're advocating is not that... ...but it's a method of how to achieve what all those people who have desire for higher conciousness... How do you do that, how do you achieve that? How do you achieve a world without war, crime and bigotry? But, people who talk that way, haven't really gone into the field and studied that, studied human behaviour. Studied how you change people and what is the root cause of those types of thing, and that's what we're dealing with. And, devising a world where people can work together and be creative and there's no more "want". People don't need to be charitable 'cause people have access to things... ...that' what we're talking about in a Resource Based Economy. In the Venus Project. So, to see this beautiful future where we all come together, I think it all has to come down somehow first... ...because I think people will continue to live their lives the way they are... ...their sons will, you know, well their sons will still join up and go to wars... ...because that is what they're taught, they don't know any better. Until hopefully, your pictures come out and people can see that. But most people are quite peaceful. And we do want to live in a harmonious society. But, back to the original point... There's those in power who won't let it happen. So, I just want to say on this kind of finishing note really... ...If you had a message, could just talk to people out there, what would your main mesage be just to bring people together? -Look up "The Venus Project". We answer thousands of questions, show you what the cities would be like. What the schools would be like in the future... ...and the people don't do that. People ask me "How long will it take to make the world a beautiful place? It's not up to me... It's up to you! What you do out there. If you do nothing, nothing will happen. So, my message is, look into the Venus Project... Don't project your own values of a lot of scientists dressed in grey... You will work in area D! You area K! That comes from Hollywood! Where the future they burn each other with laser weapons... Robots choke the designer... That's Hollywood hacks, writing about the future, which they know nothing about those things. I think people are afraid of machines taking over, a program say like The Terminator. -No they will never take over. They will never take over, I'll tell you why. They have no gut reaction. If you smash a computer in front of other computers... We'll get you for this, this week or the next one... Computers don't care about those things. If you work with computers Saturday and Sunday. They don't say "Give me a day off, will you!" they don't care about it. This is Hollywood stuff. Now, here's what will happen: The computers will never take over. There are scientists and roboticists that write books on machine takeover. They are stupid individuals because they don't understand that machines work on programs, you program them, and they carry that program out. They don't sit down and say "just a minute", you know they don't say "let's examine other points of view." They don't do that yet yet. -Yet. In the old days, a pilot will look out on an airplane saying "I'm about a mile high." Today with Doppler radar, you got one 5285 feet, 6 inches off the ground. No pilot can do that, no pilot can look out and tell you how high it is. So Doppler radar is better than pilots. Nine months ago, experimental computers design showed that computers can handle 1000 trillion bits of information per second. No hope that humans can do that, they can't. So that's why I say we would have a machine government. But the machine government doesn't control people, just production and distribution of goods. It delivers goods and services the farms... It checks the water table, electronic probes go into the soil as the water table drops, that pumps water out there. You don't need people anymore with a telephone to say ... "we're going dry here we need assistance", so the President says: How bad is it? He says it's terrible! and in the next 4 days it's gonna get worse. So the President gets an airplane and flies over. He says: You sure have a drought! So what? and doesn't any... doesn't deal with problems. We have floods all over America. Nobody is harnessing the flood water and driving it into where we strip the earth out, it's called strip mining, big holes where we could put that flood water. We have to use technology. Politics was great, a hundred of years ago, but they don't know what to do. So it's a technology that you have Your light, your television set, your airplanes, your cars; all technology. If you took that away the Earth would go back to slavery. We have the technology today, don't we? We could have done it in 1947 - Exactly So, it's... we could be so futuristic now that... The ideas that Jacques has... we could have even far surpassed that, if we'd had the chance to do those things. Well, we haven't and we could have been like that a hundred years ago? Because we're educated not to think -Exactly. -The school's manipulate what you learn. We would teach no one to be a scientist or a chemist... or a structural engineer without becoming a generalist. Knowing different cultures, different history of civilization that no one can use them to make bombs. Politicians are there to keep things as they are, they're not there to change things. They represent the powers that be, the money systems, so you don't see much change. And if you want to eliminate that corruption you have to use automation and cybernation as a way to distribute goods and services and run societies so you move people out. That eliminates the corruption. We see a lot of scientifics conventions today... Do you think that our science is so much more evolved than what the everyday man does experience and see? Do you think there's a lot of hidden science going on, behind closed...? Well the web was so much further forward... that we could teleport if we wanted to, you know, we could make people become invisible... - In the future, yes. - I'm just thinking off the top of my head. Now I think: could we have advanced technology now... that we don't even know about, that we think it's futuristic, but...? -Of course. exist now, you think? -Of course there is, but the public doesn't know about it. -Exactly. What do you think that we can do? Explain to the public, show them demonstrations of materials that remember, shape memory alloys, show 'em materials, the surgical sutures today, you know what I mean? The fabric that we sew a person up with. That have a memory, and you could tie a surgical knot, and... then straighten it out, stick it through the skin, and the heat of the body causes it to tie a surgical knot. But you have to tie a surgical knot first. There are materials that remember, they have one memory. So we should be studying seeds, cause the seed remembers every leaf, every bug, the bark and every... So let's study how seeds have multiple memories. That's what we should be studying now. And the people in charge of education are deadheads. They're from the past, they don't understand. They should be alive and get the latest books on technology to know what's happening, particularly government, they are made of the most ignorant people in history. All the presidents of the United States were stupid. All the way back. But nobody knows that. They're told they're great. They have propaganda going on all the time. I don't know of one thing a President ever suggested that worked. Such as increasing agricultural yields, making cars safer by putting proximity units, so they can't hit one another. Instead of putting up a sign: "Drive carefully, slippery when wet" put a brace in the highway so it's not slippery when wet. Instead of putting up a sign: "Drive carefully, school children crossing" you have the pavement like a comb, and when a kid presses a button, it turns up. So no car can hit a kid. That's what I'm talking about. We now live in a technical age. Politics was great, a hundred years ago, we didn't know the answers. Today there are many answers, but the public is ignorant. They were kept ignorant, and just trained to be a cog in a wheel. You know what I'm talking about? We were talking about Presidents, today and... you didn't seem to have a good word for any of them. Do you think if John F. Kennedy had not been... No, he was a jackass -Oh, he was a jackass! We were closest to war with him than anyone. We were closest to blowing ourselves up, nuclear bombs. It's Kruschev that backed off. I just wondered if he'd had a chance to be longer in power... ... how things would have worked out? Do you think we would have set off the bomb? Oh yes, that's possible too. If you got a lot of jackasses in government... Like Truman, he used to sell hats. He had a store to sell hats. How the hell did he get to people? A real jackass number one. And Oppenheimer came to talk to Truman and he said: "You shoudn't have used the atom bomb..." "You should have demonstrated it to Japan out at the sea" "and give 'em a chance to surrender." So he said: "No we're gonna bomb Hiroshima." And Oppenheimer... He said: "I don't want Oppenheimer to come up here anymore." And now the government cut up the science advisory counsel. I'm talking about this jackass Bush, a real stupid individual. So I say we won't make the history books in the future. We're so backward. In relation the only thing that's changing is technology. And where we put most of our science and technology is into the military and armament. So it's... you know it's... people will drop the bombs, it's not the technology. It's how we use our technology. It's abused and misused. I mean we have fantastic advancements, but it always seem to be to kill people off, doesn't it? We just need to switch it round now to help people. -And if it's put into industry and they can automate that means more and more people are out of work so they don't have... ... have salaries and they can't buy the goods and services turned out. So even that scenario is the end of the free enterprise system. more people are losing their jobs, so there's gonna be this very... very difficult crossing over. -Trouble out there. I don't advocate that, I'm just telling you that if we don't change our ways there's gonna be lots of misery ahead. It hasn't even begun yet. And I know no other group or no other person working on "what do you do about it" other than just trying to do patchwork within the system. We're trying to make this system work equitable and just and it can't be. It's what causes all the problems, it causes the scarcity and the stress. -I'm [xxx] what Einstein said about that. Remember that? -Well, something about: "you can't solve the problems with the same way of thinking that created them". Something like that. -So that's what you got today. A way of thinking that's irrelevant. So you're gonna have problems. Well I think you guys have got a really though job on your hands, haven't you? -Yes, we've been working for years. -I know you have, I think is about 33, isn't it? Well, I've been working 33 years with Jacque, but he's been working long before... ... on it long before that. -This is a 20, 1920... I was born in 1916. Not '13, I'm 93. It was the great depression that instigated him. He saw things all around, he saw people were living in the streets that were kicked out of their homes... He saw things in windows, you know, vaccum cleaners and lawnmowers, and the farms were still there and the technical personnel were still there and the manufacturing plants were still there. The people just didn't have money in their pockets, so he thougth it was the rules of the game that we played by that just were really screwed up, didn't work. So it was then when he started to work and look for a different social design, but he's not just a... You know he doesn't just dream about it or he just doesn't talk about how things should be. He backed it up technically. -Exactly, he's been working on this project such a long time. We're so pleased to say that now that your message is getting out there so many people are coming on board with this and every one person that knows it can spread it even further. And now because we got use of the internet it can go further again. We'd love to say on behalf of the Eerie as well that we hope that you get your chance to do your motion picture, and it would be great if someone like Steven Spielberg would come on board. - We don't want to kill anybody. We don't wanna hurt anybody. -We know that. -We don't want to kill the capitalist or the bankers. They will live better in the Venus Project than Bill Gates. Everyone. Because technology can supply fantastic things in the future. You'll have television where you can invite the guest into your home. You'll see them full size but your hand will go through them. Then will come teletactum. We could shake hands with a person that isn't even there. We haven't begun to civilize world yet. We're still very primitive. And just think of a world where all of the science and technnology instead of going to destructive purposes and how to blow somebody up better, quicker, more efficiently and more destructively goes towards how to create a much more better life, a much better life for everyone on Earth. It doesn't eliminate anyone. And how to create a pristine environment at the same time. So it would be quite a different world when you put science in that direction. Well I do hope that your dreams become fact. I think you're on the way to getting there and I'd love to thank you very much for giving us your time on your very busy schedule. Thank you so much guys. Been wonderful. Thank you so much. This is not just another motion picture. It's a way out of this dilemma.

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Karen interviews Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows from "The Venus Project", to learn about their vision of a new and improved society free from the issues caused by the monetary system.

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